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  1. help me
    my character bugged, I had that new character and the old one and everything I had built and taming remains on the map.
    I don't want to miss the event,
    please remove 7 days transfer unofficial servers
    Marsh NA Unofficial Daybreak Server


  2. 10 hours ago, Alyra55 said:

    Também quero participar deste evento, mas ainda estou um pouco hesitante no processo de transferência. E eu só queria ter uma compreensão clara disso. 

    Temos que deixar nossa tribo atual para transferir para esses novos servidores? Eu acredito que é o que você está dizendo acima? mas e se você é o proprietário da tribo? Quando você se transfere de volta para o servidor original, você volta automaticamente para sua tribo? Ou você precisa que um dos outros membros da tribo o convide a voltar? se for o caso de ser convidado a voltar, isso não significa que não serei mais o dono da minha tribo?



    put another member in the tribe before leaving.
    a friend
    secondary account

  3. On 10/24/2019 at 9:39 PM, Booxy said:

    LoopI'm confused. Do I transfer out of my pve server into an eerie server with a transfer ticket I purchase, then transfer back in a week later with free transfer ticket I get in store? If so, won't I lose my base ? Sorry, but I don't understand how to do this. Or do I simply create new survivor in eerie server & it merges with my pve server when I get free transfer ticket & transfer into my current pve server? Also, I'm constantly getting msgs that my stuff will despawn & things disappear. So now I weekly need to go around my base resetting decay date for 6 or 7 days to keep things from decaying. If my survivor is away in another server for a week, all my stuff will decay. I'm probably making this more complicated than it is. If so, I apologize, but could you please explain this for me? I do want to participate but don't want to lose everything in my current server, in the process. Thank you, Booxy, pve, encumbrance, med, na.... Suzanne

    to transfer, you cannot be in tribe, you must pass your tribe to another player and leave, when you return to the home server you get your tribe back !!

  4. On 10/23/2019 at 2:25 AM, Queenofmadness said:

    Can we transfer the eerie creatures to our single player saves? If not, could their be a change where eerie will spawn in the single player mode as well? For the people who mostly play single player.

    good question!
    I would like to know that!
    What time does it start ??

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