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  1. Wow so great. Removing servers that no one plays on. The community DEFINITELY dosent want new servers like duo servers, ESPECIALLY not console, whos last servers where small tribes. People definitely arent quitting the game for the lack of not being able to build up. Btw if u couldnt tell i was being sarcastic :/. #RIPARK2019. Great work devs ?
  2. I keep finding mesh bases on xbox, i can eve get proof. I dont know how to report it though. I have lost tames to mesh bases andd really want them dealt with. Also console needs some love, such as a mod map or new servers, such as classic or solo/duo/ or trio servers. If any dev reads this please message me on xbox to deal with the mesh bases, my gt is EvilJester1011. Thanks
  3. Xbox is absolutely garbage rn. Dont show love to only pc players. We bought the game as well. Also make new servers! Duo/solo or trio, even classic pvp. Fix the game WildCard.
  4. Honestly the devs need to do something for once, u guys cant even stick to a release date and you guys are too focused on pc. Stop making updates if your gonna just make up some BS to not release it and tease the console players. You guys cant even fix your game either, try actually fixing something. Honestly ark has potential, u just need to fire everyone and get people who arent lazy AF. #FixTheGame
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