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  1. 1 semi-ok enforcer is more than enough for blue osd and 10k veins
  2. ToS are agreed to at the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not you took the time to read them.
  3. just dont forget not to be too comfortable when you decide to go back to pvp, its easy to get complacent in single player not having to pay attention when flying around corners or caves to run into turret towers.
  4. gacha nerf has hit pretty hard on the rolls, drops can get you better gear again.
  5. i just whistle "stop" and it fixes the issue....
  6. this has been around for a VERY long time, anytime you pick up a bee hive before the recent update with an S+ Demo Gun you would get the hive and the queen, this has never been fixed, but now that its a factor on official it will probably get fixed
  7. RipMoFo

    RIP Velo's

    I couldn't agree more, especially since they were better than turrets and the only farming you needed to do for bullets were meat runs. We still use them in boss fights as fill, for ele vein defense, osd defense and they work out great, last rag alpha fight the velos handled the manticore almost on their own since that thing would never land for more than 2 seconds and only 2 of us had shotties.
  8. not true, have taken both paths and bosses are there
  9. they are the same loot table as the desert crates, just separate spawn requirements (4 out of 5 available at once with the desert)
  10. leeds were removed from rag before this post was originally made
  11. rock elemental will throw stones in turret mode
  12. mine crack at 7k, imprinted 100% just short 10k, 45 point roll in HP from tame no muts, No alteration to dino stat bonuses
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