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  1. g-portal r pretty cheap, and some youtubers have a link in their channel that give you discounts, and what i like about them is say u get over conan, u can swithc the server to an ark server or pixark server,
  2. o know G-portal or what ever its name is is trying to work something out on xbox
  3. seriously, so what is this about a big announcement that will apear at E3 for ark. i cant watch E3 so i dont know what going on
  4. seriously i swear u people dont even play the game
  5. @Cymasmake a small cage out of 3-4 dino gates. palce them so just enough space to fit an argent, make each gap small enough for the bird to not get or glitch out but big enough for you to get out, plalce a gate on each side, just lead hi in one side and close the gate, wala, and it is easy to make, can be done with wood and stone aswell. and since you have a bird u can test it to see if it will work. i learnt this off of syntac, so much easier than those ibg cages and just running on foot
  6. hehehe lol. with structures like thatch and metal it is hard to find a door in to dark, honestly the sun in ark can sometimes be brighter than our sun, no kiddin either.
  7. o love the night time, but on console it can be a pain in the a**. i usually just love to sit on a cliff with my basic kibble and and watch the night sky, i wish there was shooting stars though, that would be cool
  8. they actually have quite big differences. one is mor efeather and realistic and dinosaur looking.
  9. he said that way we would not need to worry about its torpor. what i dont get is if he wanted to tame it why did he go off instead of going to knock it out. anyway gigabyte did come in handy in the raid, he ended up raging and killing alot of enemies. we used the gigas first so they would rage and do more damage to the enimies. pretty nift till someone lead one on an owl up to us
  10. well, riley first of all tried trapping it in stone, and made the trap right next to base. he said it had been a long time since he had used let alone tame a giga
  11. we are planning on doin the king titan later tonight. we are havign the entire server join us. if anyone want to join in u can send me a message. but yeah, we are doing a challenge of no tames, only meks, titans and weapons. if we fail we will use tames
  12. i am a pro at ark, and i just dont like ignorance, it usually ends up with me needing to fix something. and btw when i said i strangled Riley, i more grabed him by the shirt and shook him. i am pretty chill, but i take things like raids seriously. i am like the friend that always has to clean up my friends messes because they cant think ahead. @SnowboundGem. riley to went nuts at his brother, he even actually shook him back and forth. as for the giga scenario i had a pretty good reason, i was tired and riley was not even thinkng before he acted. i could make a book about all the times riley has messed up in ark. he means well, he just dont think alot.
  13. no, is that on mobile, no offence but the graphics look so rough it looks like it is on mobile, also damn good base.
  14. neet, i guessing on mobile, i just got back from breeding rexes, we done a huge battle thta u can read about above. i am about to go out and tame some more things. then i am going to help rebuild the server.
  15. ask around see who ever is the alpha, try and cosy up to them. offer to be a spy for them if they ever need a scout, help them out with some things, i would ask the dude that intruded on you if he wants to join you, if he dont join you or move and u cant find a better base location that you can move to at your state of gear just destroy his house before he goes to stone, once he is stone you r screwed. leave a billboard or note in a box, maybe give him a tame like a dilo with a note in it, way it down so it cant move when u unclaim it. if he dont move just kill the dilo and sick the trikes on the house, i would suggest if you can brake down his door, eat a rare flower when some pteras and other things are nearby, eat the in his base and all hell will be laid down on his base. and you will get the spoils. hope this help @JustAnotherBeachNoob. i to like democrecy but if thye cant be reasoned with i dont mind tearing down a base to make them move or listen. also i would watch out, maybe put narcotic traps and spike walls around your base, he may try to raid u. bty narcotic traps are sooooo underrated, they great for taming and pvp. especially when in your position
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