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  1. It would be cool to get some form of statement regarding crystal isle. As a console player we get Ark lite compared to pc. A simple were working on it or nah its all hype would suffice
  2. Xbox single player here trying to figure out how to use the new item stack multiplier. Doesnt appear in any of the settings so i assume its a command. Anybody know how to do this?
  3. I'm thinking they probably wrote atlas with s+ in mind. Ark requires a recoding. I think they should have just made a total conversion option on console like p+
  4. Hoping to see posts and triangle building pieces. But most of all, we need an egg collector. Hoping its coming and not considered "game breaking". Keep up the good work!
  5. Spectratech

    Smithy limitation? I cannot make my high grade Saddles

    I have an ascendent rex saddle takes 6k fiber 11k hide and 1500 ingots. If you imprint an argy you only need like 1k weight just let one passive level and name it smithy
  6. Spectratech

    What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

    What about a total s+ conversion with new servers a la prim+
  7. Guys....s+ for console. At least for solo play. Tired of watching vids and streams and wishing we had it. Ill freakin pay for it as an addon ffs
  8. I know this isnt a popular opinion but....thank you wildcard you might have made a mistake on the release but it is much better to keep a product off shelves until its ready. Youll never please the fanbase completely but releasing a buggy expansion as hyped as this one is would be a disaster. If it comes in 2019 idc as long as the product is right.
  9. Still dreaming for s+ on console and such but willing to look past it for whoever came up with the awesome idea of a streaming fundraiser. You guys go shoutout to ge hope to see phlinger cheese and syntac!
  10. Will there be access to gems so we don't have to go to aberration or command in a wingsuit/climbing picks?