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  1. i woyld like to see the spider get a tlc, make it a bit bigger and give it a grappling hook ability and zip line ability, allow it to also climb some surfaces
  2. no if you fall into the water which will only be deep enough to not take fall damage you can make your way over to something like a giezer or a stone ramp trial like thing leading you back up sort of like on the center in some parts
  3. freakin give us back our content on the other forums. do you expect us to rethink literally months of work.
  4. giant air ships running on gasoline, can be built on and act like flying meks. although not powered by element until you craft a rek one, they would look like the air ships off of avengers, a flat surface to build on.
  5. back in the very early times of ark their was a respawn interval and i beleive there still is on some ark servers. it made you conscious about dying. if you died you had to wait a while before being able to respawn, at first it would take a minimum of 20-30 mins but they realised your loot would dissapear if you go to get it. that worked but not really fair for those pussies who sit in their base all day while their mates r out actually playing the game. maybe you unlock skins by srviving long periods of time.
  6. guys plz go to the ocean dlc and upvote it plz it was worked on hard and we want the entire community to know we are making the map for them.
  7. it is saying i dont have the permission to see the sub zero dlc forum.
  8. i just went and freakin looked a whole crap load of forums are still there. why delete the three highly active posts with actual work achieved on them seriously wildcard arr u guys really that demented.
  9. for those who CANT READ!!!!!!!! this is a post bout ideas for a floating island based dlc.
  10. still i will look back through whatever notes i have for the dlc's
  11. no no back up and all my bluddy work, 2 and a hlaf months of work lost, why the hell wild card seriously why the hell, fist you stupid response to me saying i mad a duplicate account when it was my bluddy brothers account and now this you delete the forum/s that i have spent literally all my time aside from playing ark down the drain, i am becoming really pissed. you guys should at least try and fix that for us somehow give us back our months of work. ?
  12. thye would obvously leave stuff like details out but i want this i really really want this.
  13. no gotten info from wild card themselves it is being added in the future
  14. actually a few youtubers and others have gotten info that crystal isles is coming to the actual game along with other maps in the future. my friends and i are working on a ocean map the name of the forum is called "new dlc suggestions oceana" i will post a link later.
  15. I have done purple drops solo and gotten through easily with my army. my army is to big to list and i have already typed it up today so if you really want to know my army i can type it up later.
  16. i never leave my babies until they eat out of through. simple and easy rule.
  17. i use stone, element dust, metal, warmaps, foundations and wood. depending on what i can spare.
  18. why is styraco in the image is it returning also what will the event colour be
  19. Yes get rid of the flyer need. that was what made olden days Ark so good. U guys screwed up so bad adding that in.??????????
  20. Um olden days PvP was when someone blew a hole in your base took some loot while only killing the creatures that attacked you and left a note. Also if there was a tribe trolling the server the others would band together a d take out that tribe. No .Eva wipes or nothing. So plz enable alliances and make it so you don't not allowed to entirely wipe a base unless they r a troll tribe or the need to. And make sure that you are actually going to supervise the servers and make sure they are cleared of trolls. Also r thread servers coming to consoles
  21. nice rexes my favourite colours
  22. Hey when is primal survival coming into ark also is crystal isles still sponsored and when is it coming to console. Plz add more tek saddles especially for argent and mana and maybe velano. Also since when can Dino’s not be able to hold artifacts in them done cave run today could not hold the all artitaft. Also is this update our the same day for Australia and if so when is it coming to PS4 I only gonna have a few days to update it. Ps i am Australian in Australia. Thx kodking out
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