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  1. Saskatchitooon

    Top custom recipes

    raw meat and Ele Dust FTW!
  2. Saskatchitooon

    Cryopods and skins/costumes

    I want a pokeball skin for the cryopod, I mean who doesnt yell (insert dino name here) I choose you every time they throw out their dino?
  3. Saskatchitooon

    Does the Managamr trap i see online work?

    yeah I have tamed a couple like that, usually I see low levels, but I got a 120 at some point, pretty amusing
  4. I'm not sure but I want that color haha
  5. Saskatchitooon

    Lots of questions: help!

    dont let wolves wonder, they cant help but to bang, its in their blood
  6. Saskatchitooon

    Which Wyvern is the Best?

    depends what you are using it for, fire for alpha wyverns, lightning for damage, and poison to fly into the lava
  7. Saskatchitooon

    Does the Managamr trap i see online work?

    The best mana trap is ark, where they just float in the air
  8. Saskatchitooon

    Highest giga melee

    thats incredible lol, I cant even imagine what that would be like
  9. Saskatchitooon

    Highest giga melee

    Im on new servers, my 375s are raising and i have a 335 and 93% maturation and only missed 1 imprint, its gonna be ridiculous lol
  10. Saskatchitooon

    Highest giga melee

    What is the highest giga MD% going around PC PVE Official now? Heard their was 405 but havent seen any, just got my hands on 375 and it feels great lol