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  1. new missions are awesome so far 90% of what i have seen on the forums about genesis is complaining. well i for one an quite surprised at how good it is. after the extinction debacle i did not have high hopes for genesis. somehow it convinced me to buy it. this thread is one of the few times i will congratulate WC on a released product. i wanted to talk about the missions in this thread as they are amazing. it gave me something to do aswell as a reason to do it by gaining hexagons, which can be used to progress futher. i by far love dodo ballt he most so far (i have not tried them all) . however they are not perfect. there are quite a few problems with them. 1. players and creatures can intervene, when we played dodo ball we could not all play at once as we were canstantly attacked, so 1-2 people would sit out and gaurd us while the others played. when solo its even worse as you have to stop in the middle and risk your score. plz make some kind of border that keeps out non participating creatures and players. some of the race courses are not thought out well, stuff like rocks, trees and creatures get in the way and can make it impossible to complete the race. dont get me wrong i like a challenge but this was just down right annoying. also player collision is very annoying. when versing friends on a rhino race we were constantly being rammed into when using speed boosts. other than that its amazing. please leave your comments on what you guys think, plz dont be a joy killer by trolling, over complaining and downsizing others. that is not what this thread is for. i get if people dont like the missions, but dont go over complaining.
  2. well i have been reading threads with people complaining about how its too weak compared to how hard it is too tame. they are still hard to tame as i tamed one only a few hours ago. just give them a slight stat increase or some kind of armour.
  3. one thing i think they should add into genesis is summoning the three bosses. broodmother, dragon and monkey. there are biomes that suite them well. monkey-snow, broodmother-bog, dragon-volcanic. this would allow for tek engrams to be unlocked. rn i dont want to transfer anything as it does not make sense to me, lore wise we are in a simulation meaning nothing should be allowed to be transferred in or out, hence why the bosses are placed in there. unlike summoning, you could find them located in certain area in the biomes. like of val. this would give genesis more flare and encourage people to stay on the map. my friends gen server is not as popular mainly because of the fact that you cant unlock tek engrams on it. anyway i like the idea of shard farming and hexagon colelcting.
  4. X creatures have increased melee and decreased HP, wild ones have more resistance making them a real threat, they are not reskins. i know alot of adults on here who "This is what I want, this is when I want it, you're going to give it to me now, etc." infact adults tend to be more entitled sometimes as they complain about there money and other stupid stuff. get over yourself man.
  5. first off, the map is not too restrictive. yes it restricts building, but this is to prevent trolls and grievers. i like the idea of divided biomes, its a simulation . i have had no problem using HLN-A, so you must be doing something wrong. i am neutral on fliers as it has its advantages and disadvantages, however they have countered this with blood stalkers and feroxes. the tek suit was disabled to again prevent game braking. honestly i think flying all together is disabled on genesis. get over it, it adds a challenge, if you dont like it enable flying if you are playing single player.this DLC is supposed to be a challenge for verteran players, so dont be surprised if you are killed multiple times, hell i have seen veteran youtubers die alot in vids, i am going to also assume you are somewhat new or a noob. none of the biomes are safe. i cant comment on the running quality as i have not experienced it on PS4 only PC and Xbox. "What i have read from other peoples comments on them i don't even know if i want to." the missions are awesome. they are so much fun. ark is a hard enough game as is. genesis is a whole new level of hard. my advice, get gud then play genesis. or keep playin till you get it right.
  6. (not a rant or complain) how to improve the blood stalker ok so over the weekend i went to my friends place and we played genesis. after spending 6 hours of blood harvesting us and 4 other players set out to find high lvls, i was riding on my raptor (the only tame we had at the time) and the rest were walking close by. riley (my friend) and i found a 145 and 150 chillin. i dismounted and walked up to mines, however my 150 latched onto my raptor and killed it. it then attatched onto me. we both had 1000 blood packs each, the tame rates were 5x taming, 2x consumption. however mines gained more per feed. i looked up and feeding it tames increaes its tame speed .i finished way earlier than riley who was only half way done. his needed more, so i had to give him my left overs, we were there for about 2 hours (give or take) taming that one stalker. we managed to get 2 more, then we decided to just breed them. here is where the problem came, we could not fit them into out tree base. so we bred them outside. when the egg was slayed we could not move it. so we had to set everything up where it was. we managed to all get bred out stalkers with the best stats. mines was 100% imprinted and the best overall. when we went out we were almost killed by a spino. now i dont mind how long it took to tame, as it was a fun and new way. what i did not like was show long it took to get the blood to do so. then to almost loose one with really good stats to a low level spino. these things are extremely fragile and have very little damage output. i am not complaining but only stating the truth. for something that overall took 6-8 hours to get (prep included) this thing certainly does not uphold expectations. these things are bad ass, really useful in term of traveling and taming. however its stats are just not up to date with how long and how hard it is to get the resources to tame this creature, i propose a few things to make thing somewhat balanced. keep in mind all of these things need to be added but maybe one or two. .increase the blood stalkers health and melee .add some kind of saddle or armour .make it require less blood to tame . have the cool down be like 5-10 seconds, or no cool down at all .have a better way to collect blood, maybe a better tool or the ability to collect blood from tames .make leech blood a kibble for the blood stalker these ideas will in someway improve the bloodstalker. honestly the leech blood kibble and increased stats are my favorite ones. anyway again this is not a complaining rant but rather a way to improve them.
  7. people use fliers as a way to make things easier. the majority of people who do use fliers for tasks like navigation, transport and other tasks most likely dont want to have to deal with that task. these are people who would rather spend time doing something else, and that is fine. you want a challenge, good for you, you do that, dont use fliers. i like to use fliers as it makes my tasks easier. i need to do another metal run, ok i will take my trusty argent and anky out to the volcanoe. i can then complete that task much quicker giving me time to do something i planned to do but could not do till i had done my metal runs. like upgrade the base to metal. i also have more time to do something like breeding which takes much time. time i cant waste on traversing land with my raptor. however i also like to play without fliers when i want a challenge. i play both ways. this has given me insight into both sides. yes using fliers removes tasks YOU would find entertaining. but what about those who dont want to have to spend twice as long on a metal run by ground than if you were to fly there. i can tell you are more of a challenges person, and that's great. but it does not mean your way is the right way. that brings me to my second point. using fliers is not broken. it gives the game a new perspective. it allows you to see thing you would normally never see. i think you will find a lot of people do use land mounts. as you stated, a galli would be a good travel mount. however a gali cant hold itself in a fight. the the 10-15 creatures you are reffering to would be: thla, rex, raptor, saber, wolf, bear, megatherium, deinonychus, rockdrake, reaper, giga, managarmer, equis and velanosaur. all these creatures can hold themselves in a fight. which is essnetial in ark as when traveling combat is a real risk. meaning a galli wont exactly be the best mount use when traveling ark. i rarely see veterans using galli's as they pose no purpose. along with a lot of other creatures. this is because they are out done. they way you are enforcing the idea of of no fliers is like imperialism. you are forcing others to admit and agree with you that fliers should not be allowed. like with many other creatures flier are preferred by some players, and disliked by others. personally i am questioning the idea of no fliers on genesis as i was excited to view the astounding landscape form above. also please answer me this. do you play on PvP or PvE. as this will further support my first claim.
  8. guys, its freakin Rockwell. the ugly son of a b*tch is back. cant wait to beat his ass again. I coming for you rocky. also guys, HL-NA is Australian, love her accent.
  9. I have heard of it and know a bit about it, could you enlighten me on what it does and how it works? so I logged on and grinded some structures for a bit. after that I decided It was time I got a flier. I scouted out 10 argent candidates. tamed all 10 and took them back. I then moved to the flat area near the caste just above the dams (I love building there). I made my new base and set everything up just fine. I built a few different taming pens and then went out for some tames. honestly anything that would be useful. I found a 145 anky, a high lvl pack of hyeanadons. now since I don't have the maps installed yet on my new xbox I decided to spawn in some creatures not on rag that I wanted. I came up with a great idea earlier. I tamed all those high lvl argents because to get and owl I have to sacrifice an argent. the level it as when wild is the level I make the owl. I spawned one in and killed my argent. tamed the owl up and repeated the same thing 5 times. I now had a fertilizing source. I tamed some beetles and a phiomia. made a farm and left it to grow. I looked around at what I had accomplished and though I had done a job well done. I logged off to wait for genesis to launch. so freakin hyped.
  10. @Ab0nos i have 2 questions 1. are you Australian? 2. secondly is the servers location Australia if this server is Australian i will have more of a reason to speed up the building of my gaming PC
  11. trike for defense and berry gather, parasuar for detecting enemies and raptor for travel and meat gathering. once possible tame a pteranodon for flight. if possible tame some dilos for extra defense, honestly i am surprised you are lvl 30 with no tames. anyway hope this helps @Srix
  12. so logged on and decided i was gonna tame some utility tames, recently i seem to prefer mammoths over beavers when it comes to wood gatherer, mainly cause mammoths can hold their ass in a fight, anyway i found a nice 130 mammoth in the snow and decided it shall be mines. 20 mins later i have my mammoth surrounded by spike while beating the crap out of every wolf who so much as looks my way. i managed to build a stone 3x3 pen and trap a pack of high lvl wolves in it. i had some mutton on my raptor so i fed them 3-5 each depending on lvl. i now had 5 high lvl wolves and a sweet mammoth. i checked the wolves stats and named the best ones after their stats. as i make my trek down i spot a yuty and 3 carnos. not wanting to risk my new tames i whistle my two dud wolves onto them as a diversion, the rest of us quickly leg it. just as we jumped off a cliff. both of the wolves die. sad about loosing two of my wolves i trek on wards. finally got home and saddled up the mammoth. i decided while i go find an anky or deodic i might aswell breed the wolves. well i screwed up. the two dud wolves were male, my remaining ones are females. so now extremely pissed i decide to go back and find a good male. found 4 candidates. 120, 150, 145, 135, 130. tamed all 5 up and brought them back. so one had a better melee and one had better health, so i swapped them out and started breeding, while the rest sat around never to be used. i head out on one of the second best overall wolf to find a deodic. well it did not take long to find one, 5 minutes into tranqing it a freakin rex appears out of nowhere. i ran off to a safe spot and checked its level, a f***ing 150 male rex. so now i had to choose between the two, screw it the doedic can die, i will tame that rex. so i leave to go find another doedic. i found a 100 (it will do) tamed it up and made my way back, i came back to see the rex being ganged on by 3 sabers, a flock or vultures and and 4 argents, i whistle stop and charge in on my wolf, primitive shotgun in hand, i managed to kill the argents and sabers allowing the rex to heal up. it was too risky and hard to aim at the vultures with my shoty so i used a rifle. he was enarly dead but the rex won. as i started to leave he turns to me and charges full bore at me, after i saved him from near death multiple times he wants to kill me. i ran away and forgot the deodic. after going back and getting the doedic i decided that was enough for today
  13. so i recently got an xbox and my friend gave me his hard copy version of ark and also gave me a gift card with enough money to get all the DLC's (including gen). spawned near blue ob on rag, harvested the boxes, collected what metal nodes were there and made my way to viking bay. i get to the cool rock formation near blue ob and lo and behold in my way is a freakin alpha raptor and its goons. i say screw that and swim past them via the ocean (yes i am that lazy) . managed to get to viking bay to find 3 megalos, leveled 150, 135 and 120. they are of course scattered. so i make a house on the rock formation and build a somewhat defensive barrier, consisting of 10 high lvl dilos and a few spiked walls. i tamed two parasuar for warning systems, i grinded for some narcos and knocked out a 150 trike. few it up and used it to make 500 narcos. after about an two hours of all this i figure i am ready for anything. i managed to get some crystal and also get some obsidian from the beach on the other side of the bay. made a spyglass and magnifying glass. i wanted a fast, preferably carnivous travel mount, luckily i knew where to find what i wanted. i went back to the raptors and socuted out. i swear i was in the the ark gods above good graces. 150, 150 and 145 raptors, as well as a lvl 100 alpha raptor, aside form the alpha i had my hunting pack. after painful hour of trying to separate the alpha from the other three i managed to get the alpha stuck in the water streams, i built a 2x2 stone trap. it took a few deaths but i got all 3 stuck in the pen. i knocked them out and went to look for a sheep. came back with mutton and feed them up. i now had 3 raptors ready to tear anything apart. i decided i dont trust myself with these amazing tames so i bred them out and go the best stats into a pair i can breed later. they were locked in a stone room where nothing can get them. luckily i did as after 3-4 hours of day night came and well those megalos were not happy with their new neighbor, it did not take long for them to find me and want me gone. my dilos were set to turret mode and had been pumped into health and a lot of melee. well that done nothing as they chomper their way through. they somehow made their way up to my house, i had made the foundations and walls out of stone so they could not get in, i waited till day for them to sleep, i then built a 5x5 stone pen and led them down into the pen. so i rebuild everything i lost and i retamed a few dilos. all in all i think this was a productive day
  14. i the pachy is a pretty much useless tame, make it about double its size or at least as big as a raptor. give it the ability to destroy stone with a charging head but, give it a stun attack where players and dinos become stunned if hit by a special attack, have the other attach do torpor damage and cripples the opponent. have it take reduced damage to damage sources. pteranodons need a serious TLC, make them attack like morrelotops, they will only attack if there is enough of them. they can grab players and tames and fly into the air with them, however only wild ones can do this, depending on the victims weight affects how high it can be carried if able to be carried at all. have them dive into the water for fish like what incthys do. spider really needs a TLC as its virtually useless. like i have stated in multiple other thread and like stated above it needs to have a grapple hook ability, zip-line ability and can climb walls and walk on ceilings, have it have an attack like the megalania, it inflicts an illness like poisoning onto the character, the antidote can be made from spider venom. in terms of breeding yes it would be cool to have an egg sac layed on walls, an extra could be the female dies (like real female spiders). have it so the babies can only feed from blood packs. have the onic have a sonar ability and the ability to allow players to see in the dark. make it so it can latch to victims and drink their blood to drain their health. have them also hang upside down from ceilings and have a second seat on the front belly. have them be tamed by feeding them blood packs. scorpions are honestly only needed for early chitin, make them bigger and give them a claw grab ability, they can grab small animals and sting them repeatedly. dilos are nothing but a pain in players buts, make them bigger, in real life they were the size of a grown man or bigger carnos look like autistic rexes who have deformed arms (no offense to autistic people out their) they look stupid are act stupider, have them get a ram attack that can stun and to destroy stone structures, also make it look cooler, scarier and less derpy. the carno looked scary in RL.
  15. people most liekly only played it cause they spent f*** tons of money on it and dont want that money to go to waste. also the game is dying, people are constantly complaining. people are reporting bugs and issues that are rarely resolved, the game is flooded with bugs (more bugs than content). second a lot of those people are players with no life and most likely make up the population of trolls, grievers and hackers, compared to other games 50K aint that big. the key to making a game popular and keeping it from dying is 1. constantly improve or develop it: whether this is removing bugs glitches or hell even players braking rules, it helps the game, community and the developers themselves 2. respond to your player base, companies like WC need to communicate with their fan base. i know WC is busy, but they obviously have a group of people who monitor the forums (not referring to volunteer mods) as they are the ones who make the patch posts and so on. so why not get these people to communicate with the games player base. inform us on how development is going, show us proof via streams, show us some footage of people working on ark. Dondi (the lea developer of the isle) does all this and more. I could use so many examples of games that do this. bone works, hello neighbor, the isle, all these games devs communicate with their player base on a regular basis, not once a every few months or once a month. 3. listen to the community, dont just talk to the community and disregard what they have to say, we are the ones paying the money for the game, we are the ones spending the time playing your game, we are the ones that experience it the most. therefore when a large amount of the community asks for something like say a TLC or a game balance, listen. we as a consumer want to see this game improve, the best way to improve the game is to take feed back from the player base. many successful game thrive because they take feed back from the games player base. they then take those ideas and implement them. say your a baker and they ask for a birthday cake, you dont go and bake them a loaf of bread, or make them a giant pie, no you make them a cake, because that is what they want, if you make them a pie they will leave and go to a different bakery. if you understand my metaphor then you get what i am trying to say. yes this game is dying, yes the there is still somewhat a large player base. yes WC are crap at their job. at this point i have kind of given up on ark, and with genesis pn its way it could either redeem WC or put the last nail in their coffin. i highly doubt they will see this post or any other post on the threads
  16. if you are on official try askign for help, if its pvp try braking into your base. in the future try and be more carful
  17. i cant wait for this to come out, even though i wont be getting it till i know its worth it. cant wait to watch the breakthroughs
  18. i'm not the kind of guy to take a brake because ark tried to whack be in the balls, i kept breeding and eventually got what i wanted.
  19. have spent the last few days breeding gigas. finally got a female with the 50 muts i wanted and a male with 50 different mutations. after a few hours of hatchign the eggs i finally got one with all 100 muts. then as i move it outside to give it room a freaking megalania came and killed it (it spawned in my freaking base). well back to the drawing board.
  20. hey @GP i sent a ticket, do i get notified when they reply.
  21. also @GP i have never reported a glitch before and am not familiar of the process. thx again
  22. thx so much @GP. my friend suggested one idea. i have my loot crate quality set to 100. i know that when u increase the drop qaulity some things u find in beacons dont start to turn up. anyway does this affect raptorclaus drops and if so if chibis are considered a low value item in the raptor clause drops the the high crate quality stat might be preventing them. ok so i started on this post right after GP replied. but i then went to bed cause i could not keep myself awake, after i woke up i tested my idea and it does not seem to be working. so i am going to report the issue.
  23. srry for the typo in the title, i talking on a small mobile screen.
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