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  1. So I will say this WildCard I will be uninstalling your game tomorrow cause I am tired of you guys treating your dedicated fans like poop you have delayed and delayed things over and over again only for naught there are still massive bugs in your game on all maps heck scorched earth still isn't even finished I rented a Nitrado server and everything to get it set up for Extinction ON THE 6TH NOT THE 13TH plus you waited untill 3 to 4 days to even give us the excuses that you have today I don't care if it's broken or not you need to be fair and give it to everyone on the same day and not hold out cause it's only going to backfire on you guys know the end just like it already has and trust me when word gets around it will only enrage more and more people and soon enough you are going to have to address it even if you don't like it so please by all means think about your stupid action and reconsider it -Your Pissed off playerbase
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