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  1. If Wildcard won't even release it, can you imagine how badly broken it must be? I have tried to be positive and argue the merits of this game to angry friends as they jumped ship one by one. I have never been negative to anyone that works for Studio WC. This is unprofessional to do so close to the intended release. Even worse is that this is not an exception, but the rule. To continue to pull this kind of a stunt means Studio Wildcard haven't been taught to do otherwise. If I was looking forward to Extinction, I'd be more upset. I was expecting not to play this for a while as it is - even with delays, Wildcard won't release a finished product. Besides, a few other games got released recently by developers that finish/test their products before releasing them and actually hit their release dates. They must look at Studio Wildcard like the Academy Awards look at the Adult Video News Awards; technically it's the same industry, but only one is respected. I assume the others must be raptoring assholes. Maybe I'll end up playing Extinction some time next year. I've had the Season Pass from the beginning. Maybe Studio WC will continue to support and fix ARK's myriad of problems, but I'm not holding my breath for that. I'll never buy another game from this company again. I wish the developers were half as good as the marketing team.
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