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  1. And still console palyers have to wait 1 month longer at least every time
  2. Soon? You mean by the end of this year! Why is it so hard to bring something out on all plats at the same time? You now how microsoft and sony work
  3. Why are there no extincion creatures in official? And why are so many abberation creatuers cut out of it its a real real big shame. as an console player i am really dissapointed
  4. Why are so many dinos removed? Why did you lie about the griffin? So disapointing
  5. And will you delay it again? And treat Console Players like dirt? You dudes should give all the players something for that crap. Not only console also for pc! You raptored up hard wiht the element nodes and the destruction of bases
  6. Always breaking they're promises and give a crap on they're own word. I can't belive this.
  7. Why? I'm not dissapointed! I'm pissed! I baught a second console with a second copy of the game and season pass for this thank you. No wonder that ark is dieing with bullcrap like this. And this with all expansion dlc's. I can't and i wan't understand such a thing. Wildcard shame on you!!! Just realese it at the 6th november and look whats going to happen
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