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  1. 2 questions 1 Is there weather effects on this map i have seen none and im sure the modder said new weather effects . 2 why no flying in the aberration area . I was looking forward to building down there but i see no point if i cant get my flyers down there
  2. Looking for pve UK valguero As the title says would prefer UK or Europe has to be pve . Looking for friendly mature people . Stat wise for server I don't want stupid stats also password would be nice so no randoms join . Also have a friend who will join at a later date . I have been looking about but can't seem to find any. Any help please
  3. you say your starting off 2019 strong yet you have a broken extinction map on the xbox . this map has been pointless since launch with massive dashboard issues terrible render issues and playdoh looking dinos just to name a few . and since launch we have had 2 patches that have made things worse . you should be making the map playable before addin yet more stuff to this game i'm afraid you haven't learnt anything in 2018
  4. extinction on the xbox is the biggest disappointment of 2018 . constant dashboarding . shocking rendering issues . dinos look better on pixark . orbital drops making game run at 1fps and crashing server . i remember day 1 of the preview program the island ran better . you need to make game run like a proper xbox one game don't add more stuff . oh and please don't bring atlas to xbox in 2019
  5. velonasaurs have been super nerfed against corrupted . we usually use 2 on a yellow orbital drop but since patch its really hard they do no damage there range is terrible and they miss constantly
  6. the game is far worse since update nothing has been fixed . render graphic are terrible low fps on orbital drops constant dcs
  7. so patch is today then tuesday ?. also why no render graphic fix do you want to sell your game over xmas coz you aint gonna with mishape looking dinos
  8. extinction is broken on the xbox . bad graphics major render issues constant dcing . orbital drops above blue and you get 5fps and lag out . artifacts not spawning and the tek replicator being learnt from drops and you cant make it . that's just a small handful of bugs . stopping adding new stuff and fix what you release
  9. not had this myself but will add this as i've seen a few posts on it . that artifacts not spawning or someone loots and it never respawns
  10. the performance issues seem to be mainly on the original xbox one and the one s . i have not seen many complaints on the one x or ps4 or pc . some of the videos and screenshots are hilarious on twitter . still no word from wildcard about sorting though or posting any kind of response
  11. performance and texture issues is a must fix this map looks terrible and has to be the worst for performance issues . i found out doing a yellow orbital drop earlier we all had so low fps we all got wiped it was shocking . blue orbital drops are fine but above that we can't do due to the massive dino spawn and lag
  12. the graphics are fine on the normal xbox if they stayed on. some days i log in and for about 30mins i have decent detail then it goes . its not as if the graphics are rubbish because it looks nice at times but when it don't it looks shocking im getting alot of triangle looking dinos as well they look stupid . i hope they fix this issue i remember before this happened on a previous map and they fixed it . as for now the game is off putting at times
  13. bump added more bugs while playing
  14. the rendering is shocking on extinction . im still yet to see the proper detail of the dinos i have tamed as there all blurry . same as tools buildings trees nodes its dull . on the other maps you get this when you load in then it suddenly corrects itself but not on here
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