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  1. (No offence at all) But I ask you this on the official servers the rates are boosted great; XP is boosted okay cool but most of us on official have almost multiple maxed characters, taming is boosted that's great, but who tames anymore? Every server you go to there are big tribe crowding the server that has all the lines they want so no need for taming, there are multiple shops you can buy the lines from so you don't even have the tame, the only thing people really do these days are Raise and Raid, the breeding multiplier was the one thing everyone got hyped for because it means we can finally
  2. Still waiting for the Small tribes rates to be boosted Like it was said to be for the corona
  3. Transfers Question I was just wondering at what exact time on the 15th does transfers into Genesis open (PC) Thank you for coming to my TED Talk
  4. Know the feeling but I think its due to all the water and stuff needing to be loaded
  5. I opened one and got: 1x Stone wall2x Stone Pillars5x Stone foundations50x Scrap Metal1x Journeyman Riot Leggins1x Metal wall3x Metal Spikes2x Metal pillars5x Foundations129x Element Dust5x Meat Jerky79x Black Pearls No replictors nothing
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