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  1. BlackACE

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Shut up the past is the past
  2. BlackACE

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Merry christmas to all of ARK and studio wildcard! Thx for all the hard work u put into the game and events! There is onlyone thing i could complain about, and thats that the maps should be larger in number for all those explorers out there (talking about custom maps not story maps). Thank you!
  3. Are there any places other than the redwood trees in the sunken forest that you can snap tree platforms?
  4. BlackACE

    Mek Starving

    Lol you are correct on that one!!! Use logic people!!!
  5. I’m looking for a massive flat area to build an awesome base on extinction but if there is a place we’re I can snap tree platforms in the city I’ll take it. Any suggestions?
  6. BlackACE


    This guy should understand and his logic makes perfect sense!!
  7. BlackACE


    Lol you guys saying the cryopod needs to be nerfed are stupid. First of all the Dino’s you pop out of the poke ball have the exact amount of hp as when you put them in there and on top of that you can only put it 1 dono every 5 min (300 sec). As well as the fact that (if you’ve been listening) they take 10x damage if they put them out all at once and that they have to walk by foot or on another Dino to even get to the place to deploy them. Also you should adapt. Make your bases in obscure places so they can’t reach them and so that even if they put out a Dino they have to go through the same as a regular raid. If your that person that’s dumb enough to build in a cave you can put your gates right up next to the entrance so that the player can’t place his Dino’s inside your base, instead having to put his Dino’s completely outside and so that if they don’t fit in the cave they of course have to deal with that too. All in all, the only thing you need to do is keep the game mechanics in mind and make it so that they absolutely cannot place Dinos inside.
  8. I’ve been having trouble with the resource nodes not respawning on my single player, and the resources are nowhere near where I have built. Has anyone else had these problems and found a solution? If so can you please tell me how to fix it?
  9. But I don’t want to be called a cheater
  10. Its my single player world, but I don’t want to take my character to aberration and scorched earth just to get engrams. Plus it gives me lvls I only want to earn in extinction.
  11. The tekgram is on purpose, and you can craft the replicator at a boss summoning platform. It won’t tell you but you should learn it if not it’s glitched.
  12. I’m pretty sure the aberration engrams are supposed to be learnable in extinction. Is it ok if I spawn a blueprint for it, or no?
  13. BlackACE

    Extinction console - new delay - no longer 13th?

    If you didn’t want any spoilers then you shouldn’t have watch any just sayin’
  14. BlackACE

    Extinction console - new delay - no longer 13th?

    Nobody understands.......