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  1. 2 hours ago, Reck said:

    WC dumbest decision you could have made, with Black Ops 4 and Red Dead 2 last month and Fallout 76 coming out on the 14th and Battlefield 5 coming out on the 15th your player base on console is going to be crap, doesn't matter cause it's been crap honestly but that's no one's fault but your own WC. You treat console player's like crap though we support and pay just as much as PC players, my biggest complaint is that you haven't worked to allow Mods on PS4 yet.. Was going to play till fallout came out but hell now I just might get rid of Ark entirely

    Dude calm down it only going to be a week and they might need to fix some bugs they pick PC that where alot of games bring early games and let people test it out before on console we not gunna die over 1 week

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