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  1. yes, smething a few game companies do, they announce the content and all, but dont give any kind of release date, this way they dont have a date to finish by. but WC being the brain dead idiots they are just talk out of their ass.
  2. by rag, they should have learnt to maybe announce the map, but not give any info on the release date, mojang does this with minecraft, and it works well.
  3. the first 1 or 2 times is acceptable, but when you do it 8 times in a row you are either too brain dead to realize the mistake your making, or your and idiot.
  4. that is not true, when PC players get it first they ruin eh experience for others, its like if one country was to get access to a new movie in the cinemas before the rest of the countries, they would then go and ruin it for others.
  5. that is exactly what they do, they knowingly post dates they wont meet, how do we know, simple, we have 8 DLCs as evidence. this is absolute BS, sorry to say it but its true, extinction is a wonderful example, it was no better for console when it released if not worse. i am going to assume your an entitled little s*** that gets what ever he wants without doing anything for it. a PC that runs ark reasonably well is too much money and time, time and money i dont have rn. plus it should not matter.
  6. console release and absolute joke so i got a question for ya WC, are us console players a joke to you, do you even care about us. cause i dont think you even give a damn about us. so CI is released for PC, but us console players have to wait for what, 3-4 months. this is absolute BS. btw, you have not even giving a set date for the console release other than semptember, to me, that means for we know you might push it back even further to like January next year, and this is not the only time you have done this, every single freaking DLC has been pushed back for console players. now what really pisses me off is the fact that when you made the announcement about CI coming to official ark, you said it would be coming to all platforms in winter, but low and behold its not. once again you lied and have now let down a large amount of the player base. now before some of you PC people and some console players go saying that they pushed it back to make things better for us console players, that is an utter load of BS, every other DLC release for console has basically been like the pc release, absolute crap, now another problem with releasing the map for PC before the rest of the platforms is that they then ruin it for console players. all i am saying is either release the map on all platforms on the same date, or dont go saying that its going to come to all platforms on a set date or month unless you can fully confirm that date or month, and before people say that unexpected problems may arise pushing them back, thats clearly not the case, and here is why. every damn DLC that has been released for ark. has had its date pushed back, and the console release date pushed back even more, you would think that maybe after aberration, that they would have learnt to either not state a month of release or keep their word and release in that month or on that date. its this kind of stupidity on the developers end that makes them look unprofessional, i have recently started learning about product development and planning charts in one of my subject i do for school. and one of the big factors we are learning about is upholding due dates. tbh a lot of what i learnt about companies like game developing, WC barely ticks off any of the boxes they should be ticking to be considered a somewhat successful company, poor communication between consumer/ buyers and developers, poor support system for product, terrible at upholding product release dates and so on. this may sound like a rant and tbh it could be taken as one. but i mean seriously WC pick up your game. btw, shout out to my friend @Lucraft for telling me about CI map and its release date, i have not been very active due to RL stuff.
  7. i cant play multiplayer on my ps4, when ever i play online on ark, its at my friends place.
  8. since i am a PS4 player i cant do modded, i have turned up dino damage a bit, i have also turned down player resistance. some engrams i have locked like primitive guns and some other weapons, cloth through to chitin is locked, riot is locked, for defeating all bosses, i have done that already,
  9. how to make ark interesting for veteran single player so i left ark for a while due to the game being way too easy now. i have returned to ark, however, i still find game play too easy. i made a new world with default settings, however, i dont really feel like it will do, now something that i feel could really increase the games difficulty is dino level, i find the higher the dinosaurs wild level the harder the game get, mainly because you need more resources to tame them. i have never really bother asking or searching up the answer but, can you change wild dino level in single player ark. if anyone also have any ideas for how i can make ark harder please comment, so far i am doing a playthrough with default settings aside from breeding, no fliers, i can only tame creatures once i unlock their saddles and made the saddle, and i plan do a wave like event every few days, were i spawn in a giant wave of corrupt creatures and defend my base from them.
  10. not complaining, just stating the truth, but now that we have access to flyers with mounted firearms, alphatribes will leave ground tames and reach to the skys, thankyou WC, thank you.
  11. anyone else see the gun on its back, well, here comes another pvp destroying flyer, this time, with guns on its back.
  12. our story was not going to be like arks where it was secluded and very questionable in whats true and whats not.
  13. thats ok, to know the ark story straight off the bat is not required
  14. our story would kind of run along side arks main story, our main character was in fact helanas brother, he found out she was on another ark and makes it his mission to find her. they would eventually end up getting to extinction, where the story would end.
  15. by cut scenes thats what we meant, however we planned to make them more detailed, see the map came with a story, and as you defeated the bosses and when you would ascend, you would also experience flashback to the past survivors of the map.
  16. so found an awesome looking 150 argent the other day on my singal player, my brother forced my to let him join, as i was tranqing the bird, he sees it attacking me, grabs a shotty and insta kills it. welp, the mistake here, is dont let ur stupid brother play split screen
  17. but that was my opinion, i was not speaking for everyone else. i dont mind the hassle of pumping tranqs with most of the X creatures. i think it give more od a challenge. what i think they should have done was have the X variants take less damage but still same amount of torpor
  18. well i was nearly right, point is they are somewhat better the regular variants
  19. no, they have 4% less HP for 4% more melee overall (someone correct me if i am wrong) just like with aberrant creatures, they too had some kind of stats difference.
  20. just another sad sob who doe snot like a challenge. anything new?
  21. with the release of genesis they added a mechanic in the lunar, when you fall off you are teleported back up. we can do the same thing.
  22. i got an idea for current world events, i know the corona-virus is not this type of virus, but what about adding some sort of zombie Apocalypse event to the game. heck in the crystals isle announcement thread they showed the zombie mod, maybe that was foreshadowing. dont go yelling at me as i am just suggesting and honestly trying to have a joke. but it may be fun to kill zombie players with tames. either that or host special servers where something like swamp fever is abundant and if you catch it you die slowly over time, there is not sure and its very contagious. again just suggesting.
  23. you should give a few more details, what type of server is this on, what country is the server located in, what country is this guy in, how old are the children, what are some examples of what he was saying. i have experienced a few people like him in my life of online gamming. he can be dealt with quickly if reported. but remember to give more detail within the ticket. they cant do much if you say and old guy is threatening younger players.
  24. this has been suggested multiple times, even by me a few times. but because PvP is apparently the core mode of this game and people believe it would ruin PvP alot of people dont want them in. there are a few other reasons aswell. i think its a good idea but doubt WC will ever do it.
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