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  1. PS4 Valguero Unofficial PC Server This server (survival evolved...NOT Prim+)is open to anyone that wants to play Valguero and be able to experience extinction dinos. Coding added to enable all the Exctinction dinos (except the titans), as well as added several dinos missing from the Valguero map including megalasaurus, aberrant ankylo, megalania, featherlights, griffins and more! We also made it possible to collect element dust and craft it into element and tek replicator unlockable at level 75 to enable building cryo items without having to defeat a boss. The server owners are an engaged couple (yes a male and female gamer) that are open to ideas and suggestions, and are online daily if not every other night. Friendly and willing to assist players if needed. Rules are simple: -be respectful -play fairly and honorably -no griefing Server has X3 for taming, breeding and exp Server will be open for bringing dinos (as long as they are legitimate aka not tamed or rediculously high level.) into the server every Sunday. If found abusing this your dino WILL be destroyed. If found guilty multiple times, said dino will be put on aggressive and will be made to destroy your base and dinos. We want people that play fairly, not cheat. Owners are also interested in making the server an RP server for a LotR background. If server gets populated enough an admin(s) will be needed to help balance the traffic. If interested in joining, feel free to join the server " Weathertop " or if any questions feel free to email the owner at eploss90@gmail.com ... be sure to add in subject " ARK " so he knows to check it quickly and that it isnt spam etc.
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