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  1. you say your starting off 2019 strong yet you have a broken extinction map on the xbox . this map has been pointless since launch with massive dashboard issues terrible render issues and playdoh looking dinos just to name a few . and since launch we have had 2 patches that have made things worse . you should be making the map playable before addin yet more stuff to this game i'm afraid you haven't learnt anything in 2018
  2. extinction on the xbox is the biggest disappointment of 2018 . constant dashboarding . shocking rendering issues . dinos look better on pixark . orbital drops making game run at 1fps and crashing server . i remember day 1 of the preview program the island ran better . you need to make game run like a proper xbox one game don't add more stuff . oh and please don't bring atlas to xbox in 2019
  3. so patch is today then tuesday ?. also why no render graphic fix do you want to sell your game over xmas coz you aint gonna with mishape looking dinos
  4. extinction is broken on the xbox . bad graphics major render issues constant dcing . orbital drops above blue and you get 5fps and lag out . artifacts not spawning and the tek replicator being learnt from drops and you cant make it . that's just a small handful of bugs . stopping adding new stuff and fix what you release
  5. should call community crunch picture week . would be nice to here about news updates weres the abberation fixes on xbox
  6. what makes me laugh is why make flyers slow pace why not nerf it a bit instead of ruining the game totally did they forget about quetzals and wyvern eggs . makes me wonder if they actually communicate at wild card . incoming hotfix me thinks
  7. ah thats fair enough thx for the quick response . i didn't expect a warning for my post though saying im hijacking the thread . i asked a question and you answered
  8. hmm like the dino armor but not sure about jet packs and pew pew guns
  9. i think many people won't be buying pre release stuff on xbox if they purchased ark . the problem with ark it became so big wild cards little company can't handle it and there struggling . and putting in new a expansion, new map, and 2 new modes being survival of the fittest and this unknown play as a dino mode ain;t helping. if they had stuck to the original map and done updates for that this game would be full release by now and we would have events on the xbox
  10. well if ps4 game looks like that i feel hard done by on the xbox . seeing as the xbox version now looks and runs poor compared to pc
  11. i hope it stays well clear of the xbox for now . they already have the game to concentrate on as well as sorting split screen i would rather these 2 game modes get put right before they tackle anything else
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