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  1. If you are looking to be an admin for an ark server message me on xbox, gamertag is II Gods Plan II. Must be 18 or older, have mic, and be on at least 2-3 times a week.
  2. Join Passionfruit Cluster today! All drops can have anything, max level 1000 and stats are boosted but not insane. Tek is auto learned at level 500. XP is boosted by 50. For a full rundown of the server stats and to chat with the community, join our discord using https://discord.gg/ZSarDAk !
  3. I intend to make this server cluster as enjoyable as possible for everyone, so if there is anything you would like changed or added, let me know! The server name is 8 out of 10! It’s named that cause not only am I drake fan but I feel the server is 8 out of 10 complete. “What is it missing?” Well for one it’s missing two moreservers to make it a three server cluster(this will definitely change in the coming week), but most importantly it’s missing you, So join today! Max level is 300, Tek is auto learned at level 200 You can learn all engrams. Aberration will be added in a cluster as well as Extinction when it releases. Element and much more are in drops. Events weekly. Offline raid protection is active during the weekdays and Offline Raid activates 25 minutes after logout (this can change is the community wants it to). What’s best of all, the only thing admins spawn in is stuff for starters. We play the same way you do. Speaking of starters, if you would like a starter they are usually a tame of your choice with a forge. These are only given when admins are on, if we aren’t then drops should suffice as a starter until one of us gets on. All stats are boosted by 2. What about weight you ask? Well the only thing that will stop you from having a gazillion thatch is that magical black box that says you have the max inventory. Same for Dino’s. Flyer speed has been boosted. Taming is 30, so it’s instant for basically everything not level 300. Aberration items and bps do spawn in drops allowing you to make aberration items without being on the map. The current server is named 8 out of 10 and it is an unofficial pc session server. Map is ragnorak Need more info or you would like some settings changed? Then let me know below or message II Gods Plan II on Xbox for a faster response. And don’t forget to join The 8 out of 10 Community club on Xbox for server news and event info!