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  1. The Crag on Valguero The Crag: A video fly by of the castle / dam i created on the Valguero map:
  2. A progress video of my Build on Valguero
  3. Made a video tribute build to Notre Dame today. Hope you like it!
  4. Hey everyone, I created a video fly-through of the Valguero map today. If you are on the fence about whether to install it or not, take a quick look at some of the map here. Pretty sure this will get picked up like Rag at some point to become a new official map!!
  5. Here is a screencap of what the base looks like as of today
  6. Hi Everyone, I have started an ambitious build project in Ark. A few tribe members suggested that i video the build process and post it on Youtube, so the channel was born. If you are interested in speed build videos, my channel is located here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynf-hyFBpQhUu5DsJiqrsA I am currently working on the Atlantis playlist and once this project is complete, i will move on to a different style of building. This will be a multi-part video series where i continue the base build in each video until it is completed. If you are interested in this type of content, check it out! Floki
  7. hah! this made me laugh. Not sure how many shotguns i have made from organic poly, but never made the connection
  8. Hello everyone, I realize that PVE is a smaller subset of players for Ark, however there are unique issues to PVE play that need to be considered when building your base. I have been playing PVE for quite a few years and griefing on PVE can be quite frustrating. I have had everything from pillaring and dino kiting to glitching through walls and dragging bodies out of the base over the years. That being said, a good location makes it much more difficult for someone to grief you. I would love to hear everyones thoughts on where they feel the safest base locations are on various ark maps. My current main base is on a center server on top of the floating island. I built in all metal up here so no one would be able to kite anything to my base and wreck stuff. I have my main cryo-pod storage here for all my dino lines, and still have room inside the base to take out a large quantity of dinos when the kibble supply gets low. What other locations do you feel are great defensively to fend off griefers?
  9. I understand why they have the restriction in place, it is just ironic that most of my posts would be about trading on the forums as i have a lot of good dinos bred and am always looking for better stats on other dinos. That being said, i will try and find some posts that i can meaningfully contribute to. It just feels kinda forced
  10. i would love to see this come back too!
  11. i love Thylas when they are tamed, but wild ones... also seagulls are a pain in the ass!!!
  12. Hi Everyone, I have been a member for quite a while but have not posted much. Apparently i need to talk a lot to get access to the cross-ark trading forum which is ironically the place i would post most... Anyhow, hello all! nice to meet ya
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