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  1. That's unfortunate. Thanks for replaying at the very least!
  2. [Q] Can I issue cheats via RCON? I've been able to chat via the RCON interface, but trying to issue this command works ingame, but not in RCON. admincheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe 769016603 caca_tribe Does RCON support issuing commands like this? If yes, what am I doing wrong? My command is not working I aim to create a script that will auto add players to a tribe when they xfer servers on my cluster.
  3. Been playing for hours on end for the past 3 weeks. Finally took down a few Island bosses with my buddy. I've been through caves, been underwater, ported into and out of Arenas. Flown on argents, wyverns. Graphics are still cranked (especially shadows). No BSOD once. There was one really weird error message that ark gave me saying it couldn't access something, but it only happened once, and it didn't cause the game to crash it just minimized me temporarily. Steam shows me at 183 hours over the past two weeks. (I should probably cut it back a bit...) Looks like they fixed it on 10/10: (source: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/388254-pc-patch-notes-client-v3007-server-3007/) Version: v299.27 - 10/10/19 Fixed an exploit Fixed an issue with rare BSOD (blue screen of death) occurence
  4. I have the latest Nvidia drivers and as of 2019-10-22, no more BSOD with RTX 2080 ti on TheIsland. It only took them a year. (FWIW I'm playing at 1440p with every graphic setting on EPIC and cranked to highest possible)
  5. I also tried the hotfix driver. No BSOD, but a 'fun' CTD anyway: https://imgur.com/6vl46Mv
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/98erod/my_poor_1800x/ In case anyone cares, I about a post about the Ryzen Segfaults. It was causing an issue where the display driver would be lost when trying to play any game which is similar (but probably not the same as the ARK BSOD) Something to consider i guess.
  7. What's your CPU? The Device lost issue where the application crashes could be a result of the Ryzen Gen 1 seg fault error. I had to RMA my1800x because of this same problem. My GTX 1080 ti runs ark no problem so I don't think your 10 series issue is software.
  8. I'd really love to play ARK in 4k with my RTX 2080 ti. I'm probably gonna have to throw my gtx 1080 back in my computer so I can play the game in !Dx10 mode and not crash.
  9. Literally the same problem with my RTX 2080ti. I log in and play for maybe 5-20 minutes get a BSOD that states Bad_pool_caller. I have to hard reset my PC to even continue using it. FIX THIS PROBLEM ALREADY.
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