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  1. Question in the title.
  2. RedLanes

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Legacy servers lmao
  3. RedLanes

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    And a tek replicator
  4. RedLanes

    How do new players survive in a pvp server?

    Usually they're in a tribe of 4+ people
  5. My tribe got wiped on official and split up so I decided to play solo on ragnarok. I managed to get a stone raft with 4 plant x in a day and decided to log off, thinking that I would be safe from raiders. However, the next day my raft was destroyed. I built up 4x4 stone base on land with 7 plant x but it got offline raided within a few hours. How do I progress and prevent raiders from taking my loot?
  6. How are people supposed to escape/suicide if they are prisoned in a sleeping pod?
  7. RedLanes

    Level 400 dinos

    So basically someone attempted to raid our tribe with a motorboat but failed and we found some cryopods in their storage. We opened them and saw that they had a lvl 400 rex and lvl 404 pteranodon. How does one obtain a level 400 dino?
  8. RedLanes

    Cryopod stolen

    Just don't carry cryos w u unless u really need to
  9. RedLanes

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Got wiped on official but raider didn't kill dinos in our cave
  10. He can access the tribe manager while unconcious/cuffed by pressing b
  11. RedLanes

    pvp Ragnarok Ice queen

    Looking for people who want to do the ice queen boss on official pvp
  12. My tribe leader thinks griffins are good despite the nerf and keeps taming them but they always die on the same day every time. He used a rex to lure an allosaurus pack to get kibble for griffin and ended up with a dead rex and he only managed to tame 2 allos. What should I do to make him cooperate?
  13. RedLanes

    Trike turret tanking

    I was tanking auto turrets with a level 100+ trike but it lost health quickly and soon died. I have another trike, level 218, 7553 health with a primitive saddle. Is that good enough for tanking bullets? If not, what stats/saddles do i need for raiding?
  14. When the yutyrannus roars and gets a carno to help do auto turrets on tamed creatures targeting shoot them?