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  1. https://steamcharts.com/top 37,000 current players is not a small number, and this is just steam charts. If we could pull current players from consoles I'm sure they would at least be within the same range.
  2. Batfloke came in trying to be superior at the internet but just got their ass handed to them. This is the best.
  3. That is a really bad excuse. They explained very clearly in the vote how it worked. That you place your most desired pick in the top and least desired in the bottom. If you misunderstood, that on you. You misunderstanding does not equal "rigged".
  4. It's literally not even added yet and you are already saying "its just a reskinned yadda-yadda". Wait till we see some actual info.
  5. I was even thinking the goat would have been cool. Having a big Gogoat to ride up was growing on me.
  6. Let's go Giant Bat! Woo! They could make the Charcar interesting in its utility but I do think the bison should have gotten runner up.
  7. Oh God, I thought this thing flew in under the radar and stole the contest for a second but the vote is still going. Question though, since we are getting this does that mean no Fenrir?
  8. Woah, that's a pretty big issue, no pun intended, does it even fit in aberration?
  9. Then explain it better to me, because what I'm getting is if all they were used for was laying eggs then all they were doing was standing around. How is that the opposite of boring? They have a use but what makes it the opposite of boring?
  10. If their only use was to lay eggs, they were already boring and useless.
  11. Yes, but it has been stated they will have a 1-hour lifespan when transferred. 5 day lifespan on the server they were tamed on.
  12. Nope. It's free to play for a week. As in without the subscription services of PlayStation and Xbox. They did the same thing with the last xtralife event.
  13. You can Play it free, without Xboxlive or ps+, for a week. They did this on the last xtralife and aberrations release.
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