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  1. On 12/13/2019 at 4:21 AM, Aushegun said:

    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster


    Been trying for Christmas colored Reapers on ABB.  Got a moldy moss colored one, but nothing red or bright green yet.

    Haven't been able to play since yesterday morning, as the patch sent yesterday has killed the cluster servers, and as of an hour ago no one is able to login to the cluster. :(

    wait, is Christmas event active?

  2. 43 minutes ago, Demerus said:

    They know that they don't know what they are doing.

    That should count for something.

    yeah it shows they know they are bad, yet still continue to develope ark, seriosly WC. sell ark to a better company.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Rumackay said:

    I remember my first two weeks in ark and it didn't involve ascendant gear, raising Theris, Ice Queen adventures and losing wyverns...

    same, i started playing way back when ark was young, honeslty back then its bugs were not as game braking and the bugs were not everywhere u went. still. i enjoy playing ark.

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Geo129 said:

    @Kodking194 thanks for those links I will use them very well and I will subscribe to them as well


    NP. syntac would probably be more for once u wanna learn the more advanced stuff like reaper tmaing or titan fights. phlinger is more your current style. nooblets i think is also a good one. i dont personally watch his vids alot but i heard good things about him.

  5. On 12/7/2019 at 12:04 PM, Geo129 said:

    New to site

    Hey I don’t know much about this game but I would love to learn 

    search up ark play-throughs some that helped me not only learn but improve. and are also entertaining to watch

    .phlinger  phoo

    . syntac

    and for pvp

    .getjacked, i think i spelt that right


    syntac does more casual game play. but phlinger does series that thoroughly explain and highlight how tos and what to do. he also shows great spawn locations and where to and not to go. 

  6. 20 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

    The game can be hell during the early stages. I recommend you do a note run and get some levels to bump up your stats and unlock engrams for better equipment. Set up a small stone base near some metal spawns and start smelting ingots, use wood for the fuel and craft as much sparkpowder as you can. Learn a gun engram and start crafting bullets, a sword is always a handy backup weapon to have as well. Craft narcotics as you go and learn to make a longneck and tranq darts as soon as you can, life will then start to get easier.

    i go with pike as it can has better knockback, damage and attack range


    On 12/6/2019 at 12:37 PM, Tigressized said:

    *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start?

    -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home

    -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino

    -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by

    -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno

    -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!”

    -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night

    In the end I just went to Ragnarok

    i lived by stone henge for a while. u get a sarco or two. if u build right u can hide away from them. just gotta keep tryin

  7. friend of mines lost all if his. he runs a breeding shop on an official val server, lost his entire base and tames, a tribe payed him in poly and metal  10K each to breed a rex army that defeat all the bosses (including titans). he now owes them that. they lost nothin and a threatening to imprison him. he has a week to grind back for the stuff, he asked if i could ehlp him out and i said i would consider it. this has got to be one of the biggest screw ups so far that WC has done.

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  8. 3 hours ago, IrishReptile said:

    the turkey trail event is over, but the turkeys are still here; why?  when will the super turkeys be gone period off the game? im tired of losing all of my dino's.... im sick of the Turkey's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they extended the event to "make up for the disaster during a patch" also if your tames are dying from them then they must be on aggressive as turkeys are passive. so its kind of your own fault.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Aylana314159 said:

    What unkillable beast are you even talking about?

    the unkillable beast know as stupidity of WC


    29 minutes ago, Expendable143 said:

    Will this ever end?

    I have been a survivor for about 5 years now and never have I come across a foe that has killed more of my animals than In this past  year. That unkillable beast is the elusive working update.

    Just this week alone, I have lost 2 amazing argys. And 2 really good gigas. I love ark. It is by far one of my favorite games ever. But the last few months have been almost unbearable because of an enemy that can not be defeated. It creeps up behind all of us and can either be an itch between the shoulder blades, or something much worse. 

    To the wildcard team: please learn the phrase, if it isn't broken, dont fix it. We appreciate the effort. But you are the boss fight that nobody can win.

    also aslong as WC is in power of ark, it will never end. a different power needs to strike them down to show them the error of their ways.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Donk67 said:

    And now we're back to square one, time out issues again FFS...........

    i kinda glad i am taking ab brake from ark as i dont have to deal with this kind of s***. feel srry for those who do have to deal with this. WC probs just sitting on their a**es smokin their pot boi.

    they could not care less bout us

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  11. 13 hours ago, Aschran said:

    I play official and unofficial, and if  the official server I play on is down,  i will not think that WC are terrible or anything,  I mean,  I'm not a dev, I dont know how hard/easy it is to  make this working or if its even  directly their fault.

    I just try to see the points on all sides,  and creating a forum subject named "wildard is a joke"  is certainly not smarter than what you believe they failed.


    Also Its true  that if there is not one in place already,  setting system to  beta test certain updates with the community would certainly benefit WC.

    I presume they test them internally  but that can be limited as we can see.

    well WC had proven time and time again they cant even do their job and find the drugs, we are the ones that find the bugs

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  12. 14 hours ago, GP said:

    You seem to fail to understand the true consequences of a rollback.

    You may have lost stuff whereas other people haven't, but if they do a rollback over several days there is a HIGH chance those players that didn't lose anything could very easily lose their characters if they had been transferring between servers.

    You talk about how is it fair to lose stuff, then answer this, how fair is it for those that didn't lose stuff to then lose stuff for the sake of those losing stuff getting their stuff back?

    Can you understand how complicated this actually is, even though all you see is a simple rollback?

    this would not have happened if WC had done things right from the start.


    2 hours ago, Donk67 said:

    I agree 100%....... I came back after a four month break expecting the game  to have improved... But no! That was nearly six months ago, I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment🤪 


    I just wonder what would change if it did get taken over by a bigger company (putting their stamp on the game) with more capability, hopefully things would improve ten fold!?

    well WC pretty much done that with snail games and see where that got them, they need to sell ark to a good company. 

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  13. On 11/30/2019 at 8:19 PM, pvg103breda said:

    remove ark from the stores or steam

    people should not be able to buy this game. new people got plaggued by cheaters/dupers/meshers. everyone knows, that this game wont be fixed. new people wont stand a chance to play this game. this game is in really bad condition. fix ur game first. wipe servers and ban dupers/meshers/cheaters. after that, make the game available again in stores

    i not sure what u were on when u made this, sure ark has alot of problems. but removing it from stores is dumbest idea ever. everything u have mentioned as previously stated above, can be fixed by playing unofficial. 

  14. 14 minutes ago, OctaviaBlake said:

    everybody is gonna start killing penguins

    i always build a penguin farm, but i stop using it after i get to a point where hard poly is easy.  also in under a week after this launch arks penguins will go extinct, so tame them while u can.

  15. 10 hours ago, yekrucifixion187 said:

    What about the people who didn't lose stuff and paid for this game? How is undoing all they did, and possibly loss of characters due to rollback, fair to them?

    Servers were flawed for 3 to 4 days. I know loss of items and dinos suck and everybody has different time frames they can play but even though I had some issues too, including losing a tek suit crafted ftom bp's, I also noticed my server populations were about the same as any other time so it would be more unfair to punish those who gained much during the event as opposed to trying to compensate the few who lost some through the ticket system. Rollback would add to that ticket queue.

    this makes alot of sense. rolling back the server does not guarantee fixes for those who lost their stuff. the best option would be for admins to help out people by replacing everything that was lost. but alas WC will not do this as it could improve their image. instead they just bribe us into forgetting about it. btw extending the event will not fix at all what you guys done.

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  16. On 12/3/2019 at 12:48 PM, invincibleqc said:


    The point I was trying to make with that analogy is that finding a bug in a massive patch would be like you searching your toothbrush in that mess:


    Much easier to find new bugs caused by an update when your patches are small.


    thing is if WC had worked on bugs instead of trying to divert our attention with new content a mess like that would not have occoured. a mess like that does not just happen, it happens because of a factor. in WC's case it was due to ignorance and incompetence. not incompetence of knowing how to patch the bugs, although honestly that is becoming more and more obvious, no it is their incompetence of addressing the issue. if they had fixed the bugs as they added new content they would not have to be back and try to find the bugs. instead they either released new content to draw our attention away, which did not work as well as they expected, or they tried fixing it the short way which is slapping a bit of ducktape on it and saying job well done. then by piling more and more bugs on that so called "fixed" issue they are making things worse. look i get your a mod so u have to sort of suck up to WC (no offense). but u cant go trying to cover for them when their mistakes is so blatantly obvious that it can be seen from space.

  17. 2 hours ago, Aschran said:

    The thing is  you are not totally right, and not totally wrong,  you bought the game,  and you can use everything the game can offer right now.
    Nothing is  preventing you to play solo or  unofficial or join another available official server,   for exemple.

    You decide to play on an official server that is  not available at the moment.

    Repairing server problems take time, and there can be more or less casualities depending on how the  backups are made, and the origin of the problem,  and as players we can't do anything  to make the process going faster so some people get  impatient and angry.

    Official server are a free service they are providing,  maybe not a part of the game that you buy.

    ---> So be patient guys, yelling at Wildcard in the forum will change nothing.

    well being patient does not do anything either, they still decide to be retards. also i dont play official due to this. on unofficial servers u dont have to worry bout loosing everything because of WC. all this s*** that happens on the official servers during updates is all on WC. if they done their job properly they would not be constantly f***ing up. not only that but they are also so ignorant and rude that they cant even apologies about these kind of things. instead they try to bribe us into forgetting about it, hence the event extension. that wont compensate for the amount of time that was lost. lets put it into an easier perspective. say a country (ARK) has been invaded by terrorists (bugs, glitches etc, etc) the government (WC) decide to nuke the terrorists. they do so and in doing so they have wiped peoples homes (bases, resources, tame and so on ). now instead of doing the right thing and helping rebuild and compensate for THEIR!!!!!!!!!!! actions, they just ignore us and leave us to rebuild months of work. this happens everywhere. people decide to act apon something without considering what will happen and then boom. others have to pay. again, if WC done their job properly this would not happen. before some idiot says (in an innocent voice): there's no way for WC to test these kinds of updates. well guess what, that is where u are wrong. i suggested an idea in another thread to have test servers where WC post updates and fixes to see what happens. players then play on these servers to make sure everything is alright, since WC are so oblivious to realise mistakes they have made. sure this would not solve all the problems, but it would certainly solve alot of them. 

  18. 20 minutes ago, Lycan187u said:

    in my opinion single player is the only thing that you actually purchased?you don't pay for servers on official do you? nothings free you will endure the pain and suffering on official or play single player/unofficial this is the way of the raptor!!

    u also pay to be able to play this game. to be able to play this game whether it is offline or onlline, u have to pay for it. honestly the price of this game is absurd for its quality at its life stage. i am just glad i got a hard-copy version for $20 at the local video-game shop. paying 60-80 dollars for the game alone is not worth it, due to both the state of ark and WC reputation. if i was to buy ark now i would totally say F*** that because of WC. they are the ones responsible for arks current state in terms of bugs and quality, its not like we can remove bugs and glitches ourselves.

  19. 7 hours ago, Demerus said:

    Why are they making these changes and doing these kinds of updates during events?

    Why not compile all these fixes and changes into one big patch and release it before Genesis launch in January?

    Thus allowing more time to test internally.


    WC would never do this as it would be the best option, thus they would ignore it and decide to do the worst option, also an idea i have had for a while is host test servers, servers were u release patches and all that before releasing it to the entire game, players can play on these servers not to progress but to simply test out the patches. now this is what WC should be doing themselves. that way instead of having these uncalled for screw ups WC can do things right.

    6 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

    Because that would be a good and practical idea.

    this made me laugh, its so funny but true.

  20. sadly i dont think i will be able to continue on ark for a while, with family matters, exams and a recent event regarding one of my friends i dont have time anymore to continue with ark. i plan to get back on once genesis comes out and it proves worthy and legit. i will stick to the forums, may jump on ark once or twice in the next few months. hope everyone enjoys there Christmas and new years on ark.

  21. 28 minutes ago, Pipinghot said:

    So, Invincible, you know I'm a fan of yours but I have to strongly disagree with that level of generosity in your thinking. The only reason they get away with so, so, SO many problem during rollouts is that this is a game with retail customers. If they had any customers that were businesses this would never fly, or even commercial productivity software for retail customers. The only reason that game companies get away with their (constantly) shoddy practices is that they are games. In most games it's not terrible, but in a game like this one, where players can lose thousands of hours of work (for a whole tribe) if they can't get into the game and keep things alive, it's nothing less than abusive.

    WC created a game in which their players have to do constant maintenance, and that means there should be a publicly acknowledged burden on WC to be more careful, do better testing, significantly reduce their error rate, especially their critical error rate. In most games you don't lose anything, you just can't log in, but when things go wrong in ARK the results are a catastrophic abuse of peoples' time, WC should be held to a higher standard of dependability and being patient with them is not the right response.

    i second this, being someone who plays online on alot of games this is make 100% sense, ark is one of the very few games where u gotta be constantly online to maintain things. WC cant afford to have screw ups as 90% of the time if effects the players and not them. but they dont give a damn because it not them paying the price, so they can take their sweet ass time,  so while WC are taking their time and not even communicating to us on where the fixes are at, people are losing their sanity worrying on whether their s*** gonna be there. WC decided to make a game like this so now they have to work to the expectations required to run the game. However, WC have gotten their money so they decide to say screw u guys we are gonna do it our way. WC what u dont realise it the way you do things RN is not helping your rep, u expect us to keep buying more of your DLC's like genesis. well people are gonna stop supporting you because u cant support us, and to be able to support us u need to get your act together, pulls your heads out of your ass and reach expectation required to maintain and run ark. 

  22. i hoped on to do some chill breeding, hatched up some rex miuts for my line. nothin too good so jumped off and played some fallout. i did kill some turkeys with a  shoty. they are swarming the ragnarok near viking bay, screw viking bay, i am calling it turkey bay till the event is over. a friend of mines who plays are has been having a hard time recently. being bullied and abused at school aswell as online. he has recently stopped playing ark cause he has gotten sick of being bullied and trolled by people. i gonna invite him to play with me over the weekend. hopefully that will make him feel better. 

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