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  1. nope........., my account was suspended cause i logged into my sons account and they said that is a breach of TOS now the gm who didnt show up at my appointment doesnt have to resolve my character erased issue..... cause my account is now longer able to use the support feature
  2. Well i guess if they don't want to fix your account then they just suspend your account
  3. My account got suspended so i cant even make support tickets and my unfilled support ticket from 3 months ago disappeared when i raised hell.
  4. i play on a cluster though....
  5. If they would fix their game where transfering servers didnt make characters disappear this wouldnt be an issue.
  6. seriously considering going to buy a plane ticket to go talk to them in person to gey my dinos fixed. I have over 150 dinos that need their imprints fixed
  7. It is rediculous, i was logged in the support forum on my phone on my sons account cause he is 9 years old... they are 2 completely seperate steam accounts. Now neither account can sumbit a support ticket.
  8. so much for a warning..... it isnt against tod to submit screenshots
  9. Admin 7 Started conversation: June 6 Dear Deathdefire87, We have detected a duplicate account login from you. Account Name: Please be advised that Alt Accounts are against our TOS, and could lead to a suspension of all duplicate accounts and the Main account. Consider this your final warning! Regards, The Staff Quote
  10. All i did was respond to people saying they cant see the images i posted so i responded with "that is weird, cause they where screenshots saved using paint and uploaded." That comment wouldn't change anything, all it did was explain how i saved and uploaded the images. Now i can bot recieve support for my account and neither can my 9 year old son if anything happens to his account or character.
  11. I need an admin ok, so apperently my account has been suspended due to having an "alt" account in the support forum. However i had a support ticket i opened on my laptop. The gm never showed after a 2 month wait. I was signed in the forum support on my sons account on accident on my phone and they suspended both accounts from submitting support tickets............. my issue was never resolved and i can not submit new tickets...... this leaves me vulnerable to orp abusers and meshers. Not to mention it auto closed my original ticket.
  12. I am logged in and when i click the support link it sends me to https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/signin?mobile_site=true&return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fsupport.survivetheark.com%2Fhc%2Fen-us%3Fmobile_site%3Dtrue. And has log in on the left and my request on the right. When i click either they send me back to my account page with me logged in https://survivetheark.com/?kind=error&message=Cannot+sign+in+suspended+user+%23368610644674
  13. orp abuse someone put an orp gate infront of my cave and has me locked in, when i try to submit a ticket it logs me out back to the support page....
  14. However she did reach out to me 7-17-20 and did ask if i was available. Unfortunately i am a tow boat captain and was unavailable at the time so that is a major improvement.
  15. What are you 6? The words i use shouldn't effect you not doing your job initially. I didn't curse at her, i cursed in conversation.
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