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  1. Since they released the leash I lost 13 gigas until now.
  2. Yesterday we did a few alphas with 2 mate boosted gigas. Born 425, with 124 saddles both imprinted to 100%. Yuty was everything but not easy. We even had to pull up from him 1 mission. So far best tactic was to bring 1 giga as back up, for 3rd encounter
  3. Great, it's working now. Can use both chars. Thanks mate.
  4. Damn, I never thought about that. Will try later, working now.
  5. Well I lost mine theri before few days, I was using hlna from bog to ocean. Than I went back to bog, than again on ocean and he was there. I have thought It was because bronto, his tail swinging. He was exactly on my spawn point.
  6. That is my problem, i cant leave ragnarok, i wanted to erase him. I have one char which is stucked on rag, with sec one i can transfer, so i wanted with sec one to erase first one, because of that i have come to ragnarok with him, i have erased him, but that didnt solve problem, again i have one char on ragnarok and sec for all others server. But what will hapen if i erase 2 char which can transfer, whould i be able to tranfer with char which is stucked on ragnarok than. Dk, or its best to leave as it is.
  7. Char Problem-duped I transfer from gen to rag, and after few days wanted to go on val to learn some engrams but when i click on transfer nothing happens. WHen i get stuck on tranfer thing i cant do nothing more, so alt+F4 is only way out. I realized my char got duped. So i spawned on gen again, went back on rag, game asked me do i want to overwrite mine char i did so, i got kicked from tribe and have been invited again to join tribe, but same thing, i cant leave rag again with this char. Is there a any way to fix this. Only solution so far i that i use only one char for rag
  8. Just use dodoex. U can put inside % of yours weapon and u can see. Example, with yours crosbow u need like 30 arrows to put down a rex 150 lvl, with primitive longneck u need 70 darts. There is some situation where u must use longneck for taming, because crosbow does more dmg to dino, so u ending killing it.
  9. And probably newer will be answered. If ragna didnt have one, ok there is a point. U need to buy dlc to have one. Ice Wyvern, i saw they are now same class like ragna ice wyverns, that means opened to transfer or not ??
  10. But if u have extra time why do u need higher rates. Damn guys, what is next?? Personal slave to play game instead of you.
  11. Baby get only after tamed stats from parents. So in your case baby will get only 2 speed.
  12. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  13. hud

    Mining Drill

    Can u farm element vein with that thing??
  14. Amen, my friend. Its pretty simple for me too. If they don't add for legacy I will not play it. Friend was not able to check his base on ragna 211 so I went in. How much time u need to farm meat for 2 feeding troughs, 10 min??? I end up staying more than 1 hour for that. 3 times got dc, his wyvern died. This thing happened on love event I love this game but I hate official servers.
  15. Servers kommt, nur bisl später
  16. Best way for leveling? Well I doubt u have imprinted giga, if u had one u wouldn't ask about titano. With giga on ext u can level character pretty easy. If u don't have one. Tame megatherium 70+level, prim saddle and go on island to redwood cave, I forgot the name of it. Before going in, fly over few explorer notes because of boost. U will hit 100 in few runs. Only thing u need is a gas mask, cave is pretty straight forward with megatherium. U can level him only in melee.
  17. And sometime spawns 6+ gigas near snow biom. I m not sure, hopefully someone can confirm this, but giga don't share spawns with another dinos. Extc was always a little bit wierd about gigas spawns. Put everything in obi, taming stuff if u can't carry all, and jump servers until u find decent lvl. Best advice, find ferti egg and breed one, u need a bit more time but it's worth it totally.
  18. YouTube, best friend for pvp
  19. Never got problem with despawn, usually they are there, somewhere, u just need to find them. For example, Eastside, purple drop spawn between city and snow biom, usually few reapers got stuck in mesh, u can't bite them, but simple wyvern clap will do to get em out. As for 1 corrupted to heal, well I leave atleast 10+ before healing. So many times new wave started when 1 is alive, game just skip him.
  20. Well that's interesting one. Can tamed giga kill corrupted one?
  21. hud

    Base gone?!

    Same thing happened to me on ext before few weeks. Not so badly thankfully, only few metal walls, pillars. Nothing in log.
  22. Ofcourse with spikes, that's not even question. I have described that atleast 10 times already in different topics. Honestly never even heard that someone finished solo without spikes, atleast on legacy, but in other hand we have much weaker gigas from official. Like u said, if u got some crazy luck and don't get enraged ones until wave 7 than yes Enraged rexes are much bigger problem from wyverns. Not if u got 1 in wave, but when u got 2,3 or even 4 of them, and than when they start to boost other. Sometimes they ignore spikes and run over them for u or drop. Metal billboards are much
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