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  1. It's 1 week later and I can't help but feel anxious after the sudden release delay we experienced last Wednesday. Any chance we can get a confirmation that things will be going ahead as normal this time around?
  2. I feel like all of the negativity being posted here could be mitigated very easily by releasing a short video of the celebration mechanics and Crystal Isles, along with a message in support of the protests in the US right now. It would be more succinct, it would embolden the statement made, and perhaps most importantly for those who think it's a stunt, it would remove all notion that the Wildcard is taking advantage of the situation to cover themselves.
  3. I'm confused, this post talks about postponing the celebration and mentions Crystal Isles. Is Crystal Isles not being launched on the 4th as planned as well? You might want to clarify that to avoid confusion/unneeded questions.
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