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  1. u dont know my age alright then, how old am i?
  2. its still a highly advised rule that keeps people safe, which honestly should be a law
  3. being someone who abides by the internets laws, i refuse to tell you. all i will say is i am over 10 but under 40
  4. also playing video games is not wasting time, there are people who make a living off of gaming. also u are litteraly saying u waste time, so u are saying YOU are wasting your time. i think i speak for alot of people when i say gaming is not just our sole activities. i spend 3-4 hours a day working on the family farm, i also studt for school and hang out with friends. yes gaming is a big hobby of mines that i cherish, but it is not my entire life. its also not a waste of time as gaming has taught me alot of things and even helped improve certain aspects. for instance ever since i started playing games where u must have fast reflexes and reaction skills i have improved in my kick boxing skills as i can react faster. since u are saying gaming is wasted time u must be saying your time is wasted which would mean u spend most if not all your time gaming, that is wasted time.
  5. i agree with this 110 percent. have u actually tried to get enough bones for all the emotes for multiple characters. its would honestly take most of your time. some people love emotes (like me) and think they are great. now there are many problems with having the emotes set only for characters is that say u play on a server and it is taken down or what ever. u just lost possibly hours of grinding for the emotes. now its possible for people to have to migrate form one server to another for legit reason, like trolls, grievers, servers being close and so on. now if u leave a server after the event is over, u cant get them back unless lucky enough the event is still on on that server. point is that time is lost. we are not entitled, we are only thinking smart. something WC cant seem to do or wont do.
  6. where exactly did u get that idea from, i have heard of servers that freaking charge u $3 to play on their servers for a day. if u dont pay up after a week u get kicked and your stuff is auctioned to other tribes. i not too fond of this idea but hey, if its legal its legal. at least u have a choice, imagine if all servers were pay to play.
  7. try taming some barys, they small, tanky and pack a punch. also fairly easy to kill as all u have to do is kill some salmon and sickle them to get the prime fish meat, then knock one or a few out and tame them. have not been doin much lately. sorta forgotten what i have been posting about. with riley unable to play i have lost the will to play. been focusing on the new pokemon shield game. recently found a shiny colossal in a raid. anyway i have been curiously searching for mods that add pokemon to ark, preferably galar pokemon as well. i know mods are for PC but when i do get a pc that can play ark i plan to play with some mods
  8. which stream was this? i dont really watch the streams as i dont have time, i am guessing it will be used for some kind of special harvesting gimic.
  9. oh cool, so we will get an advanced harvesting tool, well we can probably forget bout ankies and doedics now
  10. how are u guys complaining, the turkeys are weak compared to their old selves in old style ark.
  11. i watched allll of pooping evolved's vids they were sooo funny
  12. not just players, bases, tames anything that was owned by a player.
  13. man i killed one with a non mutated, non leveled rex that had okay stats. back in the old times of ark. even alphas fear them. now that they passive they are a complete joke.
  14. have not played ark much lately aside from checking out the turkey trials. i lent ark to my friend for the weekend for him to try out. he is already complaining casue he tried to fight a trike at lvl 2. he also complaining cause the grind is slow. i told him before i gave it to him to look at tutorials on how to change settings. he said i can handle it.
  15. an idea that syntac suugested which i really like is adding a turkey skin for dodos. also he suggested making turkeys drop somekind of special meat like turkey drum sticks. i had an idea for that when i saw the club skin in the list. the meat could be used as like a kibble food for carnivores. also restores health rapidly. also can anyone confirm if they can still break metal, or even brake tek. the turkeys should really be buffed, they are a joke now.
  16. its not only on the island u nitwit while true about the trolling, if the turkeys were their old selves and they spawned inside or near the griever/ troll's base, they too would have been screwed.
  17. it freakin awsome, however i just watch some vids on it, THEY MAD EIT PASSIVE AND IT IS EXTREMLY WEAK NOW how could u WC, the turkey was amazing, it would have been a great wya to clear bases on pvp and pve allowing for new players to build up. i am sooooo sad now, makes me bummed out about it. u ruined my second fav event.
  18. things i miss . old style pvp . speedy fliers . old volcanoe . when tek was not the highlight of the game . when u had to actually work hard to be good at game . more of the community was nice and less toxic . wildcard was a decent game dev company . old style look of ar . old creature noises . no gigas, titanos, titans
  19. not sure what has happened to your turkeys, they seem to be over spawning for alot of others, my friend had a swarm attack his base on his private server
  20. advice to those who have never experienced turkey trials. . lock up and protect all tames: this counts for both pvp and pve. turkeys are more aggressive that gigas (trust me), i promise players will drag them to your base and make them aggro onto your base, turkeys also spawned inside bases on occasion (courtyards and anywhere outside and open in bases) this caused alot of mayhem as when players logged back on their tames were dead, served on a platter. i suggest cryoing your tames OR store them in a cave or somewhere hard for an evil, demented screwed up demon killer turkey to get to. .do not fight it with tames: so i learnt this the very hard way, way back in the old trials me and my tribe lost all of our tames, unless u using something like a wyvern or mana i suggest u leave it be, they do take more damage from projectiles so maybe velanos may work. they also have the ability to call all wild dinos to arm and defend them, the radius for the effect is pretty big. its also harder to hit due to it being small, unlike the dodorex which was just insanely massive and easy to hit this thing is small and hits hard. . do not f*** with the turkey: it has the temper of a giga on crack and has enraged, this thing will hunt u down once u have aggored it, so unless u plan to run and hide for the rest of your life i suggest u leave it alone, i suggest to screw worshiping raptor god and just start worshiping the turkey as that may spare u from it fits. . turn off all ranged base defenses: ok so this is kind of an option, it depends what mode your on. but unless u want your base to be demolished cause a turret or velano or plant X shot a turkey, i suggest u turn them off and leave them off. unless u are a pro ark player or have experienced the trials before i suggest u just ditch ark while the event is active and go play another game that does not have killer demon turkeys in it. also even going near that thing will piss it off so watch your step. the turkey is the most feared creature in ark.
  21. killer reindeers anyone know how many gigabytes of internet it takes for the update
  22. does anyone know how many gigabytes of internet it uses up to download
  23. sir, my good man. i would not be a king if i was not a man
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