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  1. hmm, i use syntacs method and it seems to work fine. thx for the new info tho, gonna add it into my breeding journal. np, always love helping out fellow breeders. yes it is a very tedious task and can be very dependent on luck, but its worth all the time.
  2. this may be considered cheating, but when you play single player and the game running while offline is not an option, i tend to use slomo and players only with egg layers, it does not work well with live births for obvious reasons. this tends to always land me a stat mut i am looking for. but yes. i tend to have 50 females and how ever many males is required to get all the fems breeding, depending on dino size. i can usually allocate 5 fems per male. this is each stat group. i'll try and find a screen shot i took when breeding gigas. it was a complete and total utter cluster f*ck.
  3. so i should have probably mentioned this before, its not guaranteed the offspring inherit the parents mutations, also, an offspring can result in getting a new mutation while not inheriting the parents mutation, you can also have an offspring inherit say 4 of the 5 melee mutations from the dad, then gain a new random mutation. also if you are going for the 20 mutations cap thin because its the max allowed, there is a way to avoid this. its shown in the video and i always forget which side exactly you have to transfer them to, but you can stack one of the ternal mutation sides onto the other so
  4. watch this my friend, it will help you alot. but to put it simply. find the lowest lvl possible creature you need on ur server, so if its 5x, lvl 5, then, tame it, however, you wanna hit it till its effectiveness is 0% then breed the oxygen of that creatures into the final mutation breeders. if you want to go crazy with muts, have a group for each stat, so the melee group would have 5 females and 1 male, all with identical stats. then you want to end up with a male with a melee mutation, if you end up getting a female, you can do 2 things, breed it with a male till ya get a male offs
  5. simple, remove the suicide button
  6. wrf wc, only 2 creatures, i can name at least 5 creatures which direly need a tlc megalodon mosasaur plesiosaur carno bronto quetzal pteranodon mammoth spider onyc dilo icthy with such a large roster of creatures that NEED a freakin tlc, you only chose 2. i bet ya they are not even ones that need a tlc.
  7. not complaining, just stating the truth, but now that we have access to flyers with mounted firearms, alphatribes will leave ground tames and reach to the skys, thankyou WC, thank you.
  8. anyone else see the gun on its back, well, here comes another pvp destroying flyer, this time, with guns on its back.
  9. our story was not going to be like arks where it was secluded and very questionable in whats true and whats not.
  10. thats ok, to know the ark story straight off the bat is not required
  11. our story would kind of run along side arks main story, our main character was in fact helanas brother, he found out she was on another ark and makes it his mission to find her. they would eventually end up getting to extinction, where the story would end.
  12. by cut scenes thats what we meant, however we planned to make them more detailed, see the map came with a story, and as you defeated the bosses and when you would ascend, you would also experience flashback to the past survivors of the map.
  13. just another sad sob who doe snot like a challenge. anything new?
  14. with the release of genesis they added a mechanic in the lunar, when you fall off you are teleported back up. we can do the same thing.
  15. ok so the last few days have been hectic on the server. our tribe is at war with another tribe (nothing toxic) because i accidentally killed one of their people and a bloodstalker. in my defense they were near our base and i was a bit worried so i took care of him. so after the first attempted attack on our main base we realized we needed more defenses. yes we have a lot of turrets as is. but we do not want to loose our base. so Riley and i went out to tame some turtles. holy crap does it take forever, the 180 turtle we found which had very high hp (using HLN-A) it would be constantly attacked
  16. ok well message me and i can invite you to our discord server.
  17. albertosaurus is a good one, gorgosaurus is another as it lived in snowy areas. the feathered rex was basically a rex that was engineered to be an effective hunter in the cold. one that was recently discovered in Canada that my friend is obsessed with is the reaper of death, the new tyranid found in Canada. we chose the wendigo because one of my friends lives in the area where its story is passed down and he had been working on a model for it. if you like i can message you mt discord tag and invite you to the server where we have been working on the maps.
  18. i am in a group with some friends of mines. we are working on a ocean map rn, but we planned to make a sky based map and frozen map. we had ideas for the frozen map including creatures. like a feathered rex, and the wendigo.
  19. so played at Riley's again yesterday. after realizing something was up with the magmasaur and the metal disappearing and it taking forever to forge we decided the old way was best, shoving it into our industry forge room and letting it smelt there. me feeling a bit cocky decided to go to the lunar biome. but before that i decided to make a mining drill. we have this sort of currency on the server in the form of electronics, since its so common on most of the maps we made it a form of currency. riley had taken a ferox and an asc chainsaw and harvested a lot of tek dinos which meant we had a lot
  20. lot of my posts were helpful to both pvp and pve. especially spider
  21. i get your point, but i have always wanted ptera to be somewhat aggressive or neutral, as well as being able to grab creatures and beings. if i recall the icthy can swoop down and pick up small creatures including your tames, i have had many small tames die to them but never find their bodies including bag. so i assume they pick them up and fly off. anyway they would only attack you if there were multiple pteras, if alone they would flee. however adding a mechanic like that of the hyenas where depending one if you have tames nearby or other player they may not attack you.
  22. here is the second part of my TLC list mammoth: these things need a platform saddle and a better model bronto: this thing needs a major reskin aswell as some sort of attack, maybe a stomp that cripples targets or stuns then, also it should not get attacked by some creatures like allos diplodocus: this thing is in dire need of a reskin, it also needs to have the ability to do damage, the real diplodocus was a strong fighter with its whip like attack. it needs a whip attack that stuns and does massive knockback, alos they lived in herds so it should spawn in groups a
  23. so i went over to riley's again yesterday. riley had been planning to get magmasaur. riley had bred out 4 dud stalkers each. we went in their and spent the first bit killing all low levels, there were surprisingly little low levels, most of them were over 156. as we stole some eggs the erupting icon appeared so we scrammed out of there, our first run had gotten us 174, 174, 168 and a 156. but we spotted multiple 180s and wanted them eggs. while waiting for the eruption to stop we found a cool blue 180 X anky. as i was cryoing it a freakin lavaball smacks down and kills me. luckily the anky was
  24. a few things that help breeders on ark. 1. magmasaur can only breed in lava 2. female forexes only breed when fully addicted (must be 100 no less), this means you need to feed it to full again when it drops, i think they can only breed when in small form 3. turtles can only breed in the vert deep parts of the ocean, eggs can only be hatched in the same location. 4. blood stalker eggs can not be moved so plan where they lay 5. magmasaur apparently consumes all resources to feed them while smelting hope these help
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