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  1. Thanks for all feedbacks, I will try all this tips
  2. I don´t need go far...he always go out of dino leash
  3. I put a Giga in the aggressive way inside the dino's leash. He goes out to attack other dinos around and does not return ... is that just me? Or what do I have to do to work?
  4. Everything depends on your luck in the RNG, I already have dinos 130+ with better status than dinos 140+ ... So I say that the ARK is and always will be an unknown lol
  5. My theris are being born with 8k hp and 449% melee ... Now I'm wondering if today does Alpha Dragon with theris with cakes or not My English is not good, and reading the above comments, I was confused lol My question is to do on Official Server
  6. Hi guys, I tried to do Alpha Dragon on Island with Rexes ... and it did not work out very well lol I'd like to know which is the correct dino to kill Alpha Dragon .. Thanks in advance!
  7. Get eggs on abe and transfer for extinct, now is possible
  8. I think stay better now, is better for new players and for breeders..
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