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    no x2

    ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is active from now until 3 PM EST on June 24th, with 2X Taming, Harvesting, and XP on all platforms (Valguero servers not included)! Enjoy the great experience of farming 20 stone from a huge rock.
  2. Then you are not playing ark... And the IA of the dinos, they are retards since day 1. And they still being retards. And all the bugs where you can go outside the map and kill dinos or people in pvp behind walls because good map design. But we already have the paid dlc so they dont care about fixes. They never care about that. Only some heavy bugs.
  3. They said it will not be a x2 in Valguero. Its on already but not on Valguero. And it is really a nonsense.
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