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  1. Snails are a very fast way to get CP
  2. My favorite creature is probably Griffins, they’re just so unique and I always get tremendously excited when I see event Griffins flying around. They’re not very useful for anything really I just think they look really cool. My favorite useful Dino is Argentavis, they’re just hands down a powerhouse of a Dino they do so much and they look so good now compared to their older models.
  3. Official Valguero 556 This server seems to have a lot of connectivity issues, I assume it’s probably from the overload of people playing during this event however I haven’t experienced lag and connection issues like this on another server. Any ideas why it could be like this and if it will be back to normal after the event?
  4. My personal favorite is Ragnarok but our main base is on Valguero because it’s more stable, not so much lag
  5. Sherbert Looks like the ice cream with the pink and lime green lol
  6. All those maps are fun but it really comes down to how experienced you are, like if you're fairly new to the game I'd say SE probably wouldn't be the best option for you, it'd be crazy hard. Valguero is awesome, but overall my personal favorite is Rag because I just think it looks the best plus you can get griffin!
  7. Wow thank you everyone for the reply I really appreciate it, I actually just got lucky yesterday and snapped a 180 egg that was event!! I was super excited, it was mint green and cyan!
  8. Event Wyvern So I am probably going to sound like a noob, however, I have played over 1k hours in ark and have had no luck getting event wyvern eggs... So my question is, is there any tips or tricks that can make getting an event wyvern egg easier and how can you tell if its an event egg or not lol.
  9. Yeah it can for sure be done, we've bred top of the line boss rex's over and over again until we got the stat and color combos we wanted. It just takes a very long time, to save yourself the trouble and time just breed them and if they don't come out looking how you want just let them die and try again until you finally get it. Dinos with crappy stats are still wroth keeping if they have a color you like it just takes a long time sometimes lol.
  10. Chibi Suggestion Since we can't tame corrupted dinos in extinction, can we have the opportunity to get rare Corrupted dino Chibi's? This is strictly cosmetic, I think it would look cool to have a corrupted dino chibi. Also Tek chibis would be cool.
  11. Kwikwilyaqa hit the nail on the head. Every time you breed in ARK the stats are based off the base stats that they're born with, imprinting doesn't affect the stats either so if you got 100% imprint on a dino the boosted stats from the imprint also will not benefit the new baby. If you want to start breeding for mutations make sure you keep track of the base stats of all your dinos that you're breeding so you can keep track with if you have raised stats or not either don't level the parents at all or make folders in the dinos inventory so you can keep track. Once you have a mutation on one sid
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