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  1. i

    3 hours ago, Thyme said:

    Pachy has nothing going for it, I guess an okay starter but a parasaur, iguanadon, or even a damn moschops would be better. Not sure what could fix it.

    Manta is just a dolphin thats harder to tame and likes to beach itself. Removing its ability to leave water and reverting the speed nerf a little would make it better.

    Lymantria is just an awful flyer. Ability to make silk would be okay but now we have gachas for that. Maybe it could help crops grow or help regrow wild vegetation in some way.


    the pachy is a pretty much useless tame, make it about double its size or at least as big as a raptor. give it the ability to destroy stone with a charging head but, give it a stun attack where players and dinos become stunned if hit by a special attack, have the other attach do torpor damage and cripples the opponent. have it take reduced damage to damage sources.


    pteranodons need a serious TLC, make them attack like morrelotops, they will only attack if there is enough of them. they can grab players and tames and fly into the air with them, however only wild ones can do this, depending on the victims weight affects how high it can be carried if able to be carried at all. have them dive into the water for fish like what incthys do.


    spider really needs a TLC as its virtually useless. like i have stated in multiple other thread and like stated above it needs to have a grapple hook ability, zip-line ability and can climb walls and walk on ceilings, have it have an attack like the megalania, it inflicts an illness like poisoning onto the character, the antidote can be made from spider venom. in terms of breeding yes it would be cool to have an egg sac layed on walls, an extra could be the female dies (like real female spiders). have it so the babies can only feed from blood packs.


    have the onic have a sonar ability and the ability to allow players to see in the dark. make it so it can latch to victims and drink their blood to drain their health. have them also hang upside down from ceilings and have a second seat on the front belly. have them be tamed by feeding them blood packs.

    scorpions are honestly only needed for early chitin, make them bigger and give them a claw grab ability, they can grab small animals and sting them repeatedly.


    dilos are nothing but a pain in players buts, make them bigger, in real life they were the size of a grown man or bigger


    carnos look like autistic rexes who have deformed arms (no offense to autistic people out their) they look stupid are act stupider, have them get a ram attack that can stun and to destroy stone structures, also make it look cooler, scarier and less derpy. the carno looked scary in RL.

  2. 1 hour ago, Leebum said:

    I would also like to see proof of it "dying" since there are still thousands of players playing. Last I heard it was 50k per day still


    people most liekly only played it cause they spent f*** tons of money on it and dont want that money to go to waste. also the game is dying, people are constantly complaining. people are reporting bugs and issues that are rarely resolved, the game is flooded with bugs (more bugs than content). second a lot of those people are players with no life and most likely make up the population of trolls, grievers and hackers, compared to other games 50K aint that big. the key to making a game popular and keeping it from dying is

    1. constantly improve or develop it: whether this is removing bugs glitches or hell even players braking rules, it helps the game, community and the developers themselves

    2. respond to your player base, companies like WC need to communicate with their fan base. i know WC is busy, but they obviously have a group of people who monitor the forums (not referring to volunteer mods) as they are the ones who make the patch posts and so on. so why not get these people to communicate with the games player base. inform us on how development is going, show us proof via streams, show us some footage of people working on ark. Dondi (the lea developer of the isle) does all this and more. I could use so many examples of games that do this. bone works, hello neighbor, the isle, all these games devs communicate with their player base on a regular basis, not once a every few months or once a month.

    3. listen to the community, dont just talk to the community and disregard what they have to say, we are the ones paying the money for the game, we are the ones spending the time playing your game, we are the ones that experience it the most. therefore when a large amount of the community asks for something like say a TLC or a game balance, listen. we as a consumer want to see this game improve, the best way to improve the game is to take feed back from the player base. many successful game thrive because they take feed back from the games player base. they then take those ideas and implement them. say your a baker and they ask for a birthday cake, you dont go and bake them a loaf of bread, or make them a giant pie, no you make them a cake, because that is what they want, if you make them a pie they will leave and go to a different bakery. if you understand my metaphor then you get what i am trying to say. yes this game is dying, yes the there is still somewhat a large player base. yes WC are crap at their job. at this point i have kind of given up on ark, and with genesis pn its way it could either redeem WC or put the last nail in their coffin. i highly doubt they will see this post or any other post on the threads

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Homeleshoodie42 said:


    Hey all new to the game... I accidently left my solo tribe... So now I'm locked out of everything am I just sol. Or is there something that can be done?


    if you are on official try askign for help, if its pvp try braking into your base. in the future try and be more carful

  4. have spent the last few days breeding gigas. finally got a female with the 50 muts i wanted and a male with 50 different mutations. after a few hours of hatchign the eggs i finally got one with all 100 muts. then as i move it outside to give it room a freaking megalania came and killed it (it spawned in my freaking base). well back to the drawing board.  

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  5. 9 hours ago, GP said:

    Sounds to me like there's an issue with your game, because if you are getting coal and mistletoe, presumably from Raptorclaus drops, then you should be getting a Chibi from every Raptorclaus drop.

    Gachclaus doesn't guarantee a Chibi, but Raptorlaus does. So if you aren't even getting them from Raptorclaus then there's definitely an issue.

    thx so much @GP. my friend suggested one idea. i have my loot crate quality set to 100. i know that when u increase the drop qaulity some things u find in beacons dont start to turn up. anyway does this affect raptorclaus drops and if so if chibis are considered a low value item in the raptor clause drops the the high crate quality stat might be preventing them.


    ok so i started on this post right after GP replied. but i then went to bed cause i could not keep myself awake, after i woke up i tested my idea and it does not seem to be working. so i am going to report the issue.

  6. can tobtain chibis on ps4

    so i have not been active for a while for personal reasons and i have been playing the Christmas event for the last 4 days now. in that time i have dedicated to trying to get chibis. the first 2 i was madly collecting presents and by the end had about 5 stacks of coal and 8 stacks of mistletoe. i had made a pen and placed 5 gachaclauses between 140-150. i gave them a\the coal and mistletoe toe and left them came back and got a but ton. i had gotten 200 odd crystals and opened them all. nothing. so for the next to days i spawned it in as it took too long to get the chibis and i wanted to check them out. i gave each on as much coal as they could carry, then all the mistletoe they could carry then i tried combos and nothing. so i continued that for 5 hours. i AFKed during that time to let them eat. nothing. by then i was really mad and confused, so i tried spawning them in and nothing. i tried spawning every single one and none worked .i followed the cheats to the letter and still did not work. can someone plz explain to me what is going on, is this a bug or something else. much appreciated. also i know this is late but merry Christmas and a happy new year

  7. On 12/13/2019 at 4:21 AM, Aushegun said:

    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster


    Been trying for Christmas colored Reapers on ABB.  Got a moldy moss colored one, but nothing red or bright green yet.

    Haven't been able to play since yesterday morning, as the patch sent yesterday has killed the cluster servers, and as of an hour ago no one is able to login to the cluster. :(

    wait, is Christmas event active?

  8. 43 minutes ago, Demerus said:

    They know that they don't know what they are doing.

    That should count for something.

    yeah it shows they know they are bad, yet still continue to develope ark, seriosly WC. sell ark to a better company.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Rumackay said:

    I remember my first two weeks in ark and it didn't involve ascendant gear, raising Theris, Ice Queen adventures and losing wyverns...

    same, i started playing way back when ark was young, honeslty back then its bugs were not as game braking and the bugs were not everywhere u went. still. i enjoy playing ark.

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  10. 55 minutes ago, Geo129 said:

    @Kodking194 thanks for those links I will use them very well and I will subscribe to them as well


    NP. syntac would probably be more for once u wanna learn the more advanced stuff like reaper tmaing or titan fights. phlinger is more your current style. nooblets i think is also a good one. i dont personally watch his vids alot but i heard good things about him.

  11. On 12/7/2019 at 12:04 PM, Geo129 said:

    New to site

    Hey I don’t know much about this game but I would love to learn 

    search up ark play-throughs some that helped me not only learn but improve. and are also entertaining to watch

    .phlinger  phoo

    . syntac

    and for pvp

    .getjacked, i think i spelt that right


    syntac does more casual game play. but phlinger does series that thoroughly explain and highlight how tos and what to do. he also shows great spawn locations and where to and not to go. 

  12. 20 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

    The game can be hell during the early stages. I recommend you do a note run and get some levels to bump up your stats and unlock engrams for better equipment. Set up a small stone base near some metal spawns and start smelting ingots, use wood for the fuel and craft as much sparkpowder as you can. Learn a gun engram and start crafting bullets, a sword is always a handy backup weapon to have as well. Craft narcotics as you go and learn to make a longneck and tranq darts as soon as you can, life will then start to get easier.

    i go with pike as it can has better knockback, damage and attack range


    On 12/6/2019 at 12:37 PM, Tigressized said:

    *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start?

    -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home

    -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino

    -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by

    -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno

    -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!”

    -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night

    In the end I just went to Ragnarok

    i lived by stone henge for a while. u get a sarco or two. if u build right u can hide away from them. just gotta keep tryin

  13. friend of mines lost all if his. he runs a breeding shop on an official val server, lost his entire base and tames, a tribe payed him in poly and metal  10K each to breed a rex army that defeat all the bosses (including titans). he now owes them that. they lost nothin and a threatening to imprison him. he has a week to grind back for the stuff, he asked if i could ehlp him out and i said i would consider it. this has got to be one of the biggest screw ups so far that WC has done.

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  14. 3 hours ago, IrishReptile said:

    the turkey trail event is over, but the turkeys are still here; why?  when will the super turkeys be gone period off the game? im tired of losing all of my dino's.... im sick of the Turkey's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they extended the event to "make up for the disaster during a patch" also if your tames are dying from them then they must be on aggressive as turkeys are passive. so its kind of your own fault.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Aylana314159 said:

    What unkillable beast are you even talking about?

    the unkillable beast know as stupidity of WC


    29 minutes ago, Expendable143 said:

    Will this ever end?

    I have been a survivor for about 5 years now and never have I come across a foe that has killed more of my animals than In this past  year. That unkillable beast is the elusive working update.

    Just this week alone, I have lost 2 amazing argys. And 2 really good gigas. I love ark. It is by far one of my favorite games ever. But the last few months have been almost unbearable because of an enemy that can not be defeated. It creeps up behind all of us and can either be an itch between the shoulder blades, or something much worse. 

    To the wildcard team: please learn the phrase, if it isn't broken, dont fix it. We appreciate the effort. But you are the boss fight that nobody can win.

    also aslong as WC is in power of ark, it will never end. a different power needs to strike them down to show them the error of their ways.

  16. 38 minutes ago, Donk67 said:

    And now we're back to square one, time out issues again FFS...........

    i kinda glad i am taking ab brake from ark as i dont have to deal with this kind of s***. feel srry for those who do have to deal with this. WC probs just sitting on their a**es smokin their pot boi.

    they could not care less bout us

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  17. 13 hours ago, Aschran said:

    I play official and unofficial, and if  the official server I play on is down,  i will not think that WC are terrible or anything,  I mean,  I'm not a dev, I dont know how hard/easy it is to  make this working or if its even  directly their fault.

    I just try to see the points on all sides,  and creating a forum subject named "wildard is a joke"  is certainly not smarter than what you believe they failed.


    Also Its true  that if there is not one in place already,  setting system to  beta test certain updates with the community would certainly benefit WC.

    I presume they test them internally  but that can be limited as we can see.

    well WC had proven time and time again they cant even do their job and find the drugs, we are the ones that find the bugs

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  18. 14 hours ago, GP said:

    You seem to fail to understand the true consequences of a rollback.

    You may have lost stuff whereas other people haven't, but if they do a rollback over several days there is a HIGH chance those players that didn't lose anything could very easily lose their characters if they had been transferring between servers.

    You talk about how is it fair to lose stuff, then answer this, how fair is it for those that didn't lose stuff to then lose stuff for the sake of those losing stuff getting their stuff back?

    Can you understand how complicated this actually is, even though all you see is a simple rollback?

    this would not have happened if WC had done things right from the start.


    2 hours ago, Donk67 said:

    I agree 100%....... I came back after a four month break expecting the game  to have improved... But no! That was nearly six months ago, I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment🤪 


    I just wonder what would change if it did get taken over by a bigger company (putting their stamp on the game) with more capability, hopefully things would improve ten fold!?

    well WC pretty much done that with snail games and see where that got them, they need to sell ark to a good company. 

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