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  1. Im with you on this one. Dino lovers and people that bought the game because of the dinos have had less to get excited about the last several dlc's. We have gotten two "Dinos" in the last two dlc's, multiply creatures but the velo (not real) and the Deinonychus are the only dinos we have gotten in a long time. Each dlc has only had a handful of new creatures let alone dinos. Yes, I realize that the game itself can only take so many additions but I'd take new dinos with new mechanics or even the tlc creatures being placed on the dlc. Robots havent brought much to the game and that is not the reason I play the game. Dinos, and fighting each other, simple as that.
  2. There is no easy answer to the mesh issue and I have not been on official for some time now. Running my own non-dedicated server if I find anyone cheating I just outright ban them. I know wildcard does not want to lose a player base but cheaters are not a player base, they are a cancer to gaming. If you want to cheat your way to success then rent your own server and see who wants to play with you or play single player. I know it'd take up a lot of resources but a Drone that is non-tamable and only in the mesh and kills instantly if detected could be interesting. A detection system from outside from the mesh could make mistakes and assume someone is in the mesh when they are just outside the cave. I know Im not a professional or someone who could do it myself, or even if this is logistical but thought it might be a suggestion. Just my thoughts on the issue.
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