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  1. And yet here you are, you said it yourself every release/update was garbage, why didn't you stop supporting them way back then.
  2. I understand why some here are frustrated and so am I, though at least you are still getting it... But back to the real reason for my comment all I really wanted to say is, god damn some and majority of the ones ranting needs to go out and get some sunshine. *I took vacation days to play this game - seriously you took vacation days over a game? could you not use that time for something more special? maybe with family? its a pitty of a reason but an extremely funny one. *I bought new Xbox ones for this poop (I'm only 13) - Like DILO? go play something else then, no one told you to run your legs short and do what you did, this counts the same as those that took vacation days when everyone in today's age knows that delays happens rather frequently. *Give me more reason to play red dead redemption 2- Go ahead like DILO are you waiting for it's a great game its fun. *Get off your assess wild card and do something - Stupid claim for someone that thinks they know what is going on, maybe even too much of an order whether you are a player/customer or not, a delay in only a few days is nothing, at least they were close to the deadline. What if it's not a cert problem from Sony, what if its something else that requires a little more attention? *I rather want to play the game and find the bugs like it should be, now pc players will find all the best spots and build etc -TRUE I AGREE but, what if it's more of a breaking bug that literally breaks a part of the game? that maybe allows you to play an hour or 2 or something similar in game-breaking performance before you are cut off? what then? many here knows you will probably report it vaguely and then come running back here, bitching how extinction should be fixed, or ask, why did they release such buggy DLC? which will prob be the case, we all know you will either bitch over the delay like you are now or you will come back after playing and still bitch about the bugs whether you received it today or at least before the 13th. It was a blast reading through the first two-three pages it was hilarious to see their plenty but pitiful excuses that are mainly there own doing. Please, this comment is not directed to everyone here, just to the pitiful excuses, I bet there are plenty like me that feels the same way especially those that have been with Ark since the early days of ARKS release.
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