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  1. Why is it saying my friend needs to buy this Extinction rubbish when he already has the Season pass ?
  2. 16 rollbacks today already it's only 4:40 pm wildcard are you serious this game a raptoring joke the devs are complete and utter Morons the studio should be sold to a company that actually give a poop about the community because these money grabbing wastes of space clearly dont
  3. Anyone noticed that not one comment on here has had any sort of reply hahaha BS what about mods and other maps and don't give the bull poo excuse that we have to go through 6 months of certs and poop what about the games that have mods now likes of elder schrolls and Skyrim and other games haha excuses excuses you release stuff of steam for early access same as alot of other studios and the game ends up dead before it is supposed to be released why don't use actually pull your fingers out and start to give the people what they want instead of trying to grab more and more money of us ?/?
  4. Yet again they come up with some bull no wonder they only keep console tagging along because pc players play more nodded maps and stuff rather then there crap
  5. Absolute BS always the same they can't even do one Map right yet modders that get payed literally nothing bring them out on time every time thought this was supposed to be an actually studio hahaha waste of time and money all they do is feed people empty promises where's s+ where's the 13 other maps where's all this poop pc have ahh yeah been waiting for stuff like this since release waste of time these now they do realise they just killing the game of on console now
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