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  1. PS4 Procedural Ark bugs Procedurals Arks sound fun and it seemed like a good idea. But with PS4 it either loads painfully slow and takes an hour to load or the game crashes. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you, Turtle
  2. Crossplay Sorry if I keep asking this but my friend keeps saying they did ps4 pc crossplay wondering if it's true? Sorry for asking so much
  3. Not just that it's also because when WC tried before Sony said they didn't want to "expose kids" to predators. except with any multiplayer game, this happens. Why Sony Why
  4. Well Sony is now allowing a lot more games to have crossplay so maybe
  5. I heard a rumor about crossplay from pc to PS4. Is it actually happening? Also I would love to see carno in TLC 3. It would be nice to see a new dino like the Carcharodontosaurus I've seen a whole topic about it.
  6. what is a conquest server and will any be coming to console
  7. Will taxidermy be added to the regular game if you don't buy Extinction?
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