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  1. hehehee, i remember back when passive tames was a thing, people were very confused, especialy when the monkey turned out to be aggresive. then when it was figured out, people though u had to put berries up their bum. that made me laugh so hard
  2. and if u done something dumb it did not matter as much
  3. i miss golden age ark, where things were great and simple
  4. sounds fun, may i join u?? i remember when alphas first came out we spent hours trying to knock out an alpha raptor and tame it. once we learnt they are not tamable i was so annoyed. cause my friend told me they were. i he was the next thing i knocked out. i was busy teabagging and feeding him poop to realise the raptor woke up and it killed us.
  5. can i ask what gave u the idea to fight the broodmother with raptors? i have also tried fist fighting rabied bats. did not end well for the entire tribe. i was once dared to jump off the islands volcanoe. i parachuted into the redwoods where i was "touched" by a thyla. i have also died countles times trying to recover a body
  6. thx, tiamat is a poser map, they can talk the talk but cant walk the walk. what good is a huge ocean if it brings no new mechanics or scenery to arks oceans. what good is a map made mostly of ocean if you cant do anything in the ocean
  7. i was screwing around on singal player on rag. i was in infinite stats. i saw a giga and figured i gonna punch him out or to death. i had not leveled my self in health cause i tough infinite stats worked like god mod but with all your stats. i went over and punched him. he insta killed me. it took bout 10 attempts before i realized infinite stats rapidly regens your stats. so a creature or fall strong enough can kill you on infinite stats. i felt so stupid yet enlightened. i was breeding gigas and had spent 5 hours straight breeding for cyan or red colours. finally got a bright sol
  8. tiamat is no where near an ocean based map, sure most of it is water based but does it actually focus on water style survival. no. if you want and ocean map you should check out TSW (the sunken world) disocrd server. they are making an actual underwater map.
  9. dumb things you've done in ark so i am not sure if there is a thread like this but basicly i would love to hear or possibly watch dumb things people have done in ark. i have a few on my list . tried to fight a giga with a 20ish man tribe with only primitive weapons and tames . dismounting off a rex in mid dragon fight . eating max lvl wyvern egg . trying to raid a base by hiding in a giga egg . jumping into rag's volcanoe . dismounting off an bird into rag's volcanoe may i continue. dont feel scared or afraid to share. u can guarantee people will laugh wit
  10. so got back from school yesterday and decide to play on the server for a bit. i log into the server and straight up see huge gates around my base. completly blocking me. i cant get in or out without fliers. i ask in chat what goin on and someone says they now own me, my base, my tribe and the mountain i am living on. i ask DILO r u talking about. the player says he claimed the entire mountain by building all over it. so i say i was hear first and to buzz off before u sign your death warrant. he said he was not scarred of me. now usually i would have riley and my other friends to aid me in a ra
  11. so i was down in the element area harvesting raw element and i hear a scream, it was quite yet loud at the same time, if was late at night aswell
  12. i have recently gotten internet on my ps4 and PSN. so i am now playing online. i have no friends that play PS4. i also have not found a decent server to play on. i chose a random server when i typed up auto unlocked easy tek picked the server with the least days, i ended up on a pretty good server that is a week old. spawned near jungle 2 (i am on rag btw) and went to blue ob for the crates. i straight up have metal tools aside from pick. i harvest the metal and make a forge. i craft a smithy and make flak Armour and pick. i run up to where the crystal is and make a spy glass. i fin
  13. no plz no battle pass, my brother stole 200$ for fornite. my friends brother done the same thing. it causes addictions and money problems. also SOTF is a hungergames style game not battle royale. whats the difference you may ask. well hungergames is where you must craft things to survive and rely on your wit and skill. battle royale is where you dont craft your weapons but simply hunt down the loot and fight others. also SOTF came out before fortnite. plz dont change the starting mechanics for SOTF. i like dit cause it reminds me of hunger games franchise. u either risk it for the loot or you
  14. we joined an old freind of mines pvp server, our team of ten teens split up into pairs to build a base on each map. Riley and i took extinction, we tamed 6 raptors named them blue, echo, charlie, delta, darth craptor and crimson craptor. the server had the event that was held in the leading into extinction release. so they had event colours. we traveled out into the wastelands to go to the desert dome. we tamed some velanos and i bred them for the good stats. we made a base and i made myself a nice pump. we found a blue OSD and set up for it, we placed dino gates around the OSD cause structure
  15. i know about the mantis way, i was also partially aware of the early mount harvesting allowance and how it was disabled. i just think it should be reinstated, also thx for the tip. at one point i just started spawning in extra element after doing a vein cause it was not enough
  16. mount harvesting element veins so i do element veins alot, like once per day. i love doing them, they are fun and challenging. one thing i think should be changed to make them better is allowing certain creatures to harvest from them this list would include: enforcers, anky, doedic, theri and moschops. i makes it faster and easier. i find when i am harvesting veins, normal corrupt creatures aggro on the veins and brake them, i have lost at the least 5 high tier veins to corrupt creatures that aggro for no reason. also it would make them more rewarding. once i get into tek tier element is a m
  17. breed velanos on my single play world on rag and val. threw out 30 eggs and holy damn i got lucky. .bright red upper body and stam mut .cyan belly and health mut .bright red claws and health mut . cyan spiked base and melee mut . cyan armour plating highlights and a health mut i stacked them up and added a few other mutations, got up to 23 health, 25 stam, 18 melee and 9 weight mutations. these guys are going to be added to my OSD army. so far i have a 10 gigas, 5 owls, 30 dimorphs, 20 pteras, 10 deinos, 15 rexes, 5 manas, and now 20 velanos. everything is
  18. there will be land aspects of the game (where u will start off) but there will be a decay timer and increased structure damage when onland. also 90% of the gameplay is in the water. now i cant give away to much in terms of story but we plan to add cut scenes and other cool mechanics into the map once it has been released. we will be adding a combo of mythical and real creatures including some desired creatures that should be in vannilla ark.
  19. i love making recipies. so i made a poison by adding 100x rotten meats 5x large feces 50 narcoberries it works like a charm, we used it in a raid, it killed the hostiles in a matter of minutes. also made some noice foods. i now carry 20 carno cakes on me as they are so good for healing me and givin tames stam.
  20. also i have always wanted to make an element based food. what could i use to make an element bases food when i learn to do this.
  21. @ConeyAW, i never even knew this was a thing, and i have played ark since the very start. also i would love if u made a video on this or posted a video on here showing how to do it as i have no idea ho to make custom recipes.
  22. maybe instead of an alpha rex it could be a rex with a nesting bonus, where it is extremly agressive and gains a big melee and resistance buff. also if there are any other rexes nearby they should all aggro if u enter the nest zone
  23. problem i see with the egg deal is that means say a rex nest is nearby but the rexes were killed by brontos (which is common) that is a free egg. so maybe to lvl it out u must be the lvl required to make the saddle. also there is a chance the egg will not be fertile so it is less OP. also i liek the idea of alpha herbivores. how they form is when a herd of say stegos or trikes form. an alpha forms and becomes really strong. sort of like with the nameless alphas. megalodons should be bigger and scarier, also should be able to sniff out injured victims like wolves. yeah i think they should attc
  24. i watched a vid recently showing a cool carno TLC, so here is what the carno should have .ram attack (not for the horns but because carno's skulls were heavily built and supposed to be hard) . raptors dont head on attack them but rather run away, will run up an nip carnos in the rear, this of course would work to some extent with tamed raptors, all depending on carnos lvl and raptors lvl (if carno is higher lvl than raptor it is more likely to cowar and flee . a sort of ego buff would be cool, where it gains a melee and defence buff for a short amount of time
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