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  1. ARK Ragnarok 24/7 PvP [XB1]

    Can you please add Cannibinoid92 I'm at work and would like to try it out when I get home.
  2. Any new tribes looking for a new member? Just came back from an Ark hiatus and looking to do some work with a new tribe. No mic at the moment but will have one soon. Msg GT Cannibinoid92
  3. 24/7 Slightly Boosted The Island Xbox One

    Sent request. GT is cannibinoid92
  4. Build locations - 6x damage

    Does the cave inside the floating island take 6x damage. I used to build there all the time
  5. Text box server settings.

    Is their a admin command to change tame speed?
  6. Playing single player due to lack of internet connection and I can't change the settings higher than slider allows. I click the box to input my own number and it doesn't change.
  7. Offline Ark

    Im use to playing a PVP server. I enjoy always having a goal to complete. But with lack of other players its hard for me to come up with goals.
  8. Offline Ark

    Hey guys!! I havnt been on here in awhile and havnt played ARK in months due to my lack of internet connection. Lately I have been fiending to play bad and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to have fun playing offline. Id also like recommendations for the settings I should have to make the game enjoyable but still difficult. Any suggestions will help me get back into ARK. I play on my Xbox one.
  9. Is anyone in this server? Can I get invite until the server Xbox adds me?
  10. Center hidden base locations?

    Pricey we are on the same server
  11. Yea our old one was awesome till admins got out of hand. This server is back up
  12. Ill let yea know. Im tired of starting over. We were just about to get industrial forge:( so if this server dies I might be done for awhile