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  1. ÅRKADIA is recruiting now: Tribe members and players for our private server. We have an ultimate performance, 50 slot server with 24/7 management and support available through our well organised Discord Server. We are looking for:- - Active players, online every day - Age Adult 18+, preferred but not required - English Language The server is set to PvP, Medium difficulty, unless the community votes to change it. EU based: Our server is located in London (GB), so UK and Western Europe players will receive the best possible ping. But players from all regions are welcome. Players will receive a starter pack and be instantly levelled up to level 40 to eliminate the grind and early deaths. God Console is not abused by admins on our server. The admin/alpha tribe remains a neutral force that does not take part in raids. We will be hosting our own in-game events, challenges, contests and giveaways! Check out our Discord if you're interested: https://discord.gg/C9SFv49
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