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  1. Congrats guys you guys deserve a break. It’s been a big year for ark gg guys you da best
  2. There are old two bases throughout the waste land they are good as you can tactically build there, and bty corrupt creature sick onto structures and do decent damage I suggest metal velanotowers and turret towers (to deal with big game). I have a great base going but into a old base left by Helena and the others real good against dinosaurs. It’s worth buolding as it gives you something to do after taking titans and killing king titan
  3. Defence units are not tamable. Unless your referring to enforcer then meat or element dust works or the usual health brew and owl
  4. The bosses were substitutes for the titans so in a way it would makensense. But they were designed to not be tamable but as a challenge as in the extinction notes they do not realise the titans are tameable. Storyline wise we discover that. How ever if men Yin did live long enough she possibly would have discovered that the titans were tamable
  5. bump I am doing it tomorrow and the next few days
  6. They will sort of work but they tear through them like thatch it does not work. I suggest using a tek shield as they are better than the OSD shield.
  7. I have only done red as I can not find purple
  8. I have ten velanos: 6h ,7m and 7stam they are beast I got tips off a youtube une vid for there muts. I have a yuty level 150 Wild it is beast. I have a mutated mugnamar for airiwl view. Lately I have been using rexes argents and a few wyverns all acsendent saddles were handle them no prob what so ever. If you would like tips I can give a few for solo rounds I do most solo with my friend on split screen.
  9. Sorry to hear that dude were they bred out if so use a mating pair of muts and just use them to make army I have a male and f male twins with all muts I got that were good I use them to refill my army
  10. I agree mwith the point of fixing ark. Before you go adding another game and updating that plz fix ark it will not work if you keep ignoring the fact that tou cant run ark is a great accomplishment
  11. I have a few good questions. Is it coming to console and when. I know for a fact if it’s made by the creators of ark it’s going to get more than 40k people Playing so will there be more than one servers. please tell me it will be half descent and not released with a ton of bugs unchecked. Will all platforms be cross play. Thx and plz keep adding more to ark including maps, primal survival and more. Plus i think they would Make a second game for ark due to the ending scene.
  12. Well if it’s on there base and they want it gone then get them to help you if it’s that big a deal to them. I built my base on a pve server near the dessert titan area. A tribe spawned it in i was a real big help and offered to use equipment to help them tame as they were not prepared enough. It eventually agrod on my base I lost nothing much as we were transfered to the city for a while. But instead of being an ass I said all cool and built up they even used the titan to help me transfer the utility creatures over. (This was not on an official but unofficial server). My base was even better than before. No blood spilt and in fact we made a new ally for the cluster pvp map attached to the server. I do t see the need to spill blood. But I guess that’s just cause I am a passivfist
  13. I have got an army all set up looking for about eight others or more if happens
  14. Plz add a egg collector and incubator like in s+ where it gets it down to one percent and please add hitching posts dinoleash is great but hitching post will make them stop moving all together. Please allow better snap building and cooler structures like triangle foundations and ceilings plz I want to be like pc youtubers where they can build what ever you want and plz as some kind of way to allow an endless line of ceiling without any walls pillars or foundations I can’t even build a bridge to my base on the island on herbivor island. PS: I don’t care if it is a setting in game settings or in the game but plz I am a builder and I have a huge blueprint for a castle on extinction but only once these and possibly more have been intergrqted into ark. PPS: please start working on old projects like primal survival and plz give console sotf
  15. The player boundary does not work so you can go very far but after you go a certain distance textures go wonky
  16. Me and my friend are hosting a nondedicated server next time I stay over on weekend. We are going to host a titan event where we summon in titans and those of who would like to get a grip on what it is like to fight or possibly tame a titan can join. Dino’s will be provided but the if you want a certain Dino I can give u one or a small pack. Item will be provided. Game tag is “Wellstorm”but I can’t remember numbers or you can add my steam account and I will notify you when you can hop on and join us mic is advised but if you can manage then sure. We will be doing it in about two weeks time when school ends for us so those of who have school can join I will give heads up on this forum and on steam account when we will be preparing. Remember this is to help those or you can join for fun your choice. ??? PS: give us your gamer tag and if possible steam account as I can not always check on this.
  17. plz bring crystal isles to concole I want new wyverns and griffins
  18. yes plz s+ egg collector and hutching post or a tek egg collector/ incubator
  19. yes s+ egg collector and hitching posts or tek egg collecter/ incubator
  20. my velon is great. one pin does 10k damage but our single player world is godly boosted. it has 50k health, and I think 40k stam this is off top of my head.c he also has cyan overtop and a red under belly looks so cool.
  21. Yeah I have one fear raw another courage then ten rexes and five maxed out bred velanosuara and three owls and argents and wyverns As backups
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