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  1. Ark 2. On earth. Hundreds of arks have all settled across earth vast seas. You can now fly between the arks with virtually no loading time and go round the earth completely. After winning in genesis element no longer exists and tek stops working. Humanity have to build from new (back to the beach with you bob). New factions rise and now strange creatures from the many arks roam the world as the arks where actually a liberally of life from many alien civilisations safeguarded from some evil force by ancient humans But now the arks have awoken on earth the evil force is alerted and come. Build up progress and end up fighting this evil force. As you encounter them you will get new "Alien items" *Cough tek* essential in winning the impending war. First DLC ark in space lol
  2. Grape Shot and Wild card are separate Studios so No Atlas is not really ark 2. Extinction was meant to be the final expac for Ark so Wild card have to be working on something. My guess is funds where getting tight so Genisis was born to raise funds. Just like SE was made to get cash after WC where sued to the moon and back. Hence you got pre launch Expansion lol
  3. No WC should work on Ark 2.0. At this point ark is a dumpster fire of a coded mess and although its a good game id much rather they started working on a new game on a updated engine with visuals that reflect 2020+ Wasting time on ark is like taking cash and flushing it down the toilet. Let them get there funding round out from genesis and pray to the Lord spaghetti monster that they are working on/ announce ark 2.0
  4. Hey Guys *Not Wildcard* here. So we made you farm for our event items and got you hyped. But because we are *Not wildcard* we though we would put out a patch that fundamentally breaks the game and removes all your hard earned rewards at the same time. Why you ask? Because F U thats why don't worry we are too busy also not fixing things that have existed in the game for ever on top of that because we are Scrooge MC Ducking all that lovely cash you gulliblely gave us for extinction 2.0 aka Genisis. Ribbing aside ark is a great game but WC have to fundamentally be the worst studio for QA and optimisation in history XD. Edit. Sorry i forgot about fallout 76 so correction. Second worst for QA and optimisation.
  5. Partition for WC to hire some QA staff with Genesis Funds Guys i mean common. Wc "Hey guys new patch. It will break everything but don't worry we will give official players harvesting bonus." Unofficial player base "What about us i mean your patches effect us too" Wc "Sucks to be you (Fans them selves with unofficial players cash)" Please test your patches Especially when it breaks your sponsored / partnered Mods.
  6. Yeah, this worked for me too. But If I use DX10 I get 100fps 4k Max settings. Using DX11 max settings with terrain low I get 30-40 fps lol I lose over 50 FPS using DX11. Got to be something more wrong here.
  7. After playing extinction for a day I already can say there is nothing to do or explore that feels cool. There are really no new game mechanics & Element Dust is Useless. Using it to make Enforcers that are weak as hell in combat can't carry anything or do anything other than a blink. You aren't going to fight gigga's with it like the trailer. Using dust to craft element is far less efficient than hopping over to your abberation base and crafting it (Unofficial) Gasbags that have good weight but shoot up in the sky then fall so fast when you land you lose half your HP. Even if you hold space on the fall with wind left. Simply can't use it to fly less you want to kill it after the 2nd jump. Some pillock thought it would be a good idea to allow Wild Corrupted dinos eat Metal and Tek buildings with your only line of defense being a Tek forcefield. Except Rockdrakes will glitch through the shields just like they do on abberation and chomp away at your base until there are 0 foundations left. New resources added to the game are just renames and Reskins of existing items .... No new items apart from pokemon balls and taxidermy. A Bird that just made your fert farm pointless A janky Rockdrake/Tapajara lovechild that you won't explore on because of the corruption dinos. you're still going to use your Wyvern (unofficial) Meks have a breathing and idle animation something that a robot would not have. The only thing that Extinction brings, are tamable bosses that people can tame with 1 mek and a guy with a sniper To screw up your base. A new raid mechanic. ( Kite the corrupted rockdrakes to your enemy) and Cool bubbles that change the backdrop when you go into it. Extinction Feels Rushed and Extremely Lackluster in comparison to abberation which brought in many new gameplay mechanics and meaningful dinos. Needless to say after all the hype I'm extremely disappointed. SE 52 new Items and new crafting mechanics. Abb 34 New items but many new ways to play and taming methods. Extinction 21 new items. 5 of which are for the cardboard looking mek. 3 pointless tames. 2 Useless craftables tames. No new Mechanics. Broken features and an incomplete map. Needless to say, my Extinction experience has been as exciting as a wet fart.
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