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  1. Hello iv Ben playing ark for a long time now and recently I was Fighting Rockwell and after that I do t get eny of my skins not even the one's I paid for and iv checkd my achievements and I should spawn with my skins and I also checkd my Options and I don't se y I don't spawn with eny skins by the way my ps4 username is dragoncat33
  2. I lost all of my skins and I asked if I could get them back about a week and a half ago and I still don't Spawn with them I even checked all my achievements and I should have them And I checked default survivor items in the options And I still aint spawning with them my ps4 username is dragoncat33 plz help I would love to get my skins back so I can use them
  3. I lost all my skins again and I happened wen I killed Rockwell and now I have no skins again so may I plz get my skins back my ps4 username is dragoncat33
  4. I love playing ark but I lost my good skins like the witch hat and vampire Eyes and many more and I would love to get thum back (I play on ps4 username is dragoncat33)
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