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  1. if you played official ark at the very start you would know they were the golden days of ark, back then trolling was rare and if it happened there were easy ways to counter it and stop them for good. it is at its worst RN and i promise you it will get worse.
  2. this good idea. i second this. especialy if their PC is terrible as is. if you lucky u could make them crash.
  3. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn worst day of my ark life ever, so riley recently got a ps4 and bought ark. our friend hornet also parently has a ps4 and ark even though when i asked the group riley and i play with they all said no or dont have ark on it. so riley said hornet has been playing on an official server, it is pve and lightly populated. but the few people that do play on it are friendly. so i figure sounds ok. so hornet sends us an invite to join the server. i dont know the name of the server and honestly it does not matter cause now when ever i have official set as active all i have to do to join it is press join last server played on. or what ever it called. anyway the map is val. riley and i spawned on the beach opposite from the white cliffs. we made the usual pick and hatchet. next was spears. me being the more experienced player we decided i would be the one to get the first set of metal gear. i forgot how long it take to harvest enough stone for even on mortar. let alone 2. so we made a 4x4 thatch hut. we tamed some dodos and lystros. dodos to make kibble and the lystros for the experience. we started breeding the dodos to get more females. now i remember. so we finally got our first forge up and places what tiny amount of metal we had in there. as i was out collecting berries i find a moschops. its lvl 20. and it want mejos. so i feed it, next it want tintos. i give it that then it want organic poly. it finally tamed and we had our first tame. not what we wanted but hey u gatta work with what ya got. i used chops to harvest some narcos and make some narcotics. we made a smithy and crafted our first pick. i used it to get metal form the river rocks. we had enough to make another pick, 2 hatchets and 2 pikes. i worked on collecting resources to make a raft while Riley made 5 more mortars. he worked on collecting stone and flint to make spark powder to level up. we were lvl 30 and doin fine. we bout to start building raft when all of a sudden a giga comes from nowhere and kil us and our dodos. chops ran into the water, i forgot to whistle passive. i respawn and run back over. and in the sky is a dude on a ptera watchign us. i ask him in chat if he done this. he said he sure did and was proud of it. i asked why and he said he wanted to take our stuff. he must not have realised we had very little. the guy was already in flak and had a ptera, so he was surely more kitted than us. i ran into the water and got chops. riley was screaming at the mic cursing the dude. i said he cant hear u it no point. we managed to get away with chops and our bodies. i had the raft and riley also snagged the 50 metal ingots we had along with the spark powder. we made it to the white cliff beach and sat there for a bit. the griever f*cked off so we could relax. but there was not a lvl 65 giga across from us. i asked on chat and people said he was new to the server. he joined a few days ago and had built in the snow. he has been dragging dinos into bases and he has been clearing the beaches with a giga he found. as we were builing a new base we see an argent. "great, he's back" i said. turns out it was the guy who i was talking to in chat. he gave us 2 cryoed argent, a beaver, deodic, anky, two gachas both with element dust and they can breed, a rex, a pair of mutated breeding velanos and a few other small tames. he also gave us some decent bits of armor including a full set of asc flak and master craft ghillie. we also got some guns and some a bunch of building suplies. most of the tames were mutated or at least bred. they all had names indicating what mutations they had and how many in each stat. also forgot to mention he gave us saddles for al the creatures. i just want to take a minute to say thx to this guys. dude if you happen to be reading this thx alot. we really apreciate you helping us and expecting nothing in return. if only all ark players were like that. ok so anyway we built a base near that tall rock thing btween the redwood area and the white cliffs. the guy gave us a decent amount of metal structures including gates so first thing we done was block all ways up to our base. next we built a main house. then i used my awsome buidling skills to make a barn for us to store some of our dinos in. i have started on a breeding pen. if riley and i end up choosing to stay and we get to tek stage we plan on making an underwater base to store and do things like breeding. nothing underwater can brake tek. but that is way off. i logged off to do my assingments but riley said he wanted to keep goin. i logged on this morning and found had had finished the breeding pen and had bred the velanos. there was and egg in the fridge. we are gonna play this afternoon and hoepfully meet up with hornet when he logs on.
  4. all good bro, anyway i love his breeding series as he does it like a pro
  5. too many to choose from. i use alot of dinos daily. depends what i am doing, if breeding a bary, if caving an otter, bosses, rexes, theriz and so on. i have to many fav creatures.
  6. yo @Meola, i have something i would like to ask you about, i tried messaging you but it says you cant recieve messages.
  7. holy sh*t it is really you, big fan, u are a great youtuber. and the only aussie arkk tuber i watch.
  8. you are right, peopel dont have any balls these days. i gaurentee you these people are pussies who came from pvp cause they kept havin their ass's handed to them, so they said screw this i gonna go to pve and just piss people off there. again spot on, what is even the point of having these game modes if it does not stop people from acting like it is pvp. again @arkark, since your base has fewer entrance and exits i would suggest having heavily gaurded towers with velanos and parasuars in. also try to make you base like a maze. even though they dont do much row apon rows of spiked metal walls work well. especially if you have dino gates and turrets or velanos behind the spikes.
  9. hehehe, i remember those times. spawning in someones base and trying to find a way out. it even happens on unofficial servers aswell.
  10. back when i played official i would just lead something down to destroy the pillars. i once led a giga down to a spot where i wanted to build. i asked the person who made the pillars why they placed them there and if they could move them. they said they were there to troll people and he would not move them. so i decided to fight back. i found a giga and slowly but surely led it back to the pillars and even his base. the thing cleared the pillars in a matter of bout an hour. now with all the newer creaturs that can brake stone people can just use the same tactic i did. or just eventually move to unofficial servers (possibly the better choice)
  11. heres a simple and easy idea the WC can do, either get another company to work on SOTF or just spend time refurbishing it. i mean they are constantly just throwing new content at us that we dont want or ask for. so why not stop that and just work on SOTF. also release it on console. depending on what is changed and improved i dont mind paying for SOTF. release it on console. honestly i dont mind if SOTF comes to console as it is. i just want it on console.
  12. plz no fortnite style shop ingame purchases. i hate those mechanics, they are cheap ways of making money, paying real money for useless cosmetics and items.
  13. @caleb68, if you ever played during the fear evolved the dodorex and wyvern were har dto kill cause we did not have the op gear we can get now, and with all the new creatures and breeding for mutations. i doubt the dodorex or dodowyvern will be a problem for you. but just in case i applaud you for prepping for the event.
  14. i remember when my base on offiicial (back when i played official) was attacked by a dodo rex. they are aggressive naturally and are vicious. back in the last fear events they were super hard to kill, but to be honest back then we did not have all the OP stuff we have now like tek and new creatures and mutation breeding. so either they make it more OP by buffing it up or we are gonna be seeing alot of easy dodorex kills. i remember the entire server teamed up to kill the dodorex on the official server iw as on. it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. now i bet people are just gonna lead it to basses and destroy each other. i would love to see purple, orange, yellow, black, grey, greens and possibly white. would love to tame ghostly colours creatures. since the rex rlc i cant seem to find any black or white rexes like you could get them before the tlc so i would love to tame some black and white rexes. also i would love if u could get skins for weapons like a pumkin launcher for rocket launcher. maybe a wand skin for the club. a skeleton skin for players would bee super cool. i would love scaring people in the nigh dressed as a skeleton. for the maps. a dodoreaper for abberation would be cool, and it spawns zombie nameless. for extinction a corrupt dodorex and dodo wyvern or one of the two. for rag both a dodorex and dodowyvern would be cool, for val maybe a dodorex, dodowyvern and dodoreaper would be awsome. a cool idea would be a witch that flies across and drops pumpkin beacons. where you can get boosted loot and you collect pumpkins that can be used to craft certain things like the pumkin launcher skin. if you collect maybe 1000 you can summon the dodorex as a tame, but like a titan it dies or decomposes. you could possible also spawn a dodowyvern and the other dodo creatures. depending on the map determines what you can spawn. maybe the bosses could be zombie versions of their normal forms, or wear witches hats. zombie versions of common dinos would be cool, if i recall the saber on the fear evolved poster is a zombie saber. yet i dont ever recall seeing or getting a zombie saber in ark. i would love to see a zombie argent. they are harder to tame than normal creatures but are slightly stronger than regular creaturs. they cant breed aswell. maybe make nights slightly longer.
  15. so if you have read my last few posts u know i have two survivors on a server. a bounty hunter/ mercenary and a casual player. so the other day i raided a base to take a rifle blue print that a survivor did not want to share with the community. so using my casual player i raided the base and took the blue print. bty the longneck has over 1000 damage, so it will be a taming and combat beast. anyway i go into hiding as the dude is now bent on killing me and my destroying everything i have. so i uploaded him after safely storing everything i have in my hidden water fall base and i downloaded my bounty hunter survivor. so i went to my stall and guess who is there. the guy i raided, he hired me to kill kodking, which is my casual survivor. i had no idea what to do. but when i told my friend on the server about it he offered to upload his casual character and make a character that looks exactly like mines which is not hard as i just go with default build with red eyes and cyan hair. so he names himself kodking and names his tribe after mine.. i knock him out and take him to my bounty base where the dude comes to interogate my friend. all he basicly done was threaten to destroy everything unless he got his BP back. my friend said to die in a hole. so the dude just raged and left the base. he did say to throw my friend in the jail cells. i done so but let him out later. he changed back to his normal survivor and that my delemir was sorted. i doubt this will be the last time this happens. also been breeding those theriz and rexes i tamed on my singal player world
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