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  1. Changes to the "Hide Server Info" option - Every content creator Hey, my names GreenMohawk. And I'm a creator based around the game. Myself, as well as any other creator based around pvp in this game, have the issue of people tracking our bases or stream sniping by using the Day/Time system. As well as the location in the inventory. If they look at the day in your stream or recording. Then compare it to the server search for the closest day. They can easily figure out an exact server number. Then using the location info in your inventory as well, to narrow down your location. Fix suggestion: Either add a function to hide server day/time when enabling "Hide Server Info" or add an additional option for this such as "Hide Day/Time". I'd also add a secondary option for "Hide Location". Which would just disable the location for your inventory. I really hope you do add this feature. Contact literally any of the other ark YouTubers or Streamers and I don't doubt they'll agree. Thank you.
  2. Hello WC devs, so I originally made this video to post publicly, but instead I'm simply going to send it to you guys. It's made in a tutorial format on how to find 4 mesh currently working mesh spots in extinction. There's even more I haven't included in this video. I hope this helps you guys out with getting them fixed. I wasn't originally going to send it directly as all my friends complain about is the ticket system doesn't work. But I figured I would give you guys a shot. If you need even more spots, I know more on other maps. For the record, I do not use them on officials though.
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