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  1. Can you please add Cannibinoid92 I'm at work and would like to try it out when I get home.
  2. Any new tribes looking for a new member? Just came back from an Ark hiatus and looking to do some work with a new tribe. No mic at the moment but will have one soon. Msg GT Cannibinoid92
  3. 24/7 Slightly Boosted The Island Xbox One

    Sent request. GT is cannibinoid92
  4. Build locations - 6x damage

    Does the cave inside the floating island take 6x damage. I used to build there all the time
  5. Center hidden base locations?

    Pricey we are on the same server
  6. Harvest is 40x? Wouldnt you be encumbered every minute??
  7. Scorpion Breeding

    Is this still true @ciabattaroll? Im on Xbox
  8. What server do you play on if you dont mind me asking

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CMitch24
    3. Capone


      We have a CMitch on my server and was just wondering, but thats on another server

    4. CMitch24


      lol i thought you were gonna say you were the one that raided me haha

  9. New weapons?

    you won! +1
  10. Reap what you sow

    badass greenhouse!
  11. Happy Valentines Day!

    lolol made my night
  12. Its happened two days in a row so the xbox has been turned off and back on afew times since the update. I might end up buying a wireless keyboard anyway. Much quicker. Thanks for the reply!!
  13. The chat box wont open when you click LB+back or start. I don't have external USB plugged in as i saw someone suggest would fix it but it didnt in my case. Its not super annoying but...its nice to be able to communicate when on a PVP server. possibly save my characters life
  14. Mines not opening either and i have no external usb devices plugged in
  15. How do you play splitscreen on a server?