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  1. 1. velanosaur: having a living turret is beast 2. thylacoleo: ninja cat is the best 3. managarmer: freakin ice beams 4. rexes: still the opest thing in the game 5. owl: heal, divebomb and heat vision, great taming mount 6. argent: great utility dino 7. kentro: the best things for early OSD 8. anky: best metal gatherer 9. deodic: blue one always sonic 10. beaver: great for wood 11: rockdrake: great for stealth 12: reaper: reminds me of aliens 13: enforce: love them for raids 14: megalosaurus: the beasts of abberation 15: dire
  2. lets look at the facts, you nerfed the griffin so hardly that honestly i ditched it to go for the argent, and with the flyer nerf and you nerfing the crap out of wyverns making them reasonably weak, griffins should be breedable and have a saddle, wyverns should get a saddle and spawn in higher lvls, griffins are usless now and wyverns are crap compared to manas, i done a test i took on 30 wyverns with a max lvl mana with bout fifty lvls into it, i kicked their a** in a matter of minutes. and yes why make griffs breedable on mobile when the bigger game base is on pc and consoles.
  3. this may sound stupid but are you the real loaded crysis from youtube
  4. i am with @BlueberryJackal on no creature si useless, but there are creatures that out do others making the other creatures quote on quote "useless" may be give carnos a charge ability and can stun or cripple on impact like wiith the trike.
  5. yeah it was anounced even before rag was released.
  6. what about adding a sit mechanic for certain creatures like wolves, bears, sabers ect, ect, ect. it would just be so great. taking up less room and it would stop them from reacting to group whistles, that should be a thing. i love the idea of quick transfer with items, we console people deserve a quick transfer button like pc players
  7. Ark oceanic DLC Ark oceanic DLC BOSSES 1. Giant electric ray: is summoned down near the element river, shoots lightning at you, summons mantas to its aid in battle. 2. King whale: summoned in the ship grave yard, summons sperm whales and basilos to its aid in battle. 3. Kraken: summoned In arklantis/underwater tek city, summons tusoes, and small squids to its aid in battle. 4. Giant shark: summoned in the corral reef, summons megalodons and helicoprions to its aid in battle 5. Leviathan: summoned in the toxic
  8. nice i am working on a huge post with stuff that was confirmed that will just correct and add a few things that you might have forgotten
  9. i woyld like to see the spider get a tlc, make it a bit bigger and give it a grappling hook ability and zip line ability, allow it to also climb some surfaces
  10. no if you fall into the water which will only be deep enough to not take fall damage you can make your way over to something like a giezer or a stone ramp trial like thing leading you back up sort of like on the center in some parts
  11. freakin give us back our content on the other forums. do you expect us to rethink literally months of work.
  12. giant air ships running on gasoline, can be built on and act like flying meks. although not powered by element until you craft a rek one, they would look like the air ships off of avengers, a flat surface to build on.
  13. back in the very early times of ark their was a respawn interval and i beleive there still is on some ark servers. it made you conscious about dying. if you died you had to wait a while before being able to respawn, at first it would take a minimum of 20-30 mins but they realised your loot would dissapear if you go to get it. that worked but not really fair for those pussies who sit in their base all day while their mates r out actually playing the game. maybe you unlock skins by srviving long periods of time.
  14. guys plz go to the ocean dlc and upvote it plz it was worked on hard and we want the entire community to know we are making the map for them.
  15. it is saying i dont have the permission to see the sub zero dlc forum.
  16. i just went and freakin looked a whole crap load of forums are still there. why delete the three highly active posts with actual work achieved on them seriously wildcard arr u guys really that demented.
  17. for those who CANT READ!!!!!!!! this is a post bout ideas for a floating island based dlc.
  18. still i will look back through whatever notes i have for the dlc's
  19. no no back up and all my bluddy work, 2 and a hlaf months of work lost, why the hell wild card seriously why the hell, fist you stupid response to me saying i mad a duplicate account when it was my bluddy brothers account and now this you delete the forum/s that i have spent literally all my time aside from playing ark down the drain, i am becoming really pissed. you guys should at least try and fix that for us somehow give us back our months of work. ?
  20. thye would obvously leave stuff like details out but i want this i really really want this.
  21. no gotten info from wild card themselves it is being added in the future
  22. actually a few youtubers and others have gotten info that crystal isles is coming to the actual game along with other maps in the future. my friends and i are working on a ocean map the name of the forum is called "new dlc suggestions oceana" i will post a link later.
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