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  1. So this is my entry for the official DLC for ARK survival evolved, Fjordur. This is the Anthropornis, a late Eocene Giant Penguin with elements of Emperor, Adele & Macaroni species. These giant penguins surpass the standard height of humans & can only be found in the coldest parts of Jotunheim or the Kairuku islands, found amongst Kairuku colonies as supersized neighbours. Hypothermic insulation Possessing a layer of thick blubber & specialised downy feathers, the Anthropornis are adapted to trapping heat in the extreme cold of Jotunheim. This also provides an external insulation towards the Survivor that rides it. Living toboggan Anthropornis have a plastron like layer on their stomachs, allowing them to slide across the ice & snow with ease. This is mainly used for fast paced travel as well as escaping from predators. Survivors would use this ability to travel in quick speed in the freezing cold. Snowball attacks Despite the bottom heavy build & flimsy nature of its flippers, the Anthropornis has the ability to roll up snowballs to the size of boulders. This attack increases in both speed, size & damage depending on the range & distance of deployment. Upon impact the snowball deals high damage as well as increase hypothermic status affliction to the Penguins target.
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