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  1. Chill everyone doesn't have it yet let us console get it. Also for all PC lovers chill let us get the game first and as you all say be patient.
  2. Games not done until it is out on all promises platforms bud. Also I like how PC players are defending WC when they have more lip for a 7 hour delay
  3. I only play pop so I have no idea what you are talking about deal with the unfairness till everyone gets to play like actually chill we cant even complain about pvp since Extinction isn't related for us
  4. At least you can play like c'mon let them work on getting console fixed so we could play
  5. I also can't believe people are complain about stuff being OP stop complaining at least you can play they game so chill
  6. They said spring and console was put back to the 13th
  7. I agree with what you said but not the way you said it. It is very unfair that PC players got to get the DLC first and from console player to console player I hope that we get something in return, but in the end, they must have needed to fix something extremely important before releasing Extinction and hopefully it is for the best.
  8. It was not first try btw but it still looks cool
  9. Wow so much hypocrisy all the PC player preaching patience tlet them fix the bugs. Then most PC player complaining and whining after only a few hours of delay. As most of you said patience is a key virtue and don't you have something better to do like family. Ooo and my favorite life isn't fair. Enjoy Extinction cause I will in a week.
  10. No dip sherlock you needed a PhD to figure that out. BTW the trailer was hot
  11. To all my fellow console player rip in the chat I'll be on Nov. 17. They actually just screwed us over but it's fine let the PC player enjoy. I say this but I have a PC.
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