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  1. Oh my goodness im so very sorry my brother just informed me that he was in a pvp server im so sorry thx for helping tho i feel so bad sorry.
  2. No he was not, but it was an official server,he was just in a tribe.
  3. I'm not sure if it was an official server.Ill get him to cheak
  4. When he came back on it said he had been killed my a dinosaur(not sure what kind) then he said his base was just completely destroyed the dinosaur belonged to a tribe too.
  5. My bro was in a pve server in a tribe with 2 other people and they were builing there base up and when they logged on agin the entire base was destroyed.And he did log on the night before? Why did this happen.on:Scorched Earth Sign In Register Scorched Earth
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