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  1. 1 hour ago, Dinobros2000 said:

    The stats are one parents randomly(55/45 to the higher level) colors are a mix of the parents I think, then a ChangE with mutation, and male or female is 55/45 to the higher level. And I do belive it is random at the point of hatch, but maybe they will change it? (poor broken mods) Or eggs cant be removed without destroying them, or they only show the stats when they are “ready to hatch”? And if they do the first option, tons of possibilities with mods!

    ok, so im going to try an explain this as simple as possible. from what i have been learning about coding in game assets. ones like the creatures in ark. stats and colour are characteristics. when the babies hatch from the eggs they seem to inherit their parents characteristics AKA stats and colours from its parents. the odds for what exactly it inherits from it parents may not be 50/50 for both parents but still. now assuming the eggs layed by the parents dont already have code which results in them inheriting the parents characteristics and we just cant see them. then WC would just have to code the eggs to have these inherit characteristics from the parents.


    1 hour ago, GP said:

    Maybe eggs are pre-determined at 0% incubation, just prior to hatch?

    It is curious how the incubator will know stats before it is determined, but maybe it is something like at 0% incubation then maybe the incubator won't show the stats until the egg is ready to be removed and hatched? Curious though.

    i have been learning a lot lately about asset characteristic inheriting when coding video games. from what i know, the babies inherit certain characteristics from their parents this would be their stats, colours and potentially gender, however gender is not a given as it may just be coded that there is a 50/50 chance the baby will be a male or female in the coding. but back to the point. im assuming and to me this would seem the more efficient and easy way. is for them to just code the eggs to inherit the characteristics of the parents. now this is assuming its not already done. eggs may already have inherited characteristics and we just have no way of viewing them until now. this could open up may pathways to mods focused on improving or changing breeding in ark.

  3. 18 minutes ago, mackyish3r3 said:

    breeding easy with egg incubator. one thing im curious is: are fert eggs babies predetermined? i had popped a baby, then server rolled back, then popped a diferent stat baby from same egg. so how would the incubation chamber work?

    i was actually talking about this with a friend on discord. i assume they will change the code so layed eggs will be assigned actual characteristics like the babies when layed, instead of the baby being assinged the characteristics only after it has hatched

  4. so with the announcement of the new incubator coming in Gem P2 i am super hyped, its gonna make breeding so much easier, no more mass hatching eggs to hunt for mutations. since we will be able to see the colour and stat that the mutation will give then im going to assume we will also be able to view info like the eggs stats, region colours, level and gender. Now that we have an incubator it would be cool if we got some kind of way to automatically collect eggs. maybe have the incubator have different craft-able upgrades. like an upgrade that can further increase the incubation speed of the eggs, can automatically collect the egg or possible other customizable upgrades. let me know what you guys think of this new structure coming and what impact it will have on the game.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Penguin73 said:

    I started a new character and took a walk on Rag for the first time the other day.  That place is very cool and the NE corner reminds me of Montana. I saw a ton of pillars over the span of about 2 hours and was unable to find anywhere to hang my newbie hat within reasonable walking distance so I transferred to another server.  Same story. Transferred again. Same story.  ugggh! Frustrating, yes. Died many many times...yes.  But I am determined to find a spot somewhere. I will return with determination soon. 

    Back on Island (primitive plus) we bred Argy this weekend.  I incubated 2 eggs and gave one to my tribe-mate to hatch. He got twins at level 249 and I got a single at 253 (Powder blue and white). Imprinted to 100% then flew around for an hour + just killing (no explorer notes) and gained another 34 levels in that time.  Found out he is a very capable fighter so I named him Spartacus.

    Found a 145 Yuty last night and couldn't resist since I have been looking for a high level one since I started this world.  I knocked it out on the ice, however, when it fell to the ground it slid off the ice and into the water.  So heartbreaking. 

    i suggest playing unofficial server, great servers and much better than official ones. however im assuming the pillar issue was because you were playing on official.

  6. 4 minutes ago, AllOfTheAllos said:

    (Official, Extinction) Spent the day gathering dust (discovered I can use pretty much anything for it, rather than doed or tools only, Jotunn's 611% melee chomps are great for it), oil, corrupted nodules and crystals in order to make a 75 enforcer, only to obtain a 125 one - just a bit more expensive to make! Made that. Tamed a gasbags. Didn't plan to, but red-orange-black! Wild level only 15, but still. Named her Pumpkin. Fed the dinos, uploaded Pumpkin (podded, with saddle), unassembled enforcer, and some dust.

    i've heard that the mining tool from gen is good at collecting element dust, but i have not seen heard or tried it myself. from what a friend claims. its the best way to gather element dust from the tables, chairs and what not on extinction.

  7. so the day of reckoning came. whether it was for me and my deino army or the dodorex. i had tamed a quetzal and spent a few hours building a pen that i could carry my deinos on, the maximum was about 30ish. the plan was i would ride on the queztal which also had some turrets on it, whistle the deinos at the dodorex and they would charge off of the platform and attack. well about 10 minutes later and he is already dead. only a few died in the process and the rest were fairly fine, a few were badly hurt, but other than that we were unscathed. i decided to bring a deadon along on the next battle hoping this might make the deinos less likely to die, i also considered bringing a yuty along but that would have been too much of a hassle. after about 10 more nights of killed the dodorex i figured this was getting too easy, the rate at which i was loosing the deinos was much slower than the rate i could produce them at. i was talking to a friend on discord when he suggested i summon in a few dodorexes at once to battle, it seemed that the least amount of deinos i can use and succeed in a battle against the dodorex was 10, so i figured for every 10 deinos i would spawn in one dodorex. so the battle would be 100 deinos against 10 dodorexes. holy sh*t was it an amazing fight. i used whistle groups to whistle each group onto a different dodorex, the deaths were insane, but somehow my deinos won, granted i had lost much more than i had anticipated. but i won. i kept none of the spoils i got from the dodrexes i had spawned in. but now im wondering what i should fight next. maybe a titan or one of the bosses. on a side note after the announcement of bugs being breedable in the upcoming update, i spent  a few hours taming mantis and arthros, hunting for the best stats. i feel like arthros are about to become way more OP than WC had thought they would be.

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  8. On 10/22/2020 at 3:18 PM, namewasstolenstresslevel said:

    wow so much stuff done in 2 days... i am still trying to figure out how mutation works and how to breed for superior race dinos. But dont know what to do, a Therizinosaurus killed my other Parasaur so only the level 50 female was left and a level 7 Sabertooth. There is a huge snake around my base right now and cant go out...

    when you have done as much breeding as i have it become as easy as taming something. also since i was on single player i done what i usually do to make it as fast as breeding on servers. i used slomo and players only. ik it sounds like cheating but when you play offline it gets annoying.

  9. so i decided to return to ark and give it another go. first thing i considered doing was making my way through to beat all the bosses first. then i realized the fear event would be around the corner, so i decided to plan on ways i could defeat the dodorex. as i was talking to a friend he suggested using creatures that have bleed effects, my first thought was allos or carnos, but my friend suggested deinos, then being smaller and potentially harder to hit and over all easier to breed. i figured sure why not. so i spent 2 whole days grinding wild deino nests, using a method i commonly use when hunting for OP stat deinos. by the end of it i had really OP stats for all the needed stats. health, melee, stam and weight. i then bred all the stats into one good pair, i also grinded lvl 5 deinos until i got the worst oxygen possible, i'd never spent so much time in my life looking for such a low stat. i put in the oxygen to to make sure the final pairs level was lower, meaning more mutations to be put in before lvl cap. i then made 4 breeding pools. health, stam, melee and wieght. all with 20 females and 4 males each. this would allow for a sufficient mount of eggs produced meaning mutation occuring more commonly. when i got the first male with the desired mutation for that pool, i would swap it out with the dad, and continue this process repeatedly, after hours apon hours of breeding, eg collecting, mass genocide on babies and cutting up their maimed bodies i had the final results of 40 health, 40 melee, 30 stam and 20 weight mutations. combining them all into one amazingly OP deino breeding pair. i then proceeded to breed a total of 100 deinos all fully imprinted and fitted with the best deino saddles i could obtain. i also bred a decent yuty which i plan to have on the side lines and boost the deinos even more. to test them out i took them out to fight a giga on ragnarok. about 20 died but the giga was killed. so i now have a goal of making 200 fully imprinted saddled deinos. hopefully i can get it done before fear launches, if worse comes to worse i can always use some mutated carnos i bred on the side as extra force. im debating on whether i should ride a deino or fight the dodorex in a mek.

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  10. 6 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

    This idea is a common misconception, where people think if they move all the coutns over to the matrilineal side on a stud or move the counts over to the patrilineal side on the breeders, that they have washed the counts out.  This is not true.  The system checks the sum total of both parents counts and adds them together.  so zero+100 is still 100/20 and still cannot supply a mutation.

    The only way to escape the limitation after reaching 20 is to go negative.  Which is just a matter of time and effort, it's not that complicated.

    hmm, i use syntacs method and it seems to work fine. thx for the new info tho, gonna add it into my breeding journal.


    10 hours ago, AWildMorgan said:



    This is great answered exactly what i needed to know, so basically i just need chance to be on my side for all mutations to pass down and for a new one to develop

    np, always love helping out fellow breeders. yes it is a very tedious task and can be very dependent on luck, but its worth all the time.

  11. 4 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

    IT's a law of #s game.  You will probalby get some sort of mutation every round w/ 30 breeders.  You are more likely to get the mutation you want in 1 or 2 tries w/ 100 breeders.

    this may be considered cheating, but when you play single player and the game running while offline is not an option, i tend to use slomo and players only with egg layers, it does not work well with live births for obvious reasons. this tends to always land me a stat mut i am looking for. but yes. i tend to have 50 females and how ever many males is required to get all the fems breeding, depending on dino size. i can usually allocate 5 fems per male. this is each stat group. i'll try and find a screen shot i took when breeding gigas. it was a complete and total utter cluster f*ck.

  12. 8 hours ago, AWildMorgan said:

    Im not worried about hitting level cap im kinda far from hitting that, I just dont seem to be getting any that are lvl 238 i can tell that i am getting mutations because some are coming out different colours but not adding to my current mutations it seems like the chances arent in my favour and i want to get to 10 hp 10 melee mutations but the chances dont seem like that will happen if i cant even get a 238

    so i should have probably mentioned this before, its not guaranteed the offspring inherit the parents mutations, also, an offspring can result in getting a new mutation while not inheriting the parents mutation, you can also have an offspring inherit say 4 of the 5 melee mutations from the dad, then gain a new random mutation. also if you are going for the 20 mutations cap thin because its the max allowed, there is a way to avoid this. its shown in the video and i always forget which side exactly you have to transfer them to, but you can stack one of the ternal mutation sides onto the other so say you have 20 maternal and 20 paternal mutations, you can transfer one of the sides to the other, this is a one way process, so its cant be done to the other side, i believe its done by breeding mutations from the father into a female offspring. the video clears it up very well.

  13. 1 hour ago, AWildMorgan said:

    So I have some megatheriums at lvl 230 when i am breeding for mutations I have now got a male with 2 mutations in melee and 1 in hp so i have a lvl 236 mega do I keep breeding to get lvl 238 males or what, i am getting confused because i seem to be getting less and less mutations since i am relying on getting a mutation and all the previous ones carrying across. or should I have one line for melee mutations and one for HP?

    can someone explain please

    watch this my friend, it will help you alot.

    but to put it simply.

    find the lowest lvl possible creature you need on ur server, so if its 5x, lvl 5, then, tame it, however, you wanna hit it till its effectiveness is 0% then breed the oxygen of that creatures into the final mutation breeders. if you want to go crazy with muts, have a group for each stat, so the melee group would have 5 females and 1 male, all with identical stats. then you want to end up with a male with a melee mutation, if you end up getting a female, you can do 2 things, breed it with a male till ya get a male offspring with that stat. or kill it. this can also be done to remove a colour you dont want passed down, say you bed a yellow body but dont want it passed down. you can breed the yellow bodies melee mut with the opposite of its gender, again, having all the same stats aside from the mutated stat, and keep breeding till you have the stat mut with no colour mut. do this with other stat groups, like health and stam. once you have a mutated male, replace the current male with the mutated one. a stat mutation is essentially 2 stat level ups, hence why a mutation adds 2 extra lvls. so if you have lvl 230 megas as ur clean non mutated breeders, than a mutation is gonna be lvl 232, 2 muts would be 234 and so on. now the issue with stacking mutations is the more mutations you have on the male being passed down, the hard it is to get the full stack of mutations on the male to all pass down along with a new mutation, then add in the factor that the mutation may not be what you wanted. this can make continuously stacking mutations daunting. one thing i am asked when explaining mutations is can you combine mutations offspring inherite from the same parent. my answer, no. now when you check the mutation count it may say 2/20. but this is not true. if you breed say a 232 male and a 232 female who have the same mutated dad who was also 232, and both the offspring got their mutation from their dad, the 2 mutations cant be stacked to make a 234. so dont try doing this. 

    if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.

  14. On 8/16/2020 at 5:39 AM, AcexHellhound21 said:

    I have played this mod it is very fun to play but the only reason why they won't add it is because it has a suicide option on the pause menu which allows you to change into another Dino or human and it can be abused like someone trapping you into a cage and you can easily free your self just by pressing pause>Respawn/Change Dino and that would make it broken for PvP.

    simple, remove the suicide button

  15. CPO server cluster I friendly community

    with much planning, trial and error and the help of the wonderful community on my discord server,  i am pleased to announce that we finally have an ark cluster server, we are looking for kind, responsible, mature ark players to join our community, before i go into detail about the server itself, i want to clarify a few things about how the server will works, while yes it is a free to join server, we have added a whitelist to the server, now to join the server, it is preferred if you join the discord, the reason for this is because we keep a list of members playing on the server, we also announce most if not all of our announcements there, it is also the easiest way to become whitelisted which is required to join the server. now onto the instructions on how to join the server. once on the discord server, you must post a short application in the designated channel with this info: discord name, steam name, and survivor name and tribe name once you have joined the server. from there a server admin or ark server admin will look at your history on the discord server to see if you have been punished before or caused trouble, if you are clear the admin will add you to the list followed by you being whitelisted and being notifyed that you can join the server, this all sounds tedious and difficult, but it is usually done withing a few hours, its also to help admins when issues occur and to make sure the community is safe. the server will be a cluster of 4 maps, this is because we are currently hosting the servers on one of my friends PCs, we plan to expand to payed servers spots, but with the current number of people playing on the server it is not worth it. the maps are crystal isles, Ragnarok, the island and scorched earth, we have 2 free maps and 2 paid story maps, we plan to rotate the story maps so that those who have them can work towards ascension. however this may change in the future. here are details about the server setting.


    XP: 1.5x

    harvesting: 4x

    taming: 5x



    mating speed: 10

    egg hatch speed: 20x

    mature speed: 50x

    imprinting scale: 5x

    cuddle interval: 0.0023


    dino stats

    add per level up

    health: 5x

    stamina: 5x

    weight: 5x

    damage: 5x

    speed: 3x


    player stats

    health: 3x

    stamina: 5x

    weight: 5x

    melee: 2x

    speed: 3x

    fortitude: 5x

    crafting speed: 10x


    .auto unlock engrams

    .boosted beacons

    .unlimited respecs for minewipe

    .events will be active


    all the maps are set to pvp, however the maps that are designated for pve will not allow conflict on them. here are the rules for the server



    .no grieving or trolling in any way
    . no land hogging, large bases are encouraged, but be mindful that the larger the community becomes, the more space is required
    . no toxic behaviour, being rude or toxic will result in punishment, most likely bans
    . rule breaking results in a 24 hour temp ban
    . if you are temp banned 3 times, you are permanently banned
    . no disrespecting admins and other server members


    PvP rules

    pvp rules
    . any kind of pvp must have both sides accept to the battle, sides can apply conditions or restrictions in the battle to prevent major harm or problems
    . an admin on the ark server must be informed, they must them log it in the a future logs channel, which people can view, but only admins and mods can edit and post in
    . no random pvp, randomly attacking or grieving is not accepted on both pvp and pve, interrupting a taming process and other alike activities will result temporary ban from server
    .classic pvp rules, although sides can list restrictions, default pvp rules will prevent people from mass wiping a tribe, mass stealing and imprisonment(edited)
    more will be added in time


    so far we can fit 20 people on each map, but this may change, so come on in and join the server, help us expand our community to new heights.

    here is the discord link to our server: https://discord.gg/

    i will regularly update this link to allow people to join. i also plan to update this post regularly as questions are asked or if i need to add more info

    if you cant join the discord, contact me via message and i can assist in solving the problem.



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  16. 15 hours ago, GP said:

    Right but there's a large portion of the community that are complaining because no specific date in September has been given.

    So what would YOU do if you got a large community demanding specific dates to be set (even knowing WC's track record), and a large community demanding they don't set dates because they never meet them.

    Which large community will you CHOOSE to please and displease? Or do you have a win all solution that no-one knows about?

    yes, smething a few game companies do, they announce the content and all, but dont give any kind of release date, this way they dont have a date to finish by. but WC being the brain dead idiots they are just talk out of their ass.

  17. 4 minutes ago, Dinobros2000 said:

    Well it’s always hard to estimate how hard a project is cus every one is different and has different challenges

    by rag, they should have learnt to maybe announce the map, but not give any info on the release date, mojang does this with minecraft, and it works well.

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  18. 11 minutes ago, Dinobros2000 said:

    Sigh, no. Imagine your working on a movie, and you say, “We hope to release the movie 2021 April 12th”  Then, I turns out CGI takes longer then you thought, and sadly you’re not done till the 23rd, the only difference is you would probably announce it somewhere near the 1st that you aren’t as far as you hoped. In this situation you hoped and assumed you WOULD be done, but it just didn’t work out that way.


    Thumbs Up


    Ummm then just don’t look up YouTube vids of CI!

    the first 1 or 2 times is acceptable, but when you do it 8 times in a row you are either too brain dead to realize the mistake your making, or your and idiot. 

  19. 3 hours ago, GP said:


    At the end of the day, if an update is not out on the day stated it affects no-one. It is still coming, same update different day. Doesn't matter whether it's one week or the next, it will still be the same when it arrives.

    that is not true, when PC players get it first they ruin eh experience for others, its like if one country was to get access to a new movie in the cinemas before the rest of the countries, they would then go and ruin it for others. 

  20. 16 hours ago, TiTmellais666 said:

    Simple fix for this GET A PC or wipe your tears


    3 hours ago, GP said:

    They don't give out false dates. That would imply they knowingly post dates they won't meet.

    Maybe they are too ambitious sometimes, but they always try to meet their targets.

    I saw someone the other day complain they haven't given a specific date in September for console release and they said that concerns them that it is likely they won't release in September. Yet whenever they do give specific dates people complain that they are late and that they shouldn't give out dates if they aren't going to meet them.

    At the end of the day, if an update is not out on the day stated it affects no-one. It is still coming, same update different day. Doesn't matter whether it's one week or the next, it will still be the same when it arrives.

    that is exactly what they do, they knowingly post dates they wont meet, how do we know, simple, we have 8 DLCs as evidence.

    15 hours ago, Dinobros2000 said:

    Regarding the release, Console get a way better version than PC has, cus PC gets to “play test” it and make it better, and there a certain roadblocks with Console requirements and stuff. I tried to play on CI and I can’t even play cus it’s sooo poorly optimized my computer can’t handle it! 

    this is absolute BS, sorry to say it but its true, extinction is a wonderful example, it was no better for console when it released if not worse.


    16 hours ago, TiTmellais666 said:

    Simple fix for this GET A PC or wipe your tears

    i am going to assume your an entitled little s*** that gets what ever he wants without doing anything for it. a PC that runs ark reasonably well is too much money and time, time and money i dont have rn. plus it should not matter.

  21. console release and absolute joke

    so i got a question for ya WC, are us console players a joke to you, do you even care about us. cause i dont think you even give a damn about us. so CI is released for PC, but us console players have to wait for what, 3-4 months. this is absolute BS. btw, you have not even giving a set date for the console release other than semptember, to me, that means for we know you might push it back even further to like January next year, and this is not the only time you have done this, every single freaking DLC has been pushed back for console players. now what really pisses me off is the fact that when you made the announcement about CI coming to official ark, you said it would be coming to all platforms in winter, but low and behold its not. once again you lied and have now let down a large amount of the player base. now before some of you PC people and some console players go saying that they pushed it back to make things better for us console players, that is an utter load of BS, every other DLC release for console has basically been like the pc release, absolute crap, now another problem with releasing the map for PC before the rest of the platforms is that they then ruin it for console players. all i am saying is either release the map on all platforms on the same date, or dont go saying that its going to come to all platforms on a set date or month unless you can fully confirm that date or month, and before people say that unexpected problems may arise pushing them back, thats clearly not the case, and here is why. every damn DLC that has been released for ark. has had its date pushed back, and the console release date pushed back even more, you would think that maybe after aberration, that they would have learnt to either not state a month of release or keep their word and release in that month or on that date. its this kind of stupidity on the developers end that makes them look unprofessional, i have recently started learning about product development and planning charts in one of my subject i do for school. and one of the big factors we are learning about is upholding due dates. tbh a lot of what i learnt about companies like game developing, WC barely ticks off any of the boxes they should be ticking to be considered a somewhat successful company, poor communication between consumer/ buyers and developers, poor support system for product, terrible  at upholding product release dates and so on. this may sound like a rant and tbh it could be taken as one. but i mean seriously WC pick up your game.


    btw, shout out to my friend @Lucraft for telling me about CI map and its release date, i have not been very active due to RL stuff.

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