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  1. dude u dont have to beat the bosses to be a great addittion to a tribe, just find a group of friends to play with and play with them, u will learn the ropes, i got good by playin with friends, honestly i do better with others.
  2. what? how does that work, they are passive flee creatures
  3. so i lost internet on the weekend meaning could not update, so here are two updates, went over to riley's, we hung out screwed around like teenage boys do, we prank called a few people and got onto ark, we log on and hornet joins us, my friend springosaurus joined us, he is a real good pvp player, anyway he tamed a bunch of pegos, pavlovas, mircocraptors, basicly anything that pill piss of raiders, i tame some velanos that are hangin close by the white cliffs, (basically on the beach) and breed them up, guess who i find making a pen right where the main deino spawn is, swarm, he plans on hordi
  4. i logged on yesterday afternoon over at rileys to find our base all gone and we were dead, turns out swarm was not happy with me, turns out he alseeo tried to raid hornet as well, so anyway we respawn and run bvack to our base, i find blue knocked out asleep, he mustn't have been here too long ago, we wajke her up with stims and look around, he left me my 4 good pteras long with the one i plan on using for the time being, he killed all of hornets tames accept for his cool stego he tamed when we were building the other day, he riley was online aswell in the room across from me, he came to our b
  5. ok so my friend has returned and he has decided to make his server private now, after an incident i dont wanna get into, so he has destroyed all bases who's tribe was no longer on, the space is 20 for what we call of little gamers club. anyway he added a second val map but as a pvp map, so i decided to get on their first, the rules are u can tribe but only maximum of 3, so i am goin alone for now as i dont want to have to share my resources and lvling with other (allows me to progress faster). i spawn on the beaches, keep in mind riley is on the xbox in the room across from me playin aswell. i
  6. i figured he like pokemon by the images on his profile that he seems to change every month or so
  7. so i am now able to post, i have done alot on val, i bred out my deinos some more to get some better mutations. i now have a pack with 10 melee, 17 health, 16 stam and 10 weight. they are so op that we killed the giga that greiffed the server for quite a bit, i decided i want to move to something else, i wanted a nice pair of rexes to breed, i went to chalk cliffs and the area flooded with argents, holy shiz 180 male first up, next up came a 174 female, then a 180 female, 180, 180, 174, 180, 174, 174. i had so many high lvl rexes i was wondering what was spawning them all, i was killing low le
  8. so now i have posted what happened yesterday i shall post what i did today. so i decided to make a separate base from the others, it will be suited to my liking, i am still tribbed and will play with the others a lot but i want to make my own base and not have to cater to others needs. i have a image of the base on singal player. it will be built in the white cliffs. so i plan on making sort of like a town. i have found a wonderful area that is flat and not where deinos spawn. so i grind up the structures and get down to building the bases, the plan it to have a forge building, a building wit
  9. exactly, they have never sid what it takes to get these suggestions into ark. there are some that have been there since the very start and the devs have done nothin
  10. honestly i would like the idea of increased spped to a certain point, and also speed imprinting is a good idea, i want speed lvling back but it was too op, just add speed lvling to a certain point and allow imprinting on it.
  11. again i like ark, i dont like the company, ark is the dream game i wanted, a survival dinosaur game, i just hate its devs are so god damn F****** ignorant to the community. even if it is not fully confirmed we know WC too well, snail games tried to make dark souls or what ever it names is popular, an early attemp at profiiting off of ark, then came ark park, which i admit is ok and good, then came pixark, now atlas, these were all cheap attempts to make money, knowing wild card they will make a sequal since that scene at the end of ark leaves the option wide open, it will most likely b
  12. i was on my way on foot down the cliffs to tame some raptors, i went on foot to make it more fun. i found a lone raptor down on a small cliff attacking a lystro, i readied my rifle when i hear something behind me, i see raptors and run i fall onto the bottom cliff next to the other raptor, i used the move to dodge the raptors but rolled of the edge in to process, i managed to quickly grapple to the side, the raptors however fell to their doom in the form of a spino. after carefully making it back up i continue onwards, i would have loved to get that raptor, is was a nice solid black, i was goi
  13. i am not talking baout mods anymore, i swear u are as ddim as WC, i am talking bout WC treating console ark in general, late updates, constant push backs, promised stuff that turns out to be crapier than they let off or is never given to us, cough cough "valguero" cough cough "primal survival". and now they plan on making a "sequal" to ark, seriously, u expect us console players to fork out more money for an over priced buggy game, the only reason i still play ark is cause i wasted so much cash on it. i love ark and all, but i am sick to death of PC peopel getting all the good stuff while cons
  14. i breed my own calves and sell them, i breed some animals to sell, i dont get much from it and what i do get i deposit into my bank. really, consoles are cheap, easier to use, most games are cheaper and easier to obtain via stores. while i admit pc's are good for gaming, they cost alot and are somewhat harder to set up. once i am employed i plan to save for a pc. if WC just made console ark as or at is best capability it would be fine. but i know for a fact that it is not at its best.
  15. let me rephrase, there are more console gamers than PC gamers, people may have a pc but with all these modern games needing so much to run people would rather use consoles, because half the time they are as good on console as they are on pc, but in WC case that is not true, all i want is for console to be ass good as it can be, give us the cintent we need, release new content on the same date as PC for us. these little things can make a big difference, and u dont even need to try much.
  16. oh i have a pc, i use it for somethings, the games i play are on a USB stick, and that 1200$ one would be able to run ark but look soooo bad it makes minecraft look better. also my parents pay 70$ a month, the internet is slow cause agian, we live 2 hours away from any big town. and i only have one working parent right now, we may have good plans like unlimited internet for 50-80$ a month, but the connection is still terrible. my parents are too ignorant to realise they could get unlimited internet for the same price. plus even if i did have a good internet set up, i would need to either A: st
  17. thank u finally someone gets it, i have no way of gaining money at this time, a pc obtainable in Australia is very expensive, and i should not have to waste a crap ton of money just to be able to get a better quality verison of a game that should be for console, again u spoiled PC players need to buy a console PS$, xbox, switch. buy ark and all of its additions when not on sale and at full price, pay for the memberships to be able to play online, along with the internet itself. then u can go criticizing me and the rest of us console players, until then shove a dodo in it and dont comment. peop
  18. again i am in ausralia, the easiest pc i can get which can run ark in an ok state is 2000$. its fine for u people caus eu get all the good stuff, also i live 2 hours out of town and my parents are numb skulls who think i have to be 17 to get a job, again in australian money it cost a F*** tone for the game and maps. and since it is rarely on sale for PS4 i am not gonna waste more money just to get it for PC. it cost more than 120$ for the game and its maps. all i want is a game as polished as the PC version, i am also sick of u PC players thinkin u cn comment on us consolers complaining, so h
  19. um sorry but i am not gonna spend thousands of dollars just to play ark on PC, it cost way too much for the game alone along with the maps it is too expensive, also i know for a fact u need at least a 2000$ computer, and i dont have than money, also if games like fallout, skyrim and more can allow mods why cant wildcard. or even just spend the time to add what they promised. it was 2016 or 2017 and it is now 2019 seriously u cant be more lazy than that. again i dont hate the game i hate the devs. i would not hate them so much if they treated us console players evenly
  20. well here we are two years later wildcard litterally sitting on their a** releasing maps that are not even worthy of playing aside form new dino, nt dinos just dino i mean seriously. also it was announced and confirmed. so how bout this wildcard, u give us primal survival before the end of 2019 and i will shut up for good. that sound good to ya, i mean u can obviously intergrate mods into the game fine so why not just put play as dino into the game. make it its onw seerate expansion like prim+. also i would like to say that there was infact new dinso on the roster as a friend on discord found
  21. i love the game, i hate the company, also i spent so much money n ark to be dissapointed, and is primal survival was not promised why was it announced to be released and a trailer was made for it @SaltyMonkey
  22. a few friends and i plan on trying to get deino eggs as soon as we spawn, it gonna be a wild ride
  23. dude u should nueter and spay your selling tames, also srry to hear bout your gran, my granparrents are nearly 100 each, we think they will both kick the buket this year, honestly i think if an elderly person does not want to keep going they should be allowed to choose if they want to kick the buket, my gran wants to but her carers say no cause they need her their to keep funding goin, same with my gramps, i find it so rude to use them as funding tools, still there are carers their who make it worht while for my garndparents. at least your gran will now be with her husband and watching down on
  24. i am breeding rexes on my singal player extinction server, i go a red main body colour and a nice cyan back stripe, i like to use red and cyan as my mutation colours. both are melee mutations. i plan on fighting king titan by the end of the school holidays. i am looking ford to having my army
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