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  1. Alright everyone, The server needs a breathe of fresh air. The server has been up since April and game play has gotten stale. New things are coming to Resurrection starting with ORP being taken off from the start. You will be able to keep player progress but everything else will be wiped, if you are thinking of joining now go ahead and jump on and have some fun messing around. It will give you time to level a character for the beginning of the wipe. We are also wanting PvE-ers to join even though it is a PvP Server. The reason for this is if the indivdual/tribe elects to we will have them be shops across the map. They must have PVE in their tribe name, a sign outside their base to signify they are ineligible for PvP and the name of their tribe in the discord listing of shops. They cannot fight and they cannot be attacked, they will be given a "Starter Kit" of sorts. Other PvE-ers are welcome but will not be given the same kind of protection if they elect to not be a shop. A Pve-er will be able to switch to Pvp but it must go through with an Admin first; the requirements for switching is a Liquidation of half the PvE-ers goods (i.e base, dinos, tools, etc) and removing of PvE in the tribe name. The PvE-er job is kind of a way to have new people start on the server. The server will be encouraged to take pve-ers under their wing so they can get better deals on stuff from their "Shop". I still insist that there is no Wiping and I will define that on the welcome page of the server. If you have more than one base then anymore than one can be wiped as long as one base is left untouched. DO NOT come to the server if kill on sight (KOS), I will make sure you are run off the server instead. Also do not get mad when pvp happens, people can raid so get over it. It is not personal and it is the point of the game, I do not want to hear crying. The goal is to have mature people that want to play the game, if you cannot do that the server just might not be for you. Discord is up and I will post the link later. Look forward to seeing ya'll on the server.
  2. Im with you on this one. Dino lovers and people that bought the game because of the dinos have had less to get excited about the last several dlc's. We have gotten two "Dinos" in the last two dlc's, multiply creatures but the velo (not real) and the Deinonychus are the only dinos we have gotten in a long time. Each dlc has only had a handful of new creatures let alone dinos. Yes, I realize that the game itself can only take so many additions but I'd take new dinos with new mechanics or even the tlc creatures being placed on the dlc. Robots havent brought much to the game and that is not the reason I play the game. Dinos, and fighting each other, simple as that.
  3. Well that's good, We are just trying to build up a server that is fun and something people can come and just play. We are trying to keep toxicity out of the server but keep the fun aspects of pvp. The pve part of the game is a give in, we have reasonable tame, breeding, and mat rate. It takes time but not a ridiculous amount for that aspect of the game. As I said before come check out the server if ya haven't already. @Kodking194
  4. Just as @WhySoParanoidsaid, of course we have space and it is a Rag, Val, Ab cluster. You can compete and sell goods but if you join, try to get defenses up at least. We have ORP on so at least your stuff will remain safe while offline. And we do have tames from extinction on Rag; the velos, gasbags, snow owls are spawns, as well as Ab shoulder pets. Val has the manas. Events and future expansion of the cluster will add the rest. We are a pretty chill server and are looking for mature people that can deal with being raided but fight through it. Everyone wants to have fun and the goal is to keep toxic pvp off the server. Join our discord if you decide to join so you can keep up with what is happening when you are off; basically where you can sell, vote, take notice of announcements, and just BS with the community that we are building. I believe the discord is still discord.gg/7rKFuYY, if not let me know.
  5. A Lot has gone on in the last couple week, We dipped our toes into taking off ORP (Offline Raid Protection) and decided to bring it back on at least for the foreseeable future. We are still doing well and hope you come and join us. We are trying to build a community of fun and competition. Come give it a look and see if ya want to join this group of survivors. Welcome to Resurrection!
  6. Alright Kind of a recap of all the goings on in the server. I got back from Germany almost 2 weeks now and there has been growth even while I was gone. We have slots of 20 on Rag and Val. 15 on Ab which was added yesterday to the cluster. We are doing events tomorrow lasting much of tomorrow with prizes you wont want to miss out on. First event will be dodo fights. Orp will be coming off tuesday of this next week on all servers. We are having a great time and we still hope to grow further, add more maps and slots but it's all in time. Come check us out if you see this. Discord is discord.gg/7rKFuYY
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