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  1. Excuse me but I was really hoping to find a code to add scorched earth creatures to valguero? I love the thorny dragon it's really the only creature I want but I'm not sure how to write a code or get the saddles to spawn in drops any tips or do you know of a code that exists?
  2. Having fun playing on the non mobile version of my favorite game. Only issue I have is the graphics. I was walking along the beach and suddenly four Raptors just appeared right in front of me. After dying five times I managed to kill all but the highest level one. Four tranque arrows later and I have myself a level fourty two raptor. Her name is Polaris. She is now a level sixty one and my favorite dinosaur.
  3. Yes if you look at avalible crafting items it shows you scorched earth and other items to play with but they arent added. DLC will come later my guess will be they are going to focus on fixing the basic island for now and get it running alright before sending out any special content. Bring scorched earth on. I've got a date with a jerboa.
  4. Does that include ragnorok? Sorry I'm a bit new to this. I've wanted to play ark for some time. I got the mobile version and purchased a switch for the soul purpose of playing ark on it.
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