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  1. PS4/Xbox/Pc crossplay? So I know that Xbox/pc have this in place also that they've had issues. I also know that ps4 is now opened to cross-platform play and it now depends on the game developers if they enable this option. I just now saw a note from kotaku that after some time mine craft is getting this. My only question is if this will actually be possible because of the mods. Ps4 does allow certain mods but not as opened and freely as you would see in the pc for example. What do you guys think? I would really like to see this but is it really possible knowing wildcard
  2. would cross ark be the same as isolated?
  3. I think they are up for PC some servers
  4. Awesomeness "Get ready for the race of the year, where everyone is running naked to pillar its way to the top. Punch your way through various obstacles, naked survivors hitting trees and rocks for the beginning of their journey. Ark Survival evolved full realease... in theaters Aug. 32nd. (read with trailer voice actor Don Lafontaine)
  5. I woke up this morning with my phone spammed with twitter messages from Jat, Jen, Ark, Jeremy and a whole bunch of other more peeps... but now there is so much silence it makes me think my internet is either not working or my twitter app crashed... but no I've made sure everything is functioning correctly I guess it wouldn't be Ark without the delay
  6. Just in case if anyone wants to read more on this i'll leave this here... http://kotaku.com/ark-survival-evolved-studio-reverses-plan-to-wipe-the-1797058373
  7. Thanks a bunch @Jat you've cleared so many questions and concerns!! ya'll are the best keep on arking!
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