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  1. they dont die, we dont die theres no death message at all nothing in tribe logs to say " you died" or that the tames were killed because they are not dead. the tames auto decay days later, we get no death message, you jump up on a managarmr and are sent to the spawn screen.the title dosen't say they explode it just a dig at wild card. and it has happened 2 times since this patch to be honest. so no its not fixed. because maybe this is a different issue?
  2. None of this is what’s happening to our manas. Thanks for trying though. It kills us not the Dino’s.
  3. Island server, jump up on a managarmr game pauses and prompts you with select character spawn location, all gear and tame lost. this has happened for the 4th time to my tribe over the span of 2 weeks, no wild card response at all to any Tickets submitted by the three members this has affected. what is the average wait time for this kind of issue to be solved? will wildcard return all lost gear and tames? do i even know why i'm writing this? probably not.
  4. OC-PVP-Official-Extinction servers, all of them have been missing for over 6 hours now. how to report this to Wildcard to fix this.
  5. [][][] Closing in, i fear this base wont last too much longer, here's a little snap of the Festivities ( while they last ) Merry Christmas all.
  6. managed to talk 1 of the Chinese girls into letting me beat my friends to death to free them then i ran into tek turrets and am now playing on a new server, 10/10 would do it again.
  7. okay so its been close to 16 hours, we have been under constant guard, being fed food and water in rotating shifts, and they have filled our inventory's with stone so we cannot move. they have us in a giant metal hatching area wearing gillie armour so we don't lose health and there's about 60 air cons. what do i do then?
  8. playing the new extinction DLC with 2 friends, we spot a chinese tribe on one the Oceanic servers taming a GIGA, a plan is formed to steal the kibble being used to tame it, player 1 walks into a melee build being instantly knocked out, leaving my friend and I to try and rescue him before he is forced to make a new character, the man knocked out claims he is being dragged around yet both my friend and i can see he is on the same spot unconscious. we rush into the area, primitive bows blazing, both landing 5-6 shots on the unconscious target but alas no death message. we are both met with the same melee build 1 hit 70 torpor and are left to be caged by the Chinese tribe. one quick re log and friend 1 has moved places and he is indeed being dragged around. would this have been the case a different plan would have formed to rescue the trapped player, now my entire tribe is caged by a Chinese mega-tribe who have said the only way we are playing again is to roll new characters, im not too fond of losing my level 108 character ive had since launch over a stupid game bug that lost me everything ive worked for, for the eternity ive been playing. please free my tribe Wildcard because this stupid glitch cost us everything, our characters and Time. sincerely - Tek Dust Busters 489
  9. Greetings from Australia, I stay up from 4:30 am Local time to be one of the first to play this expansion, it gets pushed back several hours that fine i can deal with that, but then finding no servers under 300 ping because they are all NA or EU?... lovely, bean beaten to death 2 times and had all my items stolen because you cant hit what isn't there on your screen. are there any plans for an OC server or am i just going to have to uninstall?
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