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  1. 1 semi-ok enforcer is more than enough for blue osd and 10k veins
  2. ToS are agreed to at the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not you took the time to read them.
  3. this is no longer true as velo, mana, gasbag, enforcer, mek, gacha are all allowed on aberration now
  4. go straight north from the center of the city/map through the giant gateway in the city, keep heading north, there is a valley loaded with corrupted that will continue to spawn while in render range
  5. are your dinos near the terminal as well? the way the original question is worded it sounds as if you may be trying to upload any of your tames from your base and do not have them near enough to the terminal
  6. just giving you time to go raid your dino back after someone steals your pods to prevent them from dropping/breeding/raising your bloodlines as their own, otherwise they could steal, run off, drop, breed, take the new fert egg off for more breeding, all before you even get a chance to collect your stash (if you had one) to counter raid.
  7. As with almost everything that seems out of place on other maps it falls back to, these maps were intended to be played clustered whether it be official, unofficial or single-player, so you can get good Haz-Mat suits now without doing surface beacons on ab. (OR like SE where the desert crates drop scuba gear, you can get good scuba and/or blueprints from deep sea loot crates without having to fully commit to getting ocean tames on the island) Same reason you can get spinos on ab but there are no argents to make their preferred kibble. You can bring over kibble or unfert eggs to make it, just can't get them on ab alone.
  8. tek fence foundations use them, but they are primarily used for ammo in tek turrets and tek generators You can also convert 100 shards into 1 element via replicator
  9. middle 2 are quantity and quality, not sure about the other 2
  10. these amounts of element gained go way up if you use a mantis instead of doing it by hand
  11. blacklist any dino you dont want to feed from a trough. If you want a trough for otters only with fix you would blacklist everything but the otter, doesn't really make sense that it has a whitelist and a blacklist option since anything not prevented from eating out of it will eat out of it.
  12. might as well start small and work your way up with your base, but if you can build heavies do that first since you will eventually NEED to replace normals with heavies anyway
  13. on SP you can jump freely w/o having to restart from obs or loot drops / deep sea loot crates
  14. You most certainly can.........
  15. Please don't tell me you have never been one shot by an arthro!
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