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  1. How am I not surprised that they are still scrambling to release this new content I mean they do it to them selfs they set the release dates not us. I understand it can be hard but after failing to come through so many times you think they learned from there previous mistakes but they don’t. I’m posting this comment not because I hate the game developers but because I care for them I want to see one of my favorite games to do well and with out criticism it can’t happen to learn from there mistakes
  2. I was having the worst week of my life and I was hoping that next week will be better but I look at ark and I’m seeing that the dlc was delayed. How are you going to delay something that is 4 days away even if it is to better the game you guys had plenty of time to do this but some how ark developers figured out how to make my week a livening hell for me I even took off for the week to play I’m so disappointed that I’m leaving ark entirely and this is all because of how they plan there release date. It also makes it worse that is is only for Consol players there main player base. I would gladly take a buggyer game than wait ark get your stuff together bud Plz. Nice to know how much you care for us
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