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  1. Looking for Experienced Tribe Members (Valguero Small Tribe Official) I am interested in creating a NEW tribe in an Official Valguero Small Tribe PVP Server. I have just under 3k hours between Xbox and Steam on ARK and am proficient in the PVE aspect of the game (Taming, boss fights, breeding, farming, building), with moderate experience in PVP conflicts. I aim for this tribe to be primarily neutral, meaning that only participate in PVP given that we are threatened/attacked. I don't like picking fights, and would rather have a more wholesome experience of the game and community within the server. I love to play ARK to have fun, and while the daily "chores" come naturally with this game, I expect to have a good experience that isn't only grinding. If you would like to be a part of a tribe that shares these ideas and meet my requirements below, message me on Discord or Xbox: a321alec#0354 or DaVikingWarrior Requirements: 18+ Microphone Discord (Or xbox live party depending on how many of us are on Windows 10 Edition) Understand most game mechanics Trustworthy (I'd like to avoid tribe ranks as much as possible and have an environment with open boxes and vaults, shared tames, etc.) Decent amount of time to play. (I'll be able to play between 4-8 hours on weekdays and 4-12 hours on weekends depending on real-life events) Friendly Collective goals and and understanding how to achieve them
  2. New Server Announcements Hello, Where is the release of new official servers announced? I thought it was in the community crunch but I can't seem to find any information in any of those. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Windows 10 Rendering Issues Hello, I play on the Windows 10 version of ark on a crossplay server. I along with two friends have issues with rocks/trees/nodes/water rendering when traveling far away from your spawn point (or wherever you logged in during that session.) This results in having to fly across the map for specific resources, logging out and closing Ark, then re-joining to make nodes spawn. Dinos and structures still seem to show just fine. Is there a fix for this issue or is restarting Ark the way to go for now? Thanks.
  4. CrossArk Small Tribe Servers Hello, I'd like to request for some CrossArk Small Tribe servers to be set up. As far as I know, there are no officials servers with this criteria.
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