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  1. i suggest playing on singal player or unnofficial servers. they the best place to learn the ropes. the tips i about to give ay helps on both. some more suited to one side than the other . possibly boost the settings in main menu a bit, i done this so i could quickly learnt he ropes and it would not take as much time. here is a small list of what i changed first off XP: 3-5.0 taming: 3-5.0 harvesting: 3-5.0 food drain: 0.5 water drain: 0.5 for stats its up to you on what they should be player stats health: 2.0 stamina: 2.0 weight: 5.0 melee: 2.0 speed: 5.0 if this is too hard search up videos on changing the settings . play on either the island, ragnarok or valguero, thes emaps are the best and easiest to play. . dont be afraid to die, ark is the game where everyone will dies at some point (even the long term pros) .that being said once u have a good base and possibly a tame and so e decent stuff try not to lead anything near the base, if somehting destroys your base it sets u back alot . anything that seems to be attacking something else should be left alone . make a bow with atleast 50 arrows, bows are esential ragned wepaons when beginning . kill anything small, killing anyhting small helps. it gives meat and hide aswell as xp . always have cooked meat on you, cooked meat can be a life saver, it can replenish food and health .have a second of everything, make sure to carry a second pick, hatchet and bow aswell as armour. if you are out and your pic brakes and u cant get or dont have the resources to repair it u got a nother to use, this can also allow u to repair the broken one . repair tools when u have the chance, the worst thing ever is for both your bows to be on low durability, one brakes, u change to the other and the other brakes, this can lead to u dying, to prevent this make sure to repair you tools and armour when ever possible. . first tame, for a started the easiest thing to tame would be a parasuar, they are reasonable mounts, able to harvest narcoberries, can be used as mobile and automatic sonar and can move fairly quick and carry abit. they can also act as a sacrifice if needed. taming one is simple. have at least 5 bolas and two slingshots and clubs. bola one and knock it out. feed it mejo berries. if its torpor bar gets low feed it narcoberries. once tamed make a saddle and mount it. . narcotics, use your parasuar to collect narcotics. now u should split have of your meat supply and cook the other half. also forgot to mention picks get more flint, meat and thatch, axes get more wood, hide and stone. .tame a trike, trikes are one of the best early mounts. make sure u have around 50 tranq arrows and 50 narcotics, get up somewhere high where the trike cant get you. shoot the trike and knock it out. trikes are great tanks and can hit real hard. they also gather berries really well. . buildign a real base, upgrade your base to wood and work on making a forge and smithy, this will allow u to progress to metal tools and better gear. also if possible place spike walls around your base, make sure u have quite abit of room to place your tames inside, make a dino gate as it allows u to have an entrance yet block it off hope these help you out, i would love to give some more tips if needed @Tigressized.
  2. may be the ghosts the people u killed, ( if you play pvp)
  3. love the look of it. i also tamed another 150 with a white stripe. i wanna breed the white stripe into the red body. then call it lycarnroc midnight form.
  4. continued breeding my wolves today. so far i have a these mutations that i like red body with a health mutation cyan stripe with stam mutation red feet with melee mutation red stripe with stam mutation cyan body with melee mutation bright green with weight mut blue body with melee mut orange stripe with weight mut so far i have combined to make this wolf
  5. ark 2 is a terrible idea. it is just another oportunity to fail. plus people ahve already spent soooo much money on ark. do u think people would buy ark 2. with wc reputation of being lazy and ignorant with regular ark what makes u think ark 2 will be better. it would take less time to fix the ark we have now. making ark 2 would be way more time consuming and harder.
  6. people dont like it, ark is becoming like fortnite. WC like epic keeps forking out more payed content. those who have already bought the game and all the dlc's see the new content and buy it. people will keep buying the content because its the only thing that adds more gameplay and objectives to do. they dont want to leave ark cause they have already spent soo much money on ark already. it is like an addiction. if they left ark they would be leaving all that "wasted money" and since you cant get a refund the money is just there. so to make ark worth while they keep buying the content to give them a reason to play the game. this exact same thing happens in fortnite and other games aswell. like many people have stated in thwe past on many many different threads. ark must be fixed and ridden of its bugs and glitches. then they can add more content.
  7. i love the look of genesis and i really want it. but if genisis is anything like extinction when it came out (it will be) then honestly i wont be buying it till it is improved and their are few bugs. also ark is the only officialy released game that is as buggy as it is, so it is obviouse WC are lazy and are doing the wrong things. also i theorize genisis will be a hell storm of bugs. i mean we can tell it is the biggest project ever. since wc have proven they cant even handle delaing with bugs it kinda makes it obviouse genisis will not be made to its full potential
  8. i still got mines. though i have not updated it and i dont plan to until somehting worthy comes out. till then i sadly cant play online with my friends. hope u guys get your emotes back.
  9. @Kaprosuchus i know they have seperate groups for certain things. but it the creative developers keep adding more and more content with bugs to the already mountainous pile it makes it harder for the group that deals with the bugs to fix the bugs. with genisis coming and the looks of how much crap it will have in it i guarantee the bug count will double in size. so when genisis does come out it sort will be like a death sentence for the coding team that has to fix the bugs.
  10. i suggest taking your tames u wnt to keep and unclaim them, then quickly leave the tribe and claim them. or depending on who the leader is you can kick them. i know i hard but it has to be done.
  11. did not do much, i have bben busy making a music video in ark for media arts subject. it pretty good so far. i wanted to do something like what syntac is doing on his latest patreon server. the server is a medieval like server where dinos are not tamable but mammals are. anyway me and riley joined the server over at his on hos 2 new gaming PCs. we started off pretty well. i wanted to do somehting like that on my singal player PS4 world so i made it so i cant tame any dinos. so i spent 3 hours yesterday collecting enough narco berries to make 100 tranq arrows and 100 narcs to feed tames. i them made metal tools and flak armour and journeyed up to the snow above viking bay. i builf a 1x2 stone hut and placed a bed inside. made a 3x3 pen with a dino gate. placed railing on the stai ramp and the top of the pen to make the ramp more effective. i am out looking for wolves to tame and i spot a pack of 5 dwolves. i spyglass them. a 150, 135, 140, 120 and 145. so i lure them in one by one. took 20ish arrwos for 150 to go down. i killed a sheep near the castle and fed it. an hour i have 4 wolves fully tamed. i travel back down and find a nice orange and black rex. it is also a lvl 145. i am soo sad as i cant tame it. i miserably make my way back down to base. i paired them as they all had a desired stats. the health and melee were breeding and the stam and weight were breeding. once each one had apup that was of oposite gender i bred them. got twins on the first go with the good stats and they were male and female. so i build a wood pen and left them breed while i watch some netflix and youtube. been watching a show called the 100 lately. 100 teenagers are sent down from a space station to see if earth is hospitible after a nuclear war. the animals are all mutated. i like those kind of series where earth is apocalyptic. i return and find the pen flooded with pups. so i kill the ones that dont have mutations and i have 10ish left. i got red body and red socks. both were health mutations. combined the muts and imprinted the pup to 100%. my wolf dose alot. i am deciding on whether to use thylas or wolves as my main travel mount. wolves for their general usefulness, although thylas are more traverse-able and can climb. i called the wolf Red Dog after a famouse aussie dog. i plan to expand the base tomorrow. i cal tell ya now. till i get a beaver or a horse collecting berries will be a pain.
  12. @jamescoolcrafter15 is still a of the team, he just does not have a roll rn. TSW is nearing release.
  13. what is i will put the money towartds the game whether that be its developers or somehting else. over my own greed. i because unless you improve the game consistently or develope it to a point where it no long requires to be developed you wont get money out of the game. and this is what is happening to ark. this also why i wont be getting genisis till i can be gaurenteed it wont be bug infested. while i really want to get it i am not spending any more cash on ark till i see detrimental improvments on it in areas where it is needed.
  14. so i was talking my friends place and he got not 1 but 2 new gaming PC's. one for him and one for his little bro. so he downloaded ark on both of them and i told him bout how syntac has a new patreon server. he was flippin out bout it so he said as soon as we finish school this afternoon we will play on it. we are both patreons and are at the rank to access the server. anyway the server is like a medieval server were dinos are not tamable. the server also has castles and keeps, NPC and a few other mods that syntac never plays without like S+. i watched most of his vids and we figured we will go viking bay as the north east end is being swarmed with players including sir syntac himself. i lookin ford to playing a style were it is no dino tames. i wanna go straight for horses then wolves. i feel like wovles and thylas will be a common travel tame. also since u cant tame dinos kibble will be impossible to get as you can farm the eggs. we already know where we gonna build. sadl yit also were syntac and his tribe wanna build. its the flat area near castle. since we will be spawning in viking bay we should get there first. imagine if we go up against syntac himself
  15. well said. i plan to develope videogames when i am older. my first priority will be the wellfar eof the game and its community, then money will come after. basicly i will care more about the game than money itself. and it that means hiring more people to improve the game so be it. u r exactly right. there are sooo many modders that honestly if they formed together and worked well could take over ark and run develop it themselves. if WC asked for their help they could not only fix bugs. but also accomplish things WC could not do.
  16. honestly i dont seem to be finding many colours on creatures. aside form pteras for some reason. also when i do find halloween colours they seem to not be very solid colours. they seem faded. the event dinos dont seem as common as usual event colours. in the other events they were everyhwere. i liked that as it gave ark sooo much more colour. anyway i managed to tame a 150 saber. dont have a screen shot of it but it was fully orange. called it JackoCat. it also had better health and melee compared to the ones i have now.my younger brother on the other hand found 7 120+ rexes on val. all in the same area. 3 were event coloured. again not very solid colours. aside form one which had colours making it look like rexy from the jurrasic park franchise. he plans to tame them this afternoon. cant wait to see how he goes. he is noob when it comes to ark so i am gonna secretly record it and if something funny happens i will post it on here.
  17. yes but adding new content while fixing content can just lead to more bugs. they should fix at least 80% of bugs, then they can add new content
  18. ok thx for the salmon thing. i looked at theire wiki and dossier. it says nothin bout oxygen in it. anyway i feel your frustration. after while i gave up on beacon hunting. if i saw one that was above ground i would grab it. i used to use ghost in singal player but that was too annoying.
  19. another bug that is just so freakin irritating it honestly has to be the worst bug for me. when ever using a ranged weapon from the slingshot to a sniper. is the bug where it hits yet does not actually do damage. that bug has screwed me over soooo many times. especially in pvp as it give away the fact they are being shot and they can run inside. it also screws up taming. the amount of time i have wasted tranq arrow starting off trying to knock out a trike or parasaur cause half the arrows wont register. it wastes ammo, time and resources.
  20. yes but i preffer to keep hatcheries on ground level as eggs tend to fall through the ceilings as they hatch and then they wnoder off. i tend to build near cliffs. just a pvp reflex. u know build near a cliff for protection to one side. anyway there are alot of breeding bugs.
  21. honeslty they could have saved their asses if maybe near the end of the year they done a big bug fix update. there were sooooo many ways to avoid what has happened. but nope, they had to be ignorant and stupid.
  22. yeah i have only been playing on island lately to beat dodorex. in the last event alpahs always spwned as skeletons so it confuses me when i see regular alphas. anyway i have not seen one skele dino. also i suggest to wc to make event colours muc more solid and better. really hard to even tell them form regular colours sometimes. i spawned int eh dodo rex and killed it with a giga on god mode. when it died the dodorex did not give me much. aside form a dermis when hit with dermis tool. also kinda sad ab and ext did not get anything.
  23. have not been playing for a while, sorta lost interest. the halloween clours seem to be very vauge, not very soldid colours. aside form a few pteras i tamed near redwoods. also cant seem to find skele dinos. have spotted 3 alpha raptors but they ar enot skele ones. if i am correcvt all alphas like carnos, rexes and raptors should be skelton when fear evolved is active. anyway i am not gonna update ark till something good happens or till the christmas event appears. i wanna savour the fear event and to do that i gonna not update ark for a while. i also have had alot of assingments and my new job to keep me busy.
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